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Monday, August 15th, 2011

Transporter 3

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Frank Martin is kidnapped and coerced into transporting a package, in the company of a girl. Both wear bracelets that explose if they get too far from the car. The kidnapper tels Frank to go first to Budapest, then Bucarest, and finally Odessa. Frank soon understands that the package is the girl, who happens to be the daughter of the Ministry of the Environment of Ukraine. The latter is thus blackmailed into accepting several loads of toxic waste into his country for processing, while at the same time preparig for a speech on saving the environment. Frank delivers the girl to the villain, escapes the goons, chases them in his car while they are on a train by landing with the car on top the train. He eventually kills the villain with his own bracelet and saves the girl just before her father reluctantly signs the authorization papers.

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