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Jeudi, 21 avril 2011

Iron Man

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Tony Stark inherited a large weapon-manufacturing company. While in Afghanistan for a demonstration of the latest missile of Stark Industries to the US military, he is kidnapped by rebels and forced to build a control system for the missiles (that the rebels seem to have got already, from an unknown source). Wounded by shrapnel during his kidnapping, he is saved by another prisoner, a doctor, who puts an electromagnet on his chest to prevent remaining pieces of metal to enter his heart. Instead of building the control system, Stark first makes a miniature generator to power his electromagnet, but also the iron armored suit that he builds next. With the suit, he escapes the rebels and is later located by US troops. Months after having left for Afghanistan, he is back in the US. There, he wants to stop his company from making weapons, but he is pushed away from executive decisions by Stane, his father's old partner who actually runs the company. Left with plenty of free time, he builds a new armored suit, around a new version of the generator. The suit contains many weapons, an AI and can fly. Stark then flies to Afghanistan as the Iron Man to destroy the Stark Industries weapons in posessions of the rebels. Back in the US, Stark asks his faithful secretary, Pepper Potts, to hack into the company's computer to find the origin of the weapons. She finds out that Stane had sold them to the rebels in exchange for them killing Stark. In the meanwhile, the rebels have found the remnants of Stark's first suit and deliver them to Stane who uses this new technology to make armored suits of his own. Since he cannot replicate the miniature reactor, he goes to Stark's house and steals it. Starks survives by reusing the older version, and fights Stane as Iron Man. Starks obviously wins and eventually tells the press he is the Iron Man (even though his military advisor had prepared a cover story).

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Dimanche, 17 avril 2011

Black Friar

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“rustic earthy character, roasty, chocolaty flavours and typical fruity, spicy hints… It is unusually hoppy for a Scottish ale.”

Just another strong ale. Contains barley and wheat malts.

The Inverlamond Brewery Limited, Perth, Scotland. 7.0% alcohol.              

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Samedi, 16 avril 2011

BrewDog 5 A.M. Saint

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The text on the bottle is as idiotic and uninformative as usual.

Smells quite much of blackcurrant, and tastes reasonnably bitter. Contains barley.

BrewDog Ltd., Fraserburgh, Scotland. 5.0% alcohol

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Sucker Punch

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From Wikipedia:

In the 1960s, a 20-year-old girl nicknamed "Babydoll" is institutionalized by her stepfather at t mental hospital after she is blamed for the death of her younger sister (actually defending her against the stepfather who discovered that, at the death of their mother, they would inherit everything). Blue Jones, one of the asylum's orderlies, is bribed by Babydoll's stepfather into forging the signature of the asylum's psychiatrist, Dr. Vera Gorski, to have Babydoll lobotomized, so she can neither inform the authorities of the true circumstances leading to her sister's death, nor reclaim her inheritance. As she enters the institution, she takes note of several items that would be integral if she were to attempt an escape.

In the days prior to her lobotomy, Babydoll retreats to a fantasy world in which she is newly arrived in a brothel owned by Blue, whom she envisions as a mobster. She befriends four other dancers-Amber, Blondie, Rocket and Rocket's older sister, Sweet Pea. Dr. Gorski is envisioned as the girls' dance instructor, and informs Babydoll that her virginity will be sold to a client known as “The High Roller”, who will be arriving in five days. Madam Gorski then encourages Babydoll to perform an erotic dance, during which she fantasizes that she is in feudal Japan, where she meets the Wise Man. After expressing her desire to escape, the Wise Man presents Babydoll with weapons and tells her that if she is to escape, she will need to collect five items: a map, fire, a knife, a key and a fifth, unrevealed item that would require great sacrifice. Before parting ways, the Wise Man instructs Babydoll to defend herself, and she is confronted by three demonic samurai, which she defeats. As her fantasy ends, Babydoll finds herself back in the brothel, her dance impressing Blue and other onlookers.

Inspired by her vision of the Wise Man, Babydoll convinces her friends to prepare an escape from the brothel. She plots to use her dances as a distraction whilst the other girls obtain the tools for their escape. During each of her dances, Babydoll imagines adventurous events that mirror their efforts. These episodes include infiltrating a bunker protected by steam-powered WWI German soldiers to gain the map (mirrored by Sweet Pea entering Blue's office and copying a map of the brothel); storming an orc-infested castle to cut two fire-producing crystals from the throat of a baby dragon (mirrored by Amber stealing a lighter from the breast-pocket of a client); and boarding a train and combating mechanized guards to disarm a bomb (mirrored by Sweet Pea stealing a kitchen knife from the belt of the brothel's cook). During the last of these fantasies, the dance is interrupted, and in the fantasy Rocket sacrifices herself to save Sweet Pea and is killed when the bomb detonates. This is paralleled in the brothel when the cook attempts to stab Sweet Pea as she stole the knife, but Rocket dives in front of the blade and is stabbed herself.

