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Saturday, July 2nd, 2011

The Seven Per-Cent Solution

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Sherlock Holmes has become addict to cocaine and is delusional about his former math tutor, Professor Moriarty, being the mind being organized crime in London. With the help of Sherlock's brother Mycroft, Watson lures Holmes to Austria to meet with Sigmund Freud, who has had success in treating patients with an addiction to cocaine. After a few days, Holmes is better, and accompanies Freud to visit another patient of his, Lola Deveraux, who just threw herself into the river. Holmes discovers that Lola had been kidnapped and forced to take cocaine again. Soon after, she disappears from the hospital with no trace of struggle, and Holmes deduces that she was abducted by her lover, Baron von Leinsdorf. By catching the Baron's provider of cocaine, they learn that the latter has contracted lots of debts in Monte Carlo. The debts have been bought by the shah of the Ottoman empire, who wanted to Lola Deveraux for his harem in exchange. Holmes, Watson and Freud follow the shah's train with a train they borrowed and eventually manage to catch the shah. Holms kills the Baron in a duel and saves Lola. Before leaving, Freud hyptnotizes Holmes and the latter reveals that when he was a child, he had witnessed his father killing his mother because she had an affair with Moriarty. In the end, Holmes takes a holiday and when Watson asks him what he should tell his readers about that story, he answers that Watson should pretend Holmes was killed in a fight against Moriarty.

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