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Monday, November 18th, 2013

Zu, Warrions from the Magic Mountain

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In ancient China, a soldier escapes the battlefield and ends up in a cave where he is attacked by ghosts and saved in the nick of time by a swordsman who quickly disappears. Their paths meet again and soon are joined by the Monk and his disciple. The soldier undestands that the warriors of goodness cannot unite to fight evil because they are arguing all the time. Their are attacked by a demon and only manage to temporarily imprison its soul; to destroy him, the two young ones must find the Lady Li I-Chi and get the two twin swords, Purple and Green. The Monk is poisoned by the demon and must be taken to the Fort to be cured by the Countess or he will become a double of the demon within ten days. In the fort they are attacked by the demon but eventually they escape. The Monk is cured, but the Swordsman is poinsoned too. The two young ones eventually reach the border between Good and Evil territories, find the lady who gives them the ability to unite the two swords. They thus manage to prevent the demon to enter Evil territory and tip the balance of Goodness/Evil in favour of the latter. They also become the new generation of gardians of Goodness.

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