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Thursday, August 28th, 2008

Expanding Caylus

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I've been thinking about expanding Caylus by creating new buildings. I've alread made an updated version of Dan Rosewater's guild of thieves and I've considered making more of them, maybe updating Dan's other creations, the Hospital and the Royal Luxury Tailor.

I've made a table showing what buildings allow to change what item for which other one (e.g., the Bank changes money into gold). Basically, only Prestige Points and Favours as a target for change are not very well represented (you can get Favours only by going to the joust field and paying one cloth unit and one denier, while Prestige points can be obtained against cloth, gold or one denier at the taylor's, the jeweller's or the church, respectively.

Thus you can't get prestige or favours in exchange for food, wood or stone. Moreover, prestige is obtained when developing the city (that's in the rules'introduction) and favours seem to be gained when adding culture (theater, statue, monument), teaching (library, university) or entertainment (theater). Favours are very powerful and should not be obtainable just at the cost of one worker.

Therefore I think that the Royal Luxury Taylor as such doesn't fit in the game, since it brings prestige against nothing but one worker, while the Hospital should be renamed Hospice (there was no hospitals in 1289 I think), and bring prestige against one resource (except gold) plus one denier. Hospices where institutins relying on charity for existing, so this makes sense to me.

Now, what would bring Prestige in exchange for food, wood or stone? I thought about the cook for food, the cabinetmaker for wood and the sculptor for stone? The exchange rates have yet to be defined, but I have to keep in mind that food is the easiest to come by, then cloth, then wood and then stone (but this should be studied more in details, because it depends on the number or workers you are ready to invest the the resource gathering process).

Finally, Favours should not easily be obtainable from resources; the joust field and the hospital should remain exceptions.

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