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Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

Dice Tower Complete

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Finally, my dice tower is complete. The core is made of wood (probably spruce or pine), the walls are 4mm polycarbonate and the screws are 3.5 x 16 mm with a bronze finish (I thought they would look better than the usual brass-finish ones which would have maybe blended with the wood. Or not.) The total weight is slightly above 1.9 kg (that's not heavy, it's stable).

The slopes are covered with some kind of rubber from the back of a very ugly mouse pad; this forces the dices to roll instead of sliding down the slopes and increases the randomness (in theory at least). Grey is not the best color, but it's all I had at hand. I glued it with contact glue.

I'll publish statistical information about the dice rolls some day if I have the courage to make a Χ2 test.

dice_tower_complete_1 dice_tower_complete_2 dice_tower_complete_3

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