While the girls attempt to procure the knife, Blue, suspecting that the girls are plotting something, overhears Blondie relaying Babydoll's plan to Madam Gorski. After discovering the gruesome scene in the kitchen, Blue has the grieving Sweet Pea locked in a utility closet and confronts the remainder of the girls backstage. He proceeds to make examples of Amber and Blondie, shooting both of them. He then attempts to rape Babydoll, but she stabs him with the kitchen knife and steals his master key from around his neck. She frees Sweet Pea from the closet and the two start a fire with the stolen lighter so that, as a result of the fire alarm, the institution's checkpoint doors unlock. The two manage to escape into the courtyard, where they find the front gate to be blocked by henchmen. Babydoll deduces that the fifth item needed for the escape is in fact herself, and that her sacrifice is needed to complete Sweet Pea's story. She distracts the guards, allowing Sweet Pea to slip out the front gate.

As the henchmen get the better of Babydoll, the scene then cuts back to the asylum in which the surgeon has just performed her lobotomy. As he removes his orbitoclast, he is perturbed by Babydolls expression and starts to question Dr. Gorski as to why she authorized the procedure. Gorski realizes that Blue had forged her signature, and summons the police, who apprehend Blue as he assaults a catatonic Babydoll. Elsewhere, Sweet Pea waits at a bus station where she is stopped by suspicious police. The bus driver, revealed to be the Wise Man from Babydoll's fantasies, misleads the police and allows Sweet Pea to board without a ticket.

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Mardi, 5 avril 2011


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ISBN: 9781841494180

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Sursamen is a shell-world, an artificial “planet” made of fifteen concentric layers. On the eigth level live the Sarl, who are trying to conquer the Deldeyn, inhabitants of the ninth level. These not-yet-advanced civilizations are supervized by another race, the Oct, who are themselves supervised by yet another race, and so on. Hausk, king of the Sarl, is wounded in battle and then murdered by his closest counsellor tyl Loesp. Prince Ferbin is accidentally witness to the scene. He knows that tyl Loesp will be trying to kill him next, so with the help of his manservant Holse he tries to reach the surface of Sursamen and from there hopes to find Hyrlis, a Culture agent who was a friend of Hausk. Ferben hopes the Culture, who has spies everywhere, would have recorded tyl Loesp's treason so that he can prove his guilt. After a long and complicated travel through many worlds Ferbin and Holse finally find Hyrlis, but he is now an outcast from the Culture and cannot help the prince. Ferbin then tries to locate his sister Djan Seriy, who had left Sursamen to become an agent for the Culture's Specian Circumstances service. Having heard of her father's death, she is herself travelling towards Sursamen. Meanwhile, Ferbin's younger brother Oramen has become Prince Regent under tyl Loesp's supervision, until he comes of age (Ferbin is officially dead, even though tyl Loesp learns the truth and tries to get him killed). Tyl Loesp planes to get Oramen killed eventually and names him governor of the just-conquered Deldeyn capital on the ninth level, in order to keep him away from the court on the Sarl's level. Oramen also supervises an archeological dig in a very difficult area that has just been made possible by a rare “astronomical” event (it still all happens inside one level of Sursamen). The Oct have actually manipulated tyl Loesp so that he takes over the ninth level in time to control the archeological research, and secures the artefact, the Sarcophagus, that lies at the bottom of it. The Oct are convinced the Sarcophagus contains one of their ancestor, conserved in stasis for billions of years. But the creature is actually an Iln, a destroyer of shellworlds. Allowed to escape, the Iln kills everyone around it (including tyl Loesp's army who was attacking to kill Oramen, Oramen, and the whole Sarl settlement on the ninth level) and then plunges at the core of the shellworld where lives a Xinthian (rare, gigantic creatures that live at the bottom of shellworld and maintain them), know the the Sarl as the WorldGod. Djan Seriy, Ferbin and Holse arrive just in time to chase the Iln and kill it. Djan Seriy and Ferbin die in the attempt.

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Samedi, 2 avril 2011

Last Action Hero

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Dany is a kid who prefers going to the movie and watch the adventures of his favourite hero, Jack Slater rather than go to school. His friend Nick, the projectionist of the theatre invites Dany to watch the newest Jack Slater before the premiere. Nick gives Dany a magical ticket that was given to him by Houdini; but Nick never had the courage to try it. Nick splits the ticket and gives Dany the stub. During the movie, the ticket activates and Dany enters the movie just after Slater witnesses the murder of his cousin. Dany never manages to convince Slater that he knows who is the bad guy (Dany saw the villain, Vivaldi, and his henchman, Benedict, reveal their plan earlier on screen), but Slater accepts to pay a visit to Vivaldi's house, which raises Benedict's suspicions. When Dany and Slater are attacked by Benedict, the latter takes Dany's magical ticket and later discovers its use. Meanwhile, Dany and Slater discover Vivaldi's plan to kill his rivals at a funeral, and the heroes save the day. When trying to apprehend Vivaldi and Benedict, the latter flees to the real world using the ticket, and Dany and Slater manage just to follow him through the portal. In the real world, Slater discovers he really is only a fictional character, that the writers gave him a miserable life and that he doesn't like violence anymore. Meanwhile, Benedict visits the theaters of New York City, looking for other movie villains. He finds the Ripper, the villain in the previous Jack Slater movie, and asks him to kill Arnold Schwarzenegger, the actor playing Slater. At the premiere of the new movie, Dany and Slater confront the Ripper and kill him. Benedict is soon killed, but slater is mortally wounded. To save him, Dany understands Slater must return into his movie. Dany steals the ambulance driving Slater to a hospital and takes him to Nick's theatre. He finds the other half of the magic ticket in the trash and gives it to Slater, who quickly returns into his world, with barely a scratch.

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