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Sunnuntai, 24. kesäkuuta 2018

Hiisi Itse

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“hapatettu talon omalla lactobacillusjuurella, käytetty belgialaisen saisonhiivan ja brettanomyces clausseniin blendillä ja maustettu karviaismarjoilla”

Kirpeä ja karvasta, tuoksuu marjoilta. Sisältää ohrasmallasta, vehnämallasta ja kauraa.

Panimoyhtiö Hiisi, Jyväskylä, Suomi. 6.0% alkoholia.

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Sunnuntai, 17. kesäkuuta 2018

Magic Rock Dark Arts

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Just another stout. Contains malted barley.

Magic Rock, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, England. 6.0% alcohol.

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Perjantai, 15. kesäkuuta 2018

Solo: A Star Wars Story

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On Corellia, Han and Qi'ra are forced to work for a gang in order to survive. The day Han manages to steal a sample of coaxium, the precious hyperspace fuel, they use it as bribe in an attempt to escape the planet. Qi'ra is taken back, but Han enrolls in the Imperial Flight Academy under the name Solo, promising himself to get a ship and come back for her. Three years later, expelled from the Academy and fighting as an infantryman, he attempts to join Beckett's gang, thieves posing as soldiers. Beckett gets him thrown in the pit to be eaten by the beast, a wookie named Chewbacca whom Han befriends; they escape together and are finally accepted in Beckett's gang, who needs hands for his next heist: stealing a shipment of coaxium from an imperial train. The mission almost succeeds, but they are attacked by Enfys Nest's Cloud Riders, and the precious cargo is lost, getting Beckett's wife killed in the process. Han and Beckett then meet with Crimson Dawn's crime boss Dryden Vos who had ordered the heist, and to save their lives they promise to find unrefined coaxium from Kessel. Vos sends his lieutenant with them, who is none other than Qi'ra, who apparently made a career in organized crime. Needing a ship, they meet famous smuggler Lando Calrissian. Han challenges Lando to a game of sabacc for his ship, the Millenium Falcon. Lando wins by cheating, but agrees to join them for a share of the profit. They manage to steal the coaxium on Kessel by wreaking havoc at the mine, freeing all the slave workers. Coaxium is very unstable, and since they have lost much time at the mine, they are forced to find a shortcut through the maelstrom to evade an imperial blockade. Making the Kessel run in less than 20 parsec, they reach the planet Savareen where the fuel can be refined and stabilized. There they meet Enfys Nest again, who explains that they are rebels fighting against Crimson Dawn and the Empire. Solo is willing to give them the precious coaxium and trick Vos, but Beckett double-crosses him. Qi'ra fights and kills her boss, and sends Han after Beckett, whom he kills before getting killed. In the meanwhile, Qi'ra takes control of Crimson Dawn and leaves Han alone. Some time later, he meets Lando again, and wins the Falcon at sabacc. Han and Chewbacca leave for Tatooine where a gangster is putting together a smuggling operation.

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Near the end of a mission on the Hubble space telescope, a large amount of space debris destroy the shuttle, and only two members of the crew, Stone and Kowalsky survive. They manage to reach the nearby evacuated ISS thanks to Kowalski's MMU, but only Stone manages to enter the station. Kowalski tells her over the radio to use the second Soyuz module (unusable for landing because its parachute had accidentally deployed) to fly to the Tiangong station and use its Shenzhou module to land. She manages to board the second Soyuz module just as the orbiting space debris arrive again ad destroy the station. But Stone discovers she has run out of fuel, and decides to cut the oxygen and wait for death. She has a hallicination of Kowalski coming back and telling her that she can use the module's soft landing rocket to fly to the Tiangong. Ejecting herself from the module as it approaches the Chinese station at an angle, she uses a fire extinguisher to manoeuvre, reach and enter the station that is slowly entering Earth's atmosphere. The Shengzhou being similar to the Soyouz, she succeeds at landing it as the rest of the station burns.

