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Monday, March 15th, 2010

3D Movie

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I went to see Alice in Wonderland in 3D this afternoon. When there is a real depth in the shot, 3D actually adds something to the picture; in many cases however, when the view is focused on a charater's head, the depth is barely noticeable. More disturbing is when the director wants to play with the depth of field and have blurry foreground or background: this doesn't look natural at all. 3D pictures should look more real than 2D, but at the same time the depth of field and the aperture used for shooting the scenes (part of the art in making movies) are not the ones equivalent to a human eye, and those shots just look weird, verging on making my eyes water. Fast moving elements are disturbing as well, I suppose it's because of the relatively low framerate of movies not able to render properly the fast movement.

Even more annoying, subtitles sometimes are inside of an object (subtitles are set at a fixed depth, but the objects in the picture might be closer to the viewer than the subtitles), making an impossible perspective which looks very disturbing.

And the 3D goggle are a bit heavy and hurt my nose.

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