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Sunday, May 14th, 2017

Thor: The Dark World

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During a Convergence, when the nine realms are aligned and one can travel from one to the next through gravitic anomalies, Jane finds herself in an unknown place and comes into contact with the Aether, an ancient relic with a huge power of destruction. Malekith the dark elf seeks the Aether to return the universe to its primordial chaos. Jane is then taken to Asgard by Thor to remove the Aether from her body, with no success. To divert Malekith from his attack on Asgard, Thor asks Loki's help to find a passage to Svartalfheim, using Jane to lure Malekith there in the hope to confront him and destroy the Aether. The plan fails as the Aether cannot be destroyed, and Malkith, now in possession of its power, travels to the center of the Convergence, in Greenwich. Thor fights him on his way there, and is sent back by Jane's scientific team's tools in the nick of time to Svartalfheim to be crushed by his own ship. The Aether is then given to the Collector for safe-keeping.

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