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Keskiviikko, 6. kesäkuuta 2018

The Wolverine

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Prisoner in a camp outside Nagasaki in 1945, Logan saves the life of a Japanese officer from the blast of the atomic bomb. Many years later, Logan has not aged, but the Japanese man, Yashida, is dying and sends his adopted daughter Yukio to bring Logan to him. He offers to transfer Logan's immortality to him so that Logan can finally become mortal again, while Yashida can live forever and protect his industrial empire and his grand-daughter Mariko from the Yakuza who want to kidnap her. Logan refuses, and the next night Yashida dies and his doctor secretly introduces something in Logan's body that will make him much weaker. During Yashidas's funeral, Yakuzas attempt to kidnap Mariko, but Logan saves her, getting hurt and unable to heal as quickly as before. Mariko and Logan hide in Nagasaki in a family house, but she gets kidnapped nonetheless. With Yukio's help, they discover that it is Mariko's father Shingen who kidnapped her, as he cannot accept that Yashida made her his heir. Back at the Yashida home in Tokyo Logan, thanks to Yashida's medical equipment, discovers the device lodged around his heart and extracts it. He then kills Shingen who had tried to kill him and Mariko. Yukio and Logan discover that Mariko is held captive in a factory in the mountains, in Yashida's birth place. There Logan is taken prisoner by ninjas (who have served Yashida's family for generations) and Yashida's doctor, a mutant named Viper, introduces him to the Silver Samurai, an electromechanical suit made of adamantium that will extract Logan's healing factor. Thanks to Yukio, Logan manages to escape, losing his adamantium claws in the process, and discovers that the Silver Samurai is manned by Yashida, who was willing to take Logan's healing power even without his consent. Logan eventually kills Yashida and regrows claws made of bone. Logan then leaves Japan. Two years later he is met by Magneto and Professor Xavier who warn him about a new threat against the mutants.

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Chocolats 33

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Chocolats Michel, Équateur 62% : doux, vaguement poire

Chocolats Michel, Ghana 62% : doux, un peu sec?

Chocolats Michel, Madagascar 70% : sucre roux

Chocolats Michel, Ghana 70% : doux, noix de coco

Chocolats Michel, Colombie 72% : un peu acide

Chocolats Michel, Sao Tome 72% : un peu pâteux

Chocolats Michel, Vietnam 73% : sec, grillé

Christian/Erithaj/Nana Ding, Vietnam Bén Tre 65% et Yunnan millénaire : frais, fleuri

Jérôme Kuster, Guatemala 73% : pâteux, amer, grillé, café

Jérôme Kuster, Afrique 85% : amer, fleuri, orange?

Bellarom, Finest Dark Chocolate 74% : pâteux, sucré, grillé

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Sunnuntai, 3. kesäkuuta 2018

Captain America: Civil War

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The Avengers always stop the villains, but always at the cost of massive damage, and particularly innocent civilians. The U.N. propose them to sign an agreement to be overseen by a U.N. committee. Some, as Iron Man, agree to it while others, as Captain America, want to remain independent and chose their fights. The signature ceremony is interrupted by a terrorist attack, and Bucky Barnes the Winter Soldier is identified as the attacker. Captain America decides to go and prevent the authorities from killing his long-time friend, but they all got apprehended. Barnes is then interrogated by Zemo pretending to be a psychiatrist; Zemo reactivates Barnes' Winter Soldier powers and send him on rampage to cover his own escape. Captain America manages to capture Barnes, who reveals that Zemo wanted the location of the abandonned Hydra base where the four other Winter Soldiers are kept in cryostasis. Captain America wants to immediately chase Zemo, without waiting for the U.N. committee's approval. Led by Iron Man, some Avengers (including Ant-Man and Spiderman) try to stop the other led by Captain America, but fail to prevent them from going after Zemo. Discovering that Barnes was framed by Zemo, Iron Man flies to the Hydra base. There Zemo reveals that Barnes, under the control of Hydra, had killed Tony Stark's parents, leading Iron Man to attempt to kill Barnes, ending up fight Captain America who tries to protect his friend. Zemo is eventually apprehended by Iron Man, but not before Captain America has left the Avengers, leaving his shield behind. Zemo is satisfied, as his plan for avenging the death of his family in Sokovia caused by the Avengers fighting Ultron was to plant discord among them.

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