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Samedi, 27 septembre 2008

Blue Moon Fonts

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The font used in the Blue Moon cards (FFG edition) is ITC Kallos, size 12.5pt (or 12pt?) medium and bold, and 8pt book italic for the flavour text.

The font used on the expansion decks' tuckboxes is Bitstream Flareserif.

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Dimanche, 21 septembre 2008

The Phar

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The Phar is one Blue Moon people that has been mentionned (in Emissaries and Allies: Blessings and in the prologue of the Blue Moon Novel) but never developed as a deck. Their names derives from “Pharao”, so the theme will be Egypt-like. If I ever have a wonderful idea about what features to put in that deck, I'll try to develop it myself.

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Recumbent Trike

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Gasoline is expensive, at a current price of about 1.50 EUR/L it costs me currently 950 EUR/year. Especially now that I live closer to work, the consumption is higher because the trip is so short.

The previous plan was to get an electric car, but it would cost a lot and need to keep the old car for longer trips (for example I wouldn't trust the e-car to take us to Tampere, wait 4 weeks on the airport's long-term parking lot and drive us back home). That means more insurance costs, parking space worries and so on.

The current plan is to build a recumbent trike based on one (or two?) old (or new) bycicles. Ready-made devices cost about 2,500 EUR (with one exception at 900 EUR, that's suspicious), home-made may take years to build (I have to learn welding first, but Reijo would probably be happy to teach me) but it may cost less than 500 EUR. Such a trike would be perfect for going to work daily, although coming back from work maybe difficult without electrical assistance (the hill back home is definitely steep).

Another requirement would be to have a protection from rain and snow, and ready-made such trikes cost 4500 EUR (5500 EUR with electrical assistance, that's over 5 years of gasoline at current rate). I have no idea how to build a hull for a trike (most people building trikes seem to live in countries where snow and cold is something that happens to other people). Also, it needs to support an extra seat for a child (this one could be mounted over the back wheel, but getting it below the hull will be difficult.

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Composition de l'½uf (balance de cuisine, précision: 2g) :

  • masse : 66g
  • coquille : 8g
  • jaune : 20g
  • blanc : 35g

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Jeudi, 18 septembre 2008

Vanilja ei ole sama kuin suklaa

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© Ingman.fi

Nyt kun on taas kesä, kun mennään iltapäivällä ostoksille ostetaan jäätelöitä välipalaksi. Mutta taas tänä vuonna jäätelötekijät eivät ole ymmärtäneet että jos pakkauksessa lukee “Suklaa”, pakkauksen sisällä ei pitäisi olla vaniljajäätelöä. Vanilja on aika hyvää, mutta se ei ole sama kuin suklaa. Ne ovat helppoja erottaa: suklaajäätelö on ruskeaa, kun taas vaniljajäätelö on valkoista. Helppo juttu. Tai niin voisi luulla. Monissa Valio-, Ingman- mutta myös Magnumjäätelöpakkauksissa lukee esim. “suklaa”, “nougat”, “manteli” jne. mutta pakkauksesta löytyy vain vaniljajäätelöä, jossa on muutama prosenttia suklaata, nougatpaloja tai mantelia. Jos et usko minua, lue jäätelön ainekset: vain koristeessa on kaakaota. Jäätelössä ei ole sitä.

Eikö ole lakia joka kieltaa harhajohtavan mainonnan?

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Mardi, 16 septembre 2008

Graphical Meteorological Data for Europe

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findlocalweather.com has “real-time” graphical data about temperature, humidity, pressure and wind speed for Europe (and other parts of the World too). Nice.

Links to maps for Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Wind speed.

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Category Menu

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I implemented menus for the category list, because it was uselessly long. Items that contain subitems are in bold font. Anyway, indenting subcategories with non-breakable spaces has been annoying me for a long time, but I never had a good reason to rewrite the categorytree module to get rid of them. It seems that making a menu was a good enough reason.

The mechanism for the menu (using purely CSS) is adapted from Eric Meyer's Pure CSS Menus. I have no idea if it works with IE (at the time Meyer implemented his menu in 2002, IE's CSS engine was too crappy to render them properly), but who cares about IE users anyway.

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Vendredi, 12 septembre 2008

Random Spam Filter

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I removed the RANDOM spam filter (comparing letter frequences of a comment with statistics for English, French and Finnish). It wasn't catching much spam anyway, and the one it did catch was not random, but contained lots of medicine names, which don't follow the statistical patterns of English, French or Finnish. And also, it did filter out one legitimate comment where the author's name was Finnish and the content was in English (thus matching neither Finnish nor English statistics), which is not nice.

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Mercredi, 10 septembre 2008

Comment Spam Vs. Trackback Spam

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A closer look at the spams shows that in the past 3 weeks, 100% of the comment spam has been caught. The messages that I needed to moderate manually were all trackback spam. The latter is harder to spot because there is no form that should be fetched prior to posting and that could be used for laying traps.

Comment spam represent 64.1% of the spams, whereas trackback spam represents 35.9% (with a total of 139303 spams in 795 days i.e., an average of 175 spams per day).

Given the amount of legitimate trackback I get (exactly 0 in two years), maybe I should simply disable it?

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“Koneellisesta hillotuksesta johtuen munkista saattaa puuttua hillo.” (Elosen sokerimunkkien pakkauksesta)

Eli jos sinulla on hillomunkki jossa ei ole hilloa, se on silti hillomunkki. Toisin sanoin, kun teet hillomunkkia, et tarvitse hilloa.

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Mardi, 9 septembre 2008

Spam Blocking Statistics

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Out of the last 6370 spams, 5798 (91.0%) were blocked based on the IP address of the sender (IPBLACKLIST).

Out of the other 572, 394 (68.9%) were blocked by a simple trap (COIN, a field that should be left empty), 83 (14.5%) were blocked because they contained the same URL more than twice (SAMEURL), 49 (8.57%) had too many urls per word (TOOMANYURL), 15 (2.62%) were blocked by keyword (KEYWORD), 7 (1.22%) had the same values for title, blog name and excerpt (SAMETITLE), 5 (0.874%) had more than 4 URLs pointing to the same server (SAMESERVER), 3 (0.524%) contained random data (RANDOM, none of them actually did but they were spam nonetheless) and 2 (0.350%) contained only hex data (HEXDATA).

Overall, 14 spams had to be hand moderated, which makes a false negative percentage of 0.22%.

The false positives I've had were because of the TOOMANYURL filter, but it also catches a lot of spams. In most of these, the URLs were not real but made of random letters.

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Samedi, 6 septembre 2008

Saunan sytyttäminen

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Miksi kopiokonepaperilla sauna ei sytytetä, mutta sanomalehtipaperilla se toimii?

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