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Thursday, March 22nd, 2007

Acronyms are Cool

Categories: [ Grumbling ]

In the kitchen next to my office, there is a giant flatscreen TV. Below it, there is the TV's cardboard box, throwing to my unconsenting eyes cool new technology acronyms such as 40 LCD, HD Ready, HDMI, Dolby Surround and BBE Digital.

I wonder if other people are as offended as I am by the advertisement of consumer-alienation technologies as above. Then I decided to design my own set of cool acronyms to add to these devices. It could be something like Enhanced EPC (Electrical Power Consumption), AO (Already Obsolete) Ready, UYA (Up Your Ass) Connector, RCR (Restricted Consumer Rights) Technology, PPP (Pay! Pay! Pay!) Enabled. I'm pretty sure I could sell stuff bearing these.

Acronyms are so cool.

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