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Towel Day :: A tribute to Douglas Adams (1952-2001)

Friday, June 15th, 2018


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Near the end of a mission on the Hubble space telescope, a large amount of space debris destroy the shuttle, and only two members of the crew, Stone and Kowalsky survive. They manage to reach the nearby evacuated ISS thanks to Kowalski's MMU, but only Stone manages to enter the station. Kowalski tells her over the radio to use the second Soyuz module (unusable for landing because its parachute had accidentally deployed) to fly to the Tiangong station and use its Shenzhou module to land. She manages to board the second Soyuz module just as the orbiting space debris arrive again ad destroy the station. But Stone discovers she has run out of fuel, and decides to cut the oxygen and wait for death. She has a hallicination of Kowalski coming back and telling her that she can use the module's soft landing rocket to fly to the Tiangong. Ejecting herself from the module as it approaches the Chinese station at an angle, she uses a fire extinguisher to manoeuvre, reach and enter the station that is slowly entering Earth's atmosphere. The Shengzhou being similar to the Soyouz, she succeeds at landing it as the rest of the station burns.

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