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Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

Terror by Night

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Holmes and Watson have been hired to guard a famous diamond, the Star of Rhodesia, and her owner, Lady Margaret, by her son Roland, during their train journey from London back to Edinburgh; Lestrade is on the train as well. Roland is killed and the diamond is stolen. The suspects are a grumpy professor of mathematics, an old couple (whose husband admits having stolen a teapot at an hotel), a young woman, Vivian Vedder, accompanying her mother's coffin back to Scotland, and Watson's friend, Major Duncan Blake. Questioning the suspects leads nowhere. Holmes is then pushed out of the train and miraculously manages to return into the car; he hypothesizes that the thief is Moriarty's partner, Colonel Sebastian Moran. Watson and Homes then inspect the coffin and discover a hidden compartment where the killer had been hiding; Miss Vedder admits she had been paid to take the coffin on the train. Lestrade is then found knocked-out next to the body of the killer. The train makes an unexpected stop to pick up several scottish policeman, and Holmes tells them that Blake is Moran. The latter stops the train with the emergency brake and fights to escape but is arrested by the policemen and taken out, his head covered with a coat. Holmes then reveals to Watson that the policemen were fake, that they have actually taken Lestrade out, and that the real Moran is handcuffed and hidden below a seat.

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