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Monday, July 5th, 2010

The Man who Knew too Much (1956 remake)

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Ben McKennan, his wife Jo and their son Hank are visiting Marakech where they meet a strange Frenchman named Louis Bernard. They also befriend a British couple, the Draytons. During a visit of the souk, Bernard, victim of a murder, manages to whisper a few words to Ben before dying. Soon after, Hank is kidnapped by the Draytons and the McKennas are told to remain silent if they want to see their son aganin. Bernard's message was referring to an assassination in London and a name, Ambrose Chapel. Ben and Jo fly to London, where Scotland Yard tries to get them to tell Bernard's last words. They refuse, and then find a man named Ambrose Chapel, but it is a false lead. Jo then understands that it was about a chapel on Ambrose street. Ben and her go there and recognize the Draytons posing as the pastor and his wife. While Jo leaves to call the police, Ben is assaulted by the Drayton's henchmen and left in the locked chapel. She cannot reach the inspector who questioned them on their arrival in London, but she is told that he had gone to the Royal Albert Hall for a concert. There she is recognized by the assassin who tells her that her son is safe as long as she keeps quiet. Ben manages to escape the chapel and rejoins Jo at the concert. Keeping an eye on the assassin, Jo manages to prevent the murder from happening, and Ben, trying to catch him, kills him by accident. The victim is the Prime Minister of a foreign country, and thanks to the police, they learn that the Draytons are at the embassy. Since the Prime Minister wanted to invite them and thank them, they ask him to be invited right now, in order to be able to verify if Hank is really there and allow the police to act. Ben then manages to find Hank and to escape the Draytons.

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