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Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

Star Trek

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Kirk's father encounters a Romulan ship coming out of a black hole and dies throwing his own ship at the enemy to protect the crew's escape, among who is his wife and newborn son, thus changing history. Kirk's youth is tumultuous, but finally joins the Starfleet Academy and cheats at the final exam (a computer simulation where one cannot win, programmed by Spock, a Starfleet officer half Vulcan, half Human, who has always had a hard time controlling his emotions). But during the hearing for cheating, all the officers are ordered to leave to Vulca without delay to help with a natural catastrophe. Kirk manages to sneak into the Enterprise thanks to his friend, the Dr. McCoy, and manages to convice the captain that they are throwing themselves at warp speed into a trap laid by the same Romulan ship his father faced in the past. The Romulan captain, Nero, coerces the captain of the Enterprise into joining him, while Kirk (promoted first officer), Sulu and ensign Expendable are sent to deactivate the device that jams communications and transporter (a giant drill, drilling a hole into Vulca). Their mission is a success, but Nero nonetheless manages to send Red Matter into the hole, which turns into a black hole and absorbs the whole planet. Spock's mother dies despite Spock's attempt to save her. Disagreements between him (acting captain) and Kirk about the course to take (regroup with the Federation ships or chase Nero heading to Earth) prompt him to strand Kirk on an ice planet near a Federation outpost. On the planet, Kirk meets Spock from 129 years in the future, who tells him that he tried to save Romulus from a supernova, using Red Matter in order to absorb the star, but failed. Both the Romulan ship and Spock's go back in time through the ensuing black/wormhole, but arrives 25 years earlier than Spock. Nero picks Spock up when he appears on the other end of the wormhole and holds him responsible for the destruction of Romulus and condemns him to watch his own planet being destroyed. Spock and Kirk reach the outpost where they find an “exiled” Scott trying to build a long-distance transporter. Thanks to Spock's knowledge, Scott and Kirk transport aboard Enterprise. Kirk forces Spock to punch him, forcing him to resign his his comission. Kirk, acting captain, chases Nero, and with the help of Spock manage to prevent Nero from destroying Earth. Young Spock finally meets Old Spock, who tells him that they need each other, because this his how it had been in the original reality.

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Sunday, April 5th, 2009


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Since his wife's murder, Leonard cannot form any new memory; if he doesn't write it down or shoot it with his instant camera, everything he does or happens to him fades from his memory quite quickly. His only goal in life is to get his revenge on the man who killed his wife, named John or James G. Because of his condition, he is abused by a cop (Teddy) who makes him kill people in different cities, but Leonard never remembers what he did. When Teddy tells him about this, that the he had already killed the real John G. a year ago, and that even he is a John G., Leonard decides to write down for himself that he must no trust Teddy's lies, writes down that Teddy's car's licence plate is yet another clue to whom killed his wife, and soon convinces himself that Teddy is the man he is looking for. He is helped by the girlfriend of the man he killed last; that woman also abuses his condition and makes him kill another person. Eventually, Leonard finds Teddy and kills him.

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Sunday, March 22nd, 2009

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

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Anakin gets a padawan, Ahsoka, assigned to him by Yoda. With Obi-Wan, they have to go and retrieve Jabba the Hutt's son who has been abducted by an unknown party. An alliance with Jabba is of utmost importance, since he controls the routes in the Outer Rim, and therefore decides who will lead the war there. Anakin and Ahsoka lead a commando operation to retrieve the baby Hutt, while Count Dooku makes Jabba believe that the Jedis are the one who abducted his son. Anakin and Asoka manage to escape from the ancient monastery where the baby was held prisoner, while Obi-Wan fights Dooku's assassin who was supposed to retrieve the baby and return it to Jabba in order to prove they are on his side. Meanwhile, Padmé meets Jabba's uncle on Coruscant and discovers that he's an accomplice of Dooku, and had helped him kidnap the baby in exchange for the control of the Hutt clans. Ahsoka and Anakin finally manage to return the son to his father, and the treaty between the Republic and the Hutt is secured.

