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Monday, December 9th, 2019

Ghostbusters (2016)

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Abby's career in astrophysics comes to an abrupt end when her dean discovers she had she appears in a video with her friend Erin (who does scientific research on paranormal phenomena in a lesser university and gets kicked out as well) documenting an authentic apparition in an old New York manor. With the help of Erin's lab engineer Jillian, they decide to do proper scientific research on the topic, setting up their laboratory above a Chinese restaurant. They are called by Patty, an MTA employee who also witnesses an apparition in the metro, and discover that the ghost has been “called” by an electronic device. Jillian develops gadgets capable to grab a ghost and eventually trap it. They get into trouble when a debunker gets killed by the ghost he released from the trap, and are told by the mayor that supernatural activity is usual in New York, under the jurisdiction of the DHS, and that they must keep it quiet. The team eventually discovers that a man called Rowan is planting the devices is specific locations to eventually cause a paranormal catastrophe. They locate the main device in the basement of a hotel, but cannot prevent Rowan from dying of electrocution. Rowan killed himself on purpose, to take control of the army of ghosts that he releases. While the police and DHS agents are subdued by the ghosts, the Ghostbusters manage to go through and throw their car and its nuclear generator into the vortex coming out of Rowan's device, effectively closing it.

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