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Wednesday, October 15th, 2008


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FOAF means Friend of a Friend. It's an RDF vocabulary that allows to describe oneself and link to people one knows. In other words, it forms a distributed social network, independant from any service provider such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Orkut and so on. It doesn't allow you to send messages to other people in your network, or any of the activities that are often associated with social networks, it only describes you and your relations to the people you know.

Here's my FOAF descriptor, that you can also view through FOAFer. There's also FOAF-a-Matic, a simple web tool that creates a basic FOAF descriptor for you (a more advanced descriptor will required to write RDF by hand, though). Finally, there is also a FOAF Generator that creates a FOAF descriptor based on your Facebook profile.

So if you feel geeky enough to get your own FOAF descriptor and if you know me, let me know about it :)

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