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Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

Polyurethane Foam 2

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I added more foam into the mushroom's cavity, but even after over 24 hours, it did not dry completely inside. Moreover, the connection between the old foam and the new foam is not very clean, and the inside of the foam is very brittle. This experiment was not really a success.


I also tried to make a flat “panel” of foam of about 5cm thick, but the top surface is not even nearly flat, full of holes, but the inside dried almost completely. I don't know how it would react if I add more foam on top of it. Will it fill the gaps? I have to clean the nozzle of the bottle first, it's completely stuck with hard foam. Acetone seems to dissolve the foam though, which helps a lot. I just hope it doesn't produce lethal gases or something…

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