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Sunday, April 28th, 2019

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

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Galen Erso is taken by imperial forces to build a new weapon capable to destroy entire planets. His wife is killed and his daughter Jyn escapes and is rescued by a rebel extremist Saw Gerrera. Thirteen years later, Galen manages to send a message to Gerrera. Cassian Andor, a rebel agent, hears about the Death Star, frees Jyn from prison and uses her to get the message from Gerrera. Gerrera's base is destroyed by the impeirial forces, Cassian and Jyn escape in the nick of time with a small group of rebels. In the message, Galen tells about the vulnerability that he secretely built in the Death Star. The team goes to the imperial facility on Eadu where Galen is working, only to see him killed by imperial soldiers. Despite the opposition of the Alliance Council, the team then goes to Scariff where all imperial data is archived to steal the plans of the Death Star. They meet a fierce opposition, but manage to transmit the plans to the Alliance fleet (which decided to support them despite the Concil's original decision). The archive facility is destroyed by the Death Star and all the members of the team are killed, but the plans have been transmitted to Pricess Leia's blockade runner which managed to escape the battle.

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