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Saturday, March 2nd, 2019

Iron Sky: The Coming Race

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A nuclear war has rendered Earth inhospitable, and only a few humans have survived on the moon base, with no means of leaving as they lack the energy source to power the spaceship built by Obi. One day, a small ship with a few survivors arrive from Earth; among them hides the Moon Führer, the former commander of the base, who reveals to Obi that he's not a human but a Vril, a reptilian species who has arrived on Earth during the age of dinosaurs and had accidentally triggered the evolution of primates into humans. The Vril live below the Earth (which is hollow) and possess an infinite source of energy in the form a cup, the Graal. Obi and a few friends fly back to Earth and enter the world of the Vrils. They manage to steal the Graal, thereby collapsing the Vril society, and return to the Moon, but they are followed by the Vrils' mothership. Despite being attacked by a Vril Hitler riding a Tyrannosaurus inside the moon base, they manage to use the Graal to power Obi's ship and fly away. They are chased by the Moon Führer aboard the Vrils' ship, but eventually manage to get rid of it and fly to Mars (where a Soviet mars base awaits them).

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