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Sunday, June 15th, 2014

The Grand Budapest Hotel

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The story takes place in a fictional alpine country in 1932. Gustave H. is the concierge of the Grand Budapest Hotel and (among others) the lover of Madame D. After her sudden death, he inherits a valuable painting, but decides to steal it after being threatened by the children of Madame D. Soon after, he is accused of the murder of Madame D. and arrested. The lawyer of Madame D. is murdered after having announced to the family that a document is missing from the numerous amendments to her will. Thanks to his lobby boy and protégé Zero, Gustave escapes prison and try to find Serge X., Madame D.'s butler, who had been forced to testify against Gustave. They find him in a monastery, but he is murdered by a killer working for Madame D.'s son Dmitri. Back at the hotel, now general quarters of the army since the beginning of the war, they recover the painting hidden in the hotel's safe and discover the missing document in the back of the painting, placed there by Serge X. who had helped Gustave stealing it. Gustave is named sole heir of Madame D., and thus becomes owner of the hotel. But Gustave is soon after killed by a grumpy soldier who attacked Zero. Based on a deal Gustave and Zero had made just after stealing the painting, Zero inherits from Gustave and becomes the owner of the hotel.

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