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Saturday, November 29th, 2008

Leffakone's Timer Broken?

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Leffakone's timer's been working perfectly for almost two years, but since we moved, it doesn't always work as it should. The LED goes off when it starts to receive data (as expected), but then it just reboots (because of the watchdog timer) and then waits for data again (its LED on). But it will not accept the data anymore. And after a couple of days, for no reason, it works again (and blinks happily while counting down).

I took it to the telecom lab last Tuesday and Niko took a look at it. The solders seem fine. We changed the micro-controller and flashed it. It still behaved erratically on the bench, rebooting repeatedly for no obvious reason, sometimes receiving data with the available signal low but touching the data wire with the finger (I mean the insulation of the wire, not the metallic part). Niko unsoldered and resoldered the crystal, thinking it was faulty, with no effect. It seemed doomed.

Then I took it back home, checked with an ohm-meter that all the resistors were resisting, that the capacitors were capaciting, and I put it back in Leffakone. This was last Thursday. Since then, it's been working perfectly…

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Saturday, November 15th, 2008

Adresse internationale – Kansainvälinen osoite

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Lorsqu'on envoie une lettre depuis l'étranger vers la Finlande, on préfixe le code postal par « FI- ». Pas « FIN- » ni « SF- » . Lorsqu'on envoie une lettre depuis l'étranger vers la France, on ne fait pas précéder le code postal par un quelconque code.

Kun lähetetään kirje ulkomailta Suomeen, postinumeron eteen kirjoitetaan “FI-”. Ei “FIN-” eikä “SF-”. Kun lähetetään kirje ulkomailta Ranskaan, ei kirjoiteta mitään postinumeron eteen.

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Tuesday, November 11th, 2008

Automatic X Screen Saver -based Autoaway for Irssi

Categories: [ IT ]

I fixed a bug in xautoaway (actually, in X11::Protocol). The new version is available.

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HTML in RSS and Translate — HTML dans le RSS et traduction

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I changed my RSS feed so that it displays the stories in HTML instead of the old text-only version. Moreover, I added a link to each of the RSS items to use automatic translating services (Google Translate and Babelfish). This link only appears if the RSS feed is requested with a given language in parameter. E.g., for English, use http://users.jyu.fi/~mweber/blog/index.rss?lang=en as the RSS feed's URL. You can replace the en at the end with fr or fi for French and Finnish respectively.

J'ai changé mon flux RSS afin d'afficher les histoires en HTML au lieu de l'ancienne version en texte simpe. De plus, j'ai ajouté à chaque item RSS un lien vers des services de traduction automatique (Google Translate et Babelfish). Ce lien n'apparait que si le flux RSS est appelé avec un paramètre langue. Par exemple pour le Français, il faut utiliser http://users.jyu.fi/~mweber/blog/index.rss?lang=fr comme URL du flux RSS. On peut remplacer le fr à la fin par en ou fi pour l'anglais ou le finnois, respectivement.

Disclaimer — Désistement

I cannot be held responsible for death by fatal hilarity when reading the automatic translations.

Je ne peux être tenu responsable si vous mourez de rire en lisant les traductions automatiques.

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Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

Automatic X Screen Saver -based Autoaway for Irssi

Categories: [ IT ]

xautoaway.pl is an autoaway script for Irssi that allows Irssi to go away automatically when your X Window session has been idle for some time. Additionaly, it supports Irssi running in a GNU screen, being detached from an xterm in one display and reattached to another xterm on another display. Distributed as-is, under “it-works-for-me” pseudo-license (and under GNU GPLv3 real license).

It requires the X11::Protocol module and some additional setup (the provided, incomplete extension to X11::Protocol to support MIT-SCREEN-SAVER and the screen wrapper to be run instead of GNU screen).

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Tuesday, November 4th, 2008

Bensan hinta

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Categories: [ Science ]

Bensa maksaa Keljon Shell Expressillä 1,294 EUR, mutta Palokassa se maksaa vain 1,259 EUR Palokan Neste Oil Expressillä. Matka Palokkaan ja takaisin on noin 20 km. Auto käyttää noin 7 L/100km, siis 1,4 L bensaa, joka maksaisi 1,76 EUR. Tankkaan 35 L, hinta ero on siis 0,88 EUR. Se ei maksaa vaivaa. (datan lähde: polttoaine.net).

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DICT-NetMOT Gateway

Categories: [ IT ]

I just finished motdictd.pl a gateway between the DICT protocol and the MOT online (not free at all) dictionary collection accessible to the University of Jyväskylä. It runs as a local DICT server, started from the command line by any user (preferably not root) and listens to on port 2628. DICT queries are turned into HTTP requests to NetMOT, the resulting HTML code is cleaned up and returned as pure text to the DICT client. The CLI DICT client doesn't support multiple servers, so it accessing the gateway requires to call dict -h localhost if the default server is dict.org.

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