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Tuesday, September 17th, 2013

Frequently Asked Questions about Time Travel

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Ray, a serious sci-fi geek, and his friends Pete and Toby are at a pub. Ray meets Cassie, who claims to be a time traveler whose job is to find and repair “time leaks” and stop “editors” who kill famous artist just after they produce their best piece to prevent the downfall part of their career. The guys have some trouble believing her, but they end up traveling back and forth through time within the pub, the “portal” being in the toilets. They see themselves in several times, and discover that they somehow become famous. They meet a second time traveler, named Millie, an editor. Millie wants to take the piece of scrap paper containing the idea that will make them famous, but that will eventually lead to their death. They refuse, and Millie kills everyone in the pub. Ray manages to destroy the paper by spilling beer on it, causing all the events to not have happened, but the paper is still soaked. The three friends walk home wondering about the events in the pub when Cassie appears through a big glowing portal. She reveals that they have only fourteen hours to save the Earth, and urges them to go with her to a parallel universe.

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