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Sunday, March 15th, 2009

Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

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Senator Palpatine has been abducted by the separationists, and the Jedi Council has sent Obi-Wan and Anakin to retrieve him from General Grievous' flagship. During the operation, Palpatine convices Anakin to kill Count Dooku, the leader of the separationists. Grievous escapes. Back on Coruscant, Padmé tells Anakin she's pregnant. Anakin has promonitiry nightmares about Padmé dying in childbirth and is worried about how to prevent it. Meanwhile, the Jedi Council suspects Palpatine of being corrupt and orders Anakin to spy on him, while Palpatine asks Anakin to become his representative in the Council. The Jedi masters agree to let Anakin sit with them, but deny him the title of Master Jedi. Palpatine tempts Anakin to the Dark Side by telling him of a possibility to prevent death, and drives him to grow distrustful of the Jedi Council. Anakin reports Palpatine to be a Sith Lord, but Palpatine manages to kill the Jedis who came to arrest him. Anakin finally submits to the dark side and become Darth Sidious' apprentice, Darth Vader. Sidious then executes his plan to simultaneously exterminate all the Jedis fighting along the clones on various planets and gains even more power by turning the Republic into the firts Galactic Empire. Only Obi-Wan and Yoda survive. Anakin is sent to kill the leaders of the various federations that compose the separationists. He fights there Obi-Wan, who leaves him for dead. But Sidious recovers his body and reconstruct him with mechanical protheses. Padmé gives birth to twins, Luke and Leia, and dies of despair because of Anakin's treason. Luke is sent to Tatooine to the Lars, and Leia is adopted by Senator Organa of Alderaan.

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Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones

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Rebel planets try to leave the Republic, risking its political stability. At the same time, someone tries to assassinate Queen Amidala on Coruscant. Obi-Wan and Anakin are assigned to her security. After one attempt, Obi-Wan finds a lead to a planet that doesn't show in the Jedi archives' maps. Finding its location by approximation, he goes there and learns that someone unknown had ordered 10 years before an army of clones for the Republic. The model for the clones is Jango Fett, a bounty hunter, that Obi-Wan follows secretely to planet Geonosis. Meanwhile, Anakin takes Amidala back to Naboo where she would be in less danger. But Anakin keeps dreaming about his mother being in danger, and he and Padme leave for Tatooine. There he finds that his mother was sold to Cliegg Lars who soon after married her. She had been taken a month ago by Tusken raiders, and Anakine goes and rescues her after slaughtering the Tuskens. On Geonosi, Obi-Wan discovers that Jango works for the mysterious Count Dooku and the separatists, made of, among other, the Trade Federation (whose leader wanted Amidala dead as a revenge for his defeat in the previous episode). He sends a message to the Jedi Council, and Anakin and Padme arrive first. On Geonosis, the separatists are building an army of droids. Obi-Wan, Anakin and Padme are taken prisoner, but manage to escape during their public execution thanks to the Jedis who brought with them the clones' army. Palpatine is given the full powers by the Senate. After the battler, Dooku manages to escape and meats his master, Darth Sidious. The Clone Wars have just begun. In the end, Anakin and Padme get married.

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Saturday, December 27th, 2008

Burn After Reading

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After Wikipedia:

