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Saturday, July 25th, 2009


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Darkness, the lord of darkness, wants to kill the two unicorns who represent goodness and love in the world in order to start his reign of darknedd. Jack, a wild boy of the forest, shows the unicorns to his friend, Princess Lili. While she touches one unicorn, Blix the goblin, following Darkness's orders, shoots a poisoned arrow at the unicorn, and eventually cuts his horn. Immediately, winter comes. Meanwhile, Jack meets Gump, an elf of he forest, and his friends, two dwarves and a fairy, who convince him to go and retrieve the horn. Soon after, Lili is taken prisoner by Darkness, who wants to make her his wife. The second unicorn is also taken, and giung to be sacrficed at sunset, thus preventing the sun to rise forever. Jack, Gump and his friends enter Darkness's palace and, using giant silver plates, bring the sunshine down the dungeon, which effectively banishes Darkness forever.

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