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Dimanche, 27 août 2017

Wild Beer Company Madness

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Catégories : [ Bière/The Wild Beer Company ]


“tropical aromas… tropical and citrus fruits”

Very fruity, as advertised. Contains barley malt and wheat.

The Wild Beer Co., Shepton Mallet, Somerset, England. 6.8% alcohol.

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Dimanche, 20 août 2017

The Shepherd's Crown

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Catégories : [ Livres/Discworld ]

ISBN: 9780552574488

© Amazon.fr

On Granny Weatherwax's death, Tiffany Aching inherits her cottage. She starts to work both on the Chalk and in Lancre, having too little time for the people of both places. In the meanwhile, the queen of elves is kicked out of her kingdom by a rebellious faction onto the land of humans; those elves do not believe that the world is changing and that the rapidly increasing usage of iron (e.g., the railroad) makes it unhealthy for them. After Granny's death, the gates between the two worlds are easier to go through, and some elves long for the good old day when they could freely enjoy doing mischief among humans. Tiffany finds and tends to the ex-queen's wounds, and bit by bit teaches her what it means to be humane, hoping she would eventually make the elves sympathetic to the humans. Tiffany also accepts Geoffrey as an apprentice; the young man is able to calm people and make them more reasonable. He has as a pet a goat named Mephistopheles, who can count and use the privy. When the elves get ready to invade the Disc, Tiffany leads the witches of the Chalk to fight them, while Nanny leads the witches of Lancre and Geoffrey organizes the old gentlemen of the country. The elves are defeated, their queen is killed in the battle, and Tiffany somehow manages to make the passage between the two worlds much harder than it has ever been. In the end, Geoffrey receives Granny's cottage and becomes a witch of Lancre.

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Brewdog Cocoa Psycho

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Catégories : [ Bière/Brewdog ]


“crushed coffee beans, cocoa nibs and dark malts… infusions of toasted oak chips”

Strong and sweet, clear coffee aroma and hints of cocoa. Contains malted barley and wheat.

BrewDog Ltd., Elton, Scotland. 10.0% alcohol

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Dimanche, 13 août 2017

Jurassic Park

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Catégories : [ TV/Cinéma ]



Paleontologist are invited to give their approval of a theme park, built on an isolated island, featuring real dinosaurs, genetically reconstructed from DNA found in jurassic mosquitos preserved in amber. During the tour of the park, the main IT engineer runs a program that disables safety measures so that he can steal embryos and resell them. At the same time, a storm arrives on the island, and the engineer, lost in the park, gets killed by a carnivorous dinosaur. More dinosaurs get loose as the electric fences are unoperative. The humans, blocked in the middle of the tour, manage to escape the tyrannosaurus and spend the night in a tree. Meanwhile, other people attempt to reboot the whole computer system and restart the power plant to be able to call for help, while escaping velociraptors. In the end, the surviving characters escape the island by helicopter.

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Stone's Ginger Joe Limited Edition

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Catégories : [ Bière/Stone's ]


Very sweet ginger beer, quite nice if you don't mind the sweetness.

Produced for Accolate Wines Ltd, Guildford, London, England. 4.0% alcohol.

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Vendredi, 4 août 2017

Le royaume immobile

Catégories : [ Livres/Le Paris des merveilles ]

ISBN: 9782070793273

© Amazon.fr

Quelques mois après le événements de L'élixir d'oubli, Isabel manque de sauver un elfe noir porteur d'un étrange tatouage. Peu après, Troisville demande à son ami Griffont d'être un témoin lors de son duel avec le mage Incarnat Dalmas. Mais Dalmas disparaît mystérieusement la nuit avant le duel, et Troisville est accusé de l'avoir tué. En même temps, le Silas, un groupe terroriste de l'époque de la guerre entre fées et dragons, fait exploser une bombe sous la tour Eiffel, manquant de tuer Isabel et Cécile de Brescieux qui voulait faire des révélations à cette dernière à propos de Dalmas. De plus, un vieil elfe, ami d'Isabel, est enlevé par le Silas alors qu'il allait lui aussi lui faire des révélations. Dans l'espoir de le protéger, Griffont et Isabel emmènent Troisville dans une maison connue d'eux seuls, mais ils sont retrouvé par des créatures de la Reine Noire et Troisville est tué. Griffont apprend alors qu'Adélaïde, la fille de son ami le maître d'armes Mortaigne, à qui Troisville était fiancé, est en fait la fille de Sélène, amie d'Isabel et s½ur de la reine Méliane, qui est morte de chagrin après avoir été abandonnée par Jeanson, un homme qui l'avait séduite par jeu. Mortaigne et Jeanson étaient amis par le passé. Jeanson avait ensuite fui en Russie pour faire des recherches interdites sur la transformation du corps, et revenu sous les traits de Dalmas. La police et Griffont retrouvent ensuite la trace du Silas dans une ferme isolée, qui est prise d'assaut. Griffont et Isabel y découvrent que la Reine Noire, qui prépare un attentat à l'ambassade d'Ambremer à Paris lors d'une cérémonie officielle. Isabel défait la Reine Noire et sauve Adélaïde que la Reine Noire, se faisant passer pour son amie, avait poussée au suicide.

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Hiisi Lempo

Traduction: [ Google ]

Catégories : [ Bière/Hiisi ]


“mineraalinen ja kevyen sitruksinen… greipinkuori”

Sitruksinen, maistuu vähän greipiltä. Sisältää ohramallasta ja vehnämallasta.

Panimoyhtiö Hiisi, Jyväskylä, Suomi. 2.8% alkoholia.

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Mercredi, 2 août 2017

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

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Catégories : [ TV/Cinéma ]



The planet Mül is destroyed as a collateral damage of a war between humans and some other alien species. Thirty years later, only a few survivors, named Pearls, remain. Records indicate that the planet was uninhabited. Valerian and Laureline are tasked to recover the last of the Mül convterters from a black market dealer, unknowingly taking it away from the Pearls who were about to buy it. Commander Filitt plans to give the converter as a gift during a meeting of the council of Alpha, a huge complex of ships and space stations where thousands of alien species cohabitate. The Pearls attack the conference and kidnapp Filitt, but fail to notice that Laureline, as Filitt's bodyguard, was holding onto the converter. Valerian chases the Pearls through Alpha, but Laureline loses contact with him as he enters a radioactive zone at the center of the complex, zone that had appeared recently, grows, and from which no-one has ever come back. Laureline manages to locate Valerian, but she is kidnapped by a primitive species and about to be eaten by their emporor when she is saved by Valerian, who had enrolled Bubble, a shapeshifter, to disguise him as a one of the primitives. Bubble dies in the fight, and Valerian and Laureline eventually reach the Pearl's hideout. They learn the fate of Mül and Filitt's involvement and ensuing coverup. While Filitt's robotic troops prepare to attack the Pearls, Valerian accepts to give them the converter, allowing them to produce enough energy to power the ship they had been secretly constructing and escape in the nick of time.

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