Osbourne Cox is a CIA analyst who quits his job at the agency after being demoted, ostensibly because of a drinking problem. He then decides to write his memoirs. His wife wants to divorce him and, at the counsel of her divorce lawyer, she copies many of his personal and financial files off his computer and onto a CD. The lawyer's receptionist accidentally leaves the disc at Hardbodies, a health club. After her husband is served with divorce papers, Katie changes the locks to keep him out of their house. An employee of the gym, Chad Feldheimer, obtains the disc from the gym's custodian. Seeing the content of the memoir, he assumes that it is highly classified information. Along with his fellow employee Linda Litzke, he intends to use the disk to blackmail Osbourne; Linda wants the money to pay for cosmetic surgery. Chad meets Osbourne, who refuses; Linda decides to take the information to the Russian embassy. At the embassy, she hands the disk over to the Russians, promising that she will give more information afterwards. Because Linda and Chad don't have any more information, they decide to break into Cox's house. Osbourne's wife has been having an affair with Harry Pfarrer, a womanizing Treasury agent. By chance he has recently met Linda online and begun an affair with her as well. Chad stakes out the Coxes' house and breaks in when he sees Harry and Katie leave. Harry, however, comes back, finds Chad, and accidentally shoots him dead. Linda had told Chad to carry no ID and cut the labels out of his clothes; when Harry sees this, he thinks Chad was a spy and disposes of the body. Days later, paranoid since he killed Chad, Harry leaves the Cox residence after a fight with Katie. On his way to leave, he manages to tackle a man who has been trailing him for some time, thinking he was working for the CIA or some other government agency. Harry now finds out that the man is working for a divorce firm hired by his wife who, it is later revealed, has been cheating on him as well. Harry is devastated and goes to see an agitated Linda, who confides in Harry that her friend Chad is missing; he agrees to try to help. The next morning, Harry and Linda meet in a park and she provides him with more information about Chad's disappearance. When he realizes that Chad is the man he killed, he becomes more paranoid and flees in terror, assuming that Linda is also a spy. Linda then turns to Ted Treffon, the manager of Hardbodies, who has feelings for her. Believing that the Russians have kidnapped Chad, he agrees to look for more information in Osbourne's computer. But Osbourne, finding that Katie has emptied their bank account, decides to break into his own house with a hatchet to take her jewelry. Finding Ted at his computer, Osbourne shoots him. Ted survives and runs out of the house, but Osbourne grabs the hatchet and kills him in broad daylight. The movie ends by returning to the CIA's headquarters, where an official and his director are trying to sort out what happened: Chad is dead, Ted is dead, Osbourne is in a vegetative state after being shot by an agent while attacking Ted, and Harry and Linda have been arrested. Harry was trying to board a flight to Venezuela, and the director decides to let him go so he's out of their hair. Linda promises to remain silent if the CIA will finance her plastic surgery. The baffled CIA agents agree to her terms, but decide that they have learned their lesson: they will never repeat whatever it is that they did in this case, though they are still not clear what it is they did or what they learned, if anything.

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Thursday, November 13th, 2008

Quantum of Solace

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Bond drives the man who was behind the assassination of Vesper in the previous episode to Sienna to be interrogated. He's a member of a secret criminal organisation named Solace, but manages to escape thanks to a traitor at MI6. Bond traces the traitor's contact in Haiti, where he meets Camille Montes and Dominic Greene. Greene is the chairman of Greene Planet, an organisation which supports environmental actions, but Greene is also a member of Quantum and schemes a coup d'état to make General Meneral Medrano the new president of Bolivia in exchange for a piece of land in the Bolivian desert. The CIA is involved, but they do not intend to stop him. Camille wants to kill Medrano (who killed her family), but Bond prevents her to do so. Bond then follows Greene to Bregenz when the latter uses a representation of Tosca at Lake Constance as a secret meeting place with business partners, involving pipelines. Bond discovers that an advisor of the Prime Minister seems to be involved with Quantum. Me believes Bond only seeks revenge for the murder of Vesper, and relieves him of duty, with no success. Bond then asks René Mathis (his partner in Casino Royale) to help him go to Bolivia and follow Greene. In La Paz they meet Canille again, but Bond is framed by the chief of police. Bond and Camille escape with an airplane found at the place Greene seeks to acquire, but are shot down by a military airplace sent by Medrano. They discover that Greene's goal is to control water, not to find oil. Back in La Paz, Bond contacts Felix Leiter, who tells him that Greene and Medrano are in a hotel in the middle of the desert and are going to sign a deal where Greene provides Medrano with funds to buy himself the support of the police. In exchange, Greene wants to control the distribution of water in the country. Camille and Bond arrive just at that moment, Camille kills Medrano and Bond gets answers from Greene before leaving him in the desert (where he will be killed by Quantum shortly after). Finally, Bond goes to Kazan in Russia to meet Yusef, Vesper's former lover who had driven her to betray her country for the profit of Quantum, and is about to do the same with a Canadian agent. To M's suprise, Bond doesn't kill Yusef.

