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Saturday, June 8th, 2019

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2

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After the disaster that had struck Flint's home island, all inhabitants are relocated to a big city by apparently benevolent technology tycoon Chester V. Flint's dream to become one of Chester V.'s inventor is almost, but not quite, becoming a reality, as he is hired by Live Corp., but the competition is tough, and he fails to to fullfill his dream. But Chester shows Flint how the island has become inhabited by sentient food produced by Flint's invention (that Chester's men have unsuccessfully tried to locate) and tells the naive young man that unless the device is reprogrammed, the sentient food will spread to the rest of the World. Flint is told to keep it a secret, but he soon leaves with his friends for the island. They discover there that sentient food is actually nice, and that even the most frightening species is not evil. They also soon find out that Chester V. is indeed evil and that he needs the device to produce food for the next version of his ever-successful food bar. Flint and his friends are taken prisoner and brought to the secret food bar factory along with the device, causing the sentient food to deperish. The heroes manage to deprogram the device and thwart Chester's plan, and return the device as the heart of the island's ecosystem.

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