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Wednesday, September 10th, 2008

Comment Spam Vs. Trackback Spam

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A closer look at the spams shows that in the past 3 weeks, 100% of the comment spam has been caught. The messages that I needed to moderate manually were all trackback spam. The latter is harder to spot because there is no form that should be fetched prior to posting and that could be used for laying traps.

Comment spam represent 64.1% of the spams, whereas trackback spam represents 35.9% (with a total of 139303 spams in 795 days i.e., an average of 175 spams per day).

Given the amount of legitimate trackback I get (exactly 0 in two years), maybe I should simply disable it?

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“Koneellisesta hillotuksesta johtuen munkista saattaa puuttua hillo.” (Elosen sokerimunkkien pakkauksesta)

Eli jos sinulla on hillomunkki jossa ei ole hilloa, se on silti hillomunkki. Toisin sanoin, kun teet hillomunkkia, et tarvitse hilloa.

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