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Tuesday, October 17th, 2017


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An alien object falls into the sea not far from an island off the coast of Ireland. Soon after people disappear, and a local fisherman catches a strange creature. The octopus-like creature attacks the man, but he manages to get rid of it and kill it. Along with the local police, O'Shea, a drunk resident male officer and Nolan, an enthousiastic female officer, the local doctor and marine biologist study the creature and discover that it needs water and lives on blood, but is allergic to alcohol (that's why the constantly drunk fisherman survived the attack). Since the creature has laid an egg, there must be a male around; the lair of the gigantic male is soon discovered. Since a storm is coming and no help can be expected, they convince all the inhabitants to get drunk all together the same evening at the local pub. The pub is first attacked by the hatchlings which are quickly killed by the fire caused by a drunk Nolan. To allow the people to evacute the pub safely, O'Shea and Nolan attract the male creature to a recycling plant where they kill it by setting it to fire.

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