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Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

The Legend of Zorro

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Ten years have passed. California is soon going to become a state and join the Union. Alejandro and Elena are married and have a son, Joaquin. Elena is pissed that Alejandro spends all his time as Zorro instead of with his family. She soons divorces from him, and Alejandro finds out she is dating Armand, a Frenchman who started a wineyard in San Mateo. But Elena is actually working under cover for the Pinkertons, who are spying on Armand on behalf of the United States' government. They soon discover that Armand is a member of Orbis Unum, a secret fellowship of knights who seek to keep the domination of the Old Continent and prevent the rise of the USA. Armand is importing secretely loads of soap and turning it into nitroglycerin (???), that will then be distributed to the Confederacy's army. Alejandro and Elena manage to stop the shipping of the explosive and save the day.

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Sunday, October 19th, 2008


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A 2-parter, TV adaptation of Pratchett's Hogfather novel. See Wikipedia for details.

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Wednesday, October 1st, 2008

Lost in Translation

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Bob Harris, an american actor is in Japan for shooting a commercial. Charlotte stays at the same hotel as Bob with her husband, who is a photographer and spends all his time away from his wife, working. Bob and Charlotte start spending time together since they have plenty of idle time, and end up falling in love. And then Bob has to go back home. End of story.

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Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

Family Plot

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Adapted from Wikipedia:

The story involves a fake psychic, Blanche Tyler, and her con artist taxi driver boyfriend, George Lumley, who attempt to locate the nephew of a wealthy and guiltridden old woman, Julia Rainbird. Julia, one of Blanche's clients, was responsible for her now-deceased sister giving up a boy for adoption years earlier and now wants to make him her heir. She will pay $10,000 if he is found.

However, the nephew and prospective heir is now a successful jeweler in San Francisco known as Arthur Adamson, who has a secret and lurid past, having apparently murdered his adoptive parents and faked his own death. With his girlfriend Fran, he has successfully kidnapped an assortment of millionaires and dignitaries, returning them when the ransom, a valuable gemstone, has been delivered, which they hide in their chandelier.

When Arthur learns that Blanche and George are pursuing him, he suspects the worst, putting their lives in danger. They first escape a murder attempt by the man who helped Adamson to kill his adoptive parents. Later George finally discovers the name of the heir to Julia Rainbird. Since he cannot go and visit Adamson immediately, Blanche goes by herself and discovers Adamson and his girlfriend's secret activities. Blanche is kidnapped, but George comes later, frees her and catch the kidnappers.

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Tuesday, September 16th, 2008

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

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From Wikipedia:

Wealthy Mississippian Big Daddy Pollitt celebrates his 65th birthday unaware that he's dying of cancer. Big Daddy's son Brick is in a childless marriage with Maggie, a beautiful woman who taunts Brick about his obsession with his deceased best friend. When the truth about Big Daddy's health is learned, Brick and his father resolve the issues that have created the tension between them.

