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Sunday, November 20th, 2022

The Big Lebowski

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Jeffrey “The Dude” Lewbowski, a slacker living in Los Angeles, is mistakenly assaulted in his home by two men who want to recover money owed by the millionaire Jeffrey Lebowski's trophy wife, Bunny. One of the men urinates on the Dude's carpet before leaving. Following his dubious bowling partner Walter's advice, the Dude meets with the millionaire and swindles a carpet from his home. The millionaire later contacts the Dude and ask him to be ready to deliver a suitcase containing one million dollars as a ransom to save Bunny. The same evening he is attacked by two thugs sent by Maud, the millionaire's daughter who wants to get the carpet (her favourite) back. The next day, the delivery of the ransom fails due to Walter's interference, and soon after the Dude's car containing the suitcase is then stolen outside the bowling alley. The millionaire then confronts the Dude and shows him a severed toe, supposedly Bunny's. Maud then asks the Dude to help recover the money which her father illegally withdrew from the family's foundation. The Dude is then abducted by Jackie Treehorn, Bunny's creditor, who demands to know where Bunny (and his money) are. The Dude explains that Bunnny faked her abduction and that the money is with the teenager who stole the Dude's care. The Dude then notices he's been drugged, and is left outside on the streets of Malibu where he is threatened by the chief of police. Back home, he finds Maud who has sex with him because she wants a child whose father would not matter. She also reveals that the millionaire has no money of his own, it all came from Maud's mother. The Dude and Walter confront the millionaire and discover that Bunny has returned, having simply gone out of town without telling anyone. Bunny's nihilist friend has used the opportunity to extract money from her husband, who in turn has tried to embezzle money from the foundation and blame its disappearance on the kidnappers; there never was any money in the suitcase. Later outside the bowling alley, the Dude and his friends are attacked by the nihilists which are quickly defeated, but their third friend Donny dies from a heart attack. The Dude and Walter scatter his ashes, and then go back bowling.

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