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Saturday, February 25th, 2023

The Sugarland Express

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Lou Jean help her husband Clovis to escape from prison because their child has been placed in the care of foster parents in Sugarland and she is being stonewalled by the administration. Lou Jean wants to go to Sugarland and get back her son. They first steals the car of an old couple, but when pulled-over by the police, they flee, run into an accident and eventually steal the patrol car and kidnap the young policeman, Slide. They are chased by Slide's boss, Cpt. Tanner, but since they threaten to shoot the policeman, Tanner simply follows them across East Texas, heading a long caravan of police cars soon joined by journalist and civilians. The couple manages to refuel the patrol car and grab food thanks to Tanner's unwillingness to have them shot from a distance. They spend one night hidden in the lot of a used car's seller, and are shot at by trigger-happy, former policemen. The manage to leave, gathering crowds of supporters whenever they drive through a town. As Tanner sees no way out, he agrees to set up a trap by hiding two snipers in the foster parents' house. Slide, who has bonded with the fugitive during the trip, suspects a trap but Lou Jean insists that Clovis goes out of the car and gets their son. Clovis is shot but they manage to escape with the car until they drive into a shallow river. Clovis is dead, Lou Jean is arrested and Slide is unharmed.

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Cocotella 4

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Nouvelle variante de cocotella pour essayer de me débarasser des cristaux de glace. Celle-ci contient du lait en poudre et du sirop de glucose.


  • 90 g sucre
  • 37 g lait en poudre
  • 37 g sirop de glucose
  • 5 g glucose
  • 2 œufs (100 g)
  • 415 g lait de coco (400 mL)


Mélanger les ingrédients secs. Battre un peu les œufs dans une casserole, ajoute les ingrédients secs et fouetter. Ajouter le sirop de glucose et fouetter encore. Ajouter le lait de coco, mélanger. Faire chauffer en remuant continuellement jusqu'à atteindre 80 °C. Laisse refroidire et reposer 24h au réfrigérateur. Passer à la sorbetière.


On ne sent plus les critaux de glace, mission accomplie.

Les proportions sont calculées avec une estimation erronée de la masse du lait de coco (j'avais estimé 430 g au lieu de 415 g). La version corrigée contient 83 g de sucre, 50 g de lait en poudre et sirop de glucose et 3 g de glucose. Je suis étonné que l'optimiseur change autant les proportions (-9 % de sucre, +35 % lait en poudre et sirop de glucose) avec une différence de seulement 4 % dans la quantité de lait de coco. Il a peut-être trouvé un autre optimum local ?

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