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Saturday, September 26th, 2009


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The Thunderbirds are a group of superheroes who rescue people in case of catastrophes. They are all members of the Tracy family, and their scret base is an island in the Pacific Ocean. The youngest son of Jeff Tracey, Alan, wants to become a member of the team, but his father wants him to finish his school first. The Hood, who had been left as dead in a previous rescue mission by the Thinderbirds wants his revenge. He fires a missile on the space station that is the eye-in-the-sky of the Thunderbirds, forcing the rescuers to fly and save the person manning the station. But they are jammed by The Hood who at the same time takes over the island and the control center, and left to die when the station enters the Earth's atmosphere. On the island, Alan and the children of the local genius and the caretaker try to retake the base, but fail. Meanwhile, The Hood wants to use Thunderbird vehicles to rob the Bank of London and let the people blame the Thunderbirds. The kids manage to escape, fly to London with another vehicle, save the people put in danger by The Hood's operation, and finally get The Hood arrested. At the end, they all become official members of the Thunderbirds.

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