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Sunday, March 28th, 2010

Sining in the Rain

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Don Lockwood and Lina Lamont form a famous silent-movie duo. When the first talking movie is released, their studio must produce one as well. Lina has however a horrible voice, and the test projection is a failure. Don's friend Cosmo Brown then suggests to turn the failed movie into a musical, which would require little supplemental footage, and hire Kathy Selden, Don's girlfriend, for dubbing Lina. The latter must of course know nothing of the procedure, especially since she is in love with Don and is convinced he is in love with her. Lina of course discovers that her voice had been dubbed and that Kathy is going to be credited for it, so she threatens to sue the studio if Kathy's name appears in the movie. After the premiere, which was a big success, Lina wants to make a speech, and the audience presses her to sing. Kathy is hidden behind the curtain and dubs Lina, but in the middle of the song, Cosmo and the movie's producer lift the curtain, and the audience can see that Kathy is really the voice behind Lina.

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