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Saturday, September 13th, 2008

Some Like it Hot

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Adapted from Wikipedia:

Two struggling musicians, Joe and Jerry, witness what looks like the Saint Valentine's Day massacre of 1929. When the Chicago gangsters, led by ‘Spats’ Columbo spot them, the duo flee for their lives. They manage to leave town by taking jobs as musicians in an all-girl band headed to Florida. The two disguise themselves as women, join the band and board a train. Joe and Jerry both fall for Sugar Kane, the band's sexy vocalist and ukulele player, and fight for her affection while maintaining their disguises. In Florida, Joe woos Sugar by assuming a second disguise as a millionaire. An actual millionaire, Osgood Fielding II, falls for Jerry disguised as a girl. One night Osgood asks “Jerry” out to his yacht. Joe convinces “Jerry” to keep Osgood ashore while he goes on the yacht with Sugar. That night Osgood proposes to “Jerry” who, in a state of excitement, accepts, believing he can finagle a large settlement from Osgood immediately following their wedding ceremony. When the mobsters arrive at the same hotel for a conference honoring “Friends of Italian Opera”, Spats and his gang spot Joe and Jerry. Jerry, Joe, Sugar, and Osgood eventually escape to the millionaire's yacht.

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Tuesday, September 9th, 2008

Breakfast at Tiffany's

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Adapted from Wikipedia:

Holly Golightly meets Paul Varjak, a new tenant in her building. Paul helps Holly prepare to visit Sing Sing, a weekly routine from which she earns $100 for an hour's conversation with Sally Tomato, an incarcerated mob boss. Holly does not realize that she is passing coded messages for Sally's drug ring. Paul is a writer but hasn't been published since 1956. Holly ran away from home at 14. The next day Paul attends a party at Holly's where he is introduced to José da Silva Pereira, a handsome, rich Brazilian. Holly, always trying improve her lifestyle by marrying rich men, plans to marry José, although she has started a relationshion with Paul. Months later, Paul has moved out of the brownstone but is visiting Holly, who is leaving the next morning for Brazil. They go out for dinner and upon returning are arrested in connection to Sally's dealings with Sally Tomato. Holly spends the night in jail. Paul picks her up in the morning, along with letter from José in which he breaks up with Holly because his position won't allow him to marry someone who has been in jail. Holly still refuses to marry Paul, but finally changes her mind.

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Monday, August 18th, 2008

Et Dieu... créa la femme

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© Voisin Blogueur

Juliette est une jeune femme ingénue totalement insouciante de tout et au sommet de sa beauté. Elle fait d'un simple regard exploser les coeurs et les moeurs de tous les hommes du petit village de pêcheurs des années 1950 où elle a été adoptée, Saint-Tropez. Mais elle ne pense incorrigiblement qu'à s'amuser et à aimer les hommes dans une communauté dure au labeur et traditionnellement très attachée aux bonnes moeurs. (Wikipedia)

Afin d'empêcher d'être renvoyée à l'orphelinat pour mauvaise conduite, Michel Tardieu la demande en mariage contre l'avis des parents de Michel et de ses parents adoptifs. Juliette accepte qu'elle aie toujours été attirée par Antoine, le frère aîné de Michel, mais déçue d'avoir appris par hasard que tout ce qui l'intéresse est de coucher avec elle. Après le mariage, Juliette habite avec la famille Tardieu et essaye de se comporter comme il se doit, mais elle s'ennuie profondément. Elle finit par céder à la tentation et couche avec Antoine. Michel l'apprend par sa mère qui lui enjoint de la répudier. Il refuse, et Juliette et lui restent ensemble.

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Monday, June 30th, 2008

The Fifth Element

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Every five thousand years, Evil comes back to Earth in an attempt to destroy it. It is usually repelled by the ultimate weapon, stored in Egypt and made of the four basic elements (earth, water, wind and fire) plus the fifth element. In 1914, the ultimate weapon is taken away from Egypt by the Mondoshawans to be put in a safer place, and would be returned on time to face Evil. But on its way back to Earth in 2263, the spaceship is attacked by Mangalore mercenaries, the four elements are stolen and the fifth is destroyed. Thankfully, a single cell is found and the fifth element is reconstructed, taking the shape of a woman called Leeloo. She escapes from the military and meets Korben Dallas, a taxi driver who used to be an elite commando. Dallas takes her to a priest, member of a secret order who has guarded the ultimate weapon over the millenia. Leeloo reveals that the four elements were not in the destroyed ship, but are with an opera singer, on a luxury cruise ship on planet Fhloston Paradise. The army riggs a contest the grand prize of which is a trip to Fhloston Paradisein order to send Dallas there to retrieve the elements. He goes with Leeloo and the priest. They manage to recover the elements, while the ship is destroyed first by Mangalores sent by Zorg, the emissary of Evil, and then by Zorg himself. The heroes manage to get to Egypt just in time to activate the ultimate weapon and save Earth.

