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Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

Hot Fuzz

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Nicholas Angel is a very efficient police officer in London. So efficient that he makes his colleagues look bad. He's then promoted sergeant in Sandford, a peaceful village in Gloucestershire. However, a series of “accidents” happen soon after he arrives: two amateur actors are killed in a car accident, a man dies in the gas explosion of his kitchen, the local journalist is killed just before he can make revelations to Angel. But nobody wants to believe they are murders. When the florist is murdered almost in front of him, Angel chases the robed and hooded person who killed her, but doesn't catch him. Angel then starts to investigate, and finds the connection between all the victims: a complex scheme involving the florist's land which would become very valuable when the main road will be reaching it, which would allow the manager of the local supermarket to expand profitably his business. Angel confronts him, but he has a strong alibi. Angel is later attacked in his hotel room by another hooded figure, who happens to be and employee at the supermarket and he then understands that all the members of the Neighbourhood Watch Alliance are involved. The chief of the police, also part of the conspiracy, explains that his wife committed suicide twenty years ago when, after working very hard to earn Sandford the title of “Village of the Year”, a group of travellers came and destroyed her work. Since then, the Alliance has murdered anyone who would tarnish the image of the village. Angel's colleague and friend Danny fakes his death to help him escape. Angel then comes back and with Danny quickly clean the town of the members of the Alliance in a long gunfight. Danny is eventually promoted to sergeant and Angel becomes the new chief of the police.

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