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Wednesday, June 25th, 2008


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In 1969, Martin Brice escaped arrest by chance while hacking with his friend Cosmo various bank accounts and transferring money to various charities. In the present, Martin is hiding from the FBI, has changed his name and is running a security firm that points out the flaws in security systems. He is contacted by two NSA agents to steal a universal cryptographic decoder made by a genius young mathematician. The NSA agents happen not to be working for the NSA after all, but for the organised crime. Cosmo (who didn't die in prison after all) is one of the leaders of the organisation, and he asks Martin to join him and make the world better by causing a major financial crash and making the rich equal to the poor. Martin refuses, and Cosmo changes his former record to make it easier for the FBI to find him, and also frames him in the murder of a Russian diplomat. Martin then tries to contact the NSA and exchange his freedom for the decoder. He and his team go the Cosmo's headquarter, a heavily guarded and protected complex, to retrieve the device. They get caught but manage to escape. They finally get caught by the NSA, but Martin manages to exchange the device and his silence against his and his team's freedom, knowing that the NSA wants the device for spying (illegally) on the US internal communications. But he gives the NSA a non-working device (they don't know it doesn't work) and keeps the core component for himself, using it for transfering money to charities once again.

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Monday, June 23rd, 2008

The Black Hole

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The crew of the spaceship Palomino finds the lost ship Cygnus near a black hole. They suffer damage from the black hole and manage to dock on the Cygnus, hoping to be able to repair their ship. There is only one human on board the Cygnus, one of the head of the lost expedition, but he is helped by a bunch of robots he made himself (most of the robots are actually brainwashed/robotized crew members from the Cygnus). The crew of the Palomino senses that something is wrong and tries to escape, but the captain of the Cygnus decides to take them with him into the black hole, which he wants to explore. The crew of the Palomino manages to escape before the destruction of the Cygnus, only to fall themselves into the black hole, where they find a surrealistic evocation of Heaven and Hell.

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Saturday, June 21st, 2008

Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone

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Three beautiful women are the only survivors of the collision between a space cruise liner and an asteroid. They are stranded on the nearest habitable planet, where they are taken prisoner by pirates. Jack Wolff receives a broadcast alert and goes searching for the women, because of the very high reward. On the planet, he meets Nikki, a young girl who helps him in exchange for food, guiding him to the lair of Overdog, a local villain. Soon after, they meet Washington, another bounty hunter and old accointance of Wolff's. After several encounter with mutants and such, they infiltrate Overdog's lair, during local games (where slaves have to survive through a labyrinth full of traps and dangers). Wolff and his team save the women, but Nikki get caught. He finally saves her, kills Overdog and destroys his lair.

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Tuesday, June 10th, 2008

Keeping Mum

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Fourty-three years ago, pregnant Rosie Jones killed her husband and his lover, and was sentenced to a secure unit for the criminally insane. Today, Walter Goodfellow the vicar is very busy, and his wife Gloria, desperate for sex, is having an affair with her golf instructor. Soon arrives Grace, the new housekeeper, and things start getting better (the neighbour's dog who used to bark all night long disappears, soon to be followed by the dog's owner… all killed by Grace). In the meanwhile, the vicar is taught by his housekeeper how to be funny again and what are his wife's needs. Later, when the vicar leaves for a conference, his wife plans to leave with her lover (but changes her mind at the last minute thanks to her husband's changed behaviour), while the lover is already dead, killed by the housekeeper who surprised him peeping on the vicar's daughter the night before. The mother and the daughter finally discover the truth about the housekeeper (escaped from her jail), but since she happens to be Gloria's mother, they decide to keep it a secret from the vicar. Grace eventually leaves the house for good.

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Saturday, June 7th, 2008

The Birds

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Melanie Daniels meets Mitch Brenner in a pet shop in San Francisco. She decides to follow him to his home in Bodega Bay. There she and other persons get repeatedly attacked by large flocks of birds, for no apparent reason. After spending the night under attack in Mitch's house, they take advantage of a period of calm to escape and drive to San Franciso.

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Monday, May 12th, 2008

Five Weeks in a Balloon

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Professor Fergusson plans to make aviation history by making his way across Africa by balloon. He plans to claim uncharted territories in West Africa as proof of his inventions worth. But the British Prime Minister convinces him to go to the West in order to claim territories near the Volta river before slave traders claim it themselves. He has about five weeks to complete the journey and plant the Union Jack. Fergusson is accompanied by his aid, Jacques, as well as by Sir Henry Vining, special envoy of the Queen, and Donald O'Shay, an american journalist who will be a neutral witness to the planting of the flag. Makia, a slave freed by O'Shay just before leaving also travels with them, at first secretely. During their journey, they take more passengers: a chimpanzee found in the forest, and later Susan Gale, an american taken as a slave, and Ahmed, the slaver who caught her. The party met them while being the hosts of a sultan, by whom they had to stop and repair they balloon. During a stop in an oasis, Susan, Makia, Fergusson and Sir Henry are taken as slaves by bandits and taken to Timbuktu. Makia is sent to the slave market, and the others are to be killed at sundown, because no infidel is allowd to enter the sacred city. But Ahmed, Jacques and O'Shay rescue them all in the nick of time. They finally arrive at the Volta river and, after loosing the baloon, manage to plant the flag before the slavers.

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Monday, May 5th, 2008


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À une époque post-apocalyptique, Louison, un ex-clown, est embauché comme concierge dans un immeuble délabré au pied duquel se trouve une boucherie. Les animaux sont en voie d'extinction, le maïs sert de monnaie, et le boucher vend en secret de la viande humaine. Louison est censé être la prochaine victime, mais Julie, la fille du boucher, tombe amoureuse de lui et tente d'epêcher son père de le tuer. Pour ce faire, elle prend contact avec les troglodytes, un groupe de rebelles végétariens qui vivent dans les égouts. Elle leur demande d'enlever Louison en échange du maïs que son père accumule dans sa réserve. Le boucher tente d'abattre Louison durant l'opération des troglodytes, mais il échoue et se tue par accident.

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Monday, April 21st, 2008


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The inhabitants of planet Spaceball have used up all their atmosphere and plan to steal the one from the peaceful planet Druidia. For that purpose, the evil Lord Dark Helmet plans to kidnap princess Vespa of Druidia in order to force her father King Roland to give them the code for opening the shield that protects the planet. Meanwhile on Druidia, the princess escapes her marriage with Prince Valium and just before being kidnapped by the Spaceballs, is rescued by Lone Starr, a space cowboy. Trying to escape the Spaceballs, they get stranded on a desert planet where they meet Yogurt, a wizard who teaches Lone Starr how to control the Schwartz. Soon after, Vespa is kidnapped by the Spaceballs who then extort the code from the King. After rescuing the princes from planet Spaceball, Lone Starr and his friends infiltrate the Spaceball's giant spaceship. There he faces Dark Helmet in a duel of Schwartz, before activating the self destruct just before the Spaceballs managed to steal the air of Druidia. At the end, Lone Star learns from Yogurt that he's actually a Prince and he is then allowed to marry the princess.

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Saturday, March 1st, 2008

Never Say Never Again

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James Bond is getting old, and MI6 doesn't need 00 agents any more. After failing a combat test, Bond is sent to a specialized clinic in order to get back in shape. He discovers something fishy there, and almost gets killed. Soon after, two nuclear bombs are stolen from the US Air Force by SPECTRE, and 00 agents are sent back to the field in order to say the world once more. Bond investigates Maximilain Largo, in relation with an Air Force officer, now dead, who is suspected to have been involved in the the theft of the bombs, and whom Bond has met at the clinic. Largo lives on a yacht in the Bahamas, and Bond meets him there once. Largo then leaves to Nice where he owns a casino and where he holds a charity event. Bond meets him a second time, and manages to escape death again. He later gets invited on Largo's boat for lunch, and is made (politely) prisonner, and taken to North Africa, where Largo owns an antique fortress. Bond manages to escape, find out where the bomb is located, fight Largo, disarm the bomb and save the day. At the end, he quits MI6 and moves to Bahamas with Largo's ex-girlfriend.

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Tuesday, February 5th, 2008

Being John Malkovich

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Craig Schwartz, an unemplyed puppeteer, discovers at his new job place a door leading to John Malkovich's head. With Maxine, his new colleague with whom he just fell in love, he starts a business for people who want to be someone else for 15 minutes. His wife Lottie also tries the door and becomes immediately addicted to being a man. This happened while Maxine was dating Malkovich, and the two women fall in love in a strange fashion, leavin Craig out. But Craig sequestrates his wife at home and forces her to invite Maxine to meet Malkovich more often, while himself being John Malkovich and pretending to be Maxine. Craig soon discovers how not to get expelled out of Malkovich's mind after only 15 minutes, and becomes a permanent resident. Meanwhile, Lottie is adopted by Craig's former boss, who knows about the door, being himself a mind living in someone else's body. Malkovich changes his career from acting to puppeteering, but Maxine, pregnant, drifts away from home. Eventually, Maxine and Lottie meet again, Craig leaves Malkovich's head so that his former boss can continue his quest for immortality through renewed bodies. Craig wants to go back into Malkovich, but it is too late, and his mind goes into Maxine's baby instead, trapped forever.

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Saturday, January 26th, 2008

La marche de l'empereur

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Le manchot empereur migre tous les automnes vers l'intériieur des terres pour y retrouver sa compagne et pondre un oeuf. La femelle, épuisée, retourne alors pêcher pendant le le mâle couvre l'oeuf, puis elle revient nourrir le petit tandis que le mâle part à son tour se nourrir en mer. Enfin, les petits qui ne sont déjà plus si petits vont à la mer à leur tour pour se nourrir et commencer un nouveau cycle.

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Monday, January 21st, 2008


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Dennis Cooper is a cooper's apprentice who, after being disowned by his dying father, seeks a new trade in the city. Since the kingdom is threatened by a terrible monster, the king organises a tournament to find a champion who will go and kill the monster. After many misfortunes, Dennis ends up as the knight's squire and goes with hime after the beast. The knight is killed by another knight, sent in secret by the burgers of the city who considerer the monster as a asset to their business, but the second knight is in turn killed by the monster, and the latter is then killed by Cooper and by accident. Cooper gets half of the kingdom and the princess as his wife, although he'd wanted to marry a peasant girl who didn't even like him.

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Monty Python and the Holy Grail

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From Wikipedia:

King Arthur is recruiting his Knights of the Round Table throughout England. He is frustrated at every turn by anarcho-syndicalist peasants, a Black Knight that refuses to give up despite losing both his arms and legs, and guards that are more concerned with the flight patterns of swallows than their lord and master. Finally he meets up with Sir Bedevere the Wise, Sir Lancelot the Brave, Sir Galahad the Pure (also called "the Chaste"), Sir Robin the Not-Quite-So-Brave-As-Sir-Lancelot, and "the aptly named Sir Not-Appearing-In-This-Film", and declares them the Knights of the Round Table. They are given a quest by God to find the Holy Grail.

After they split up, Sir Robin encounters a Three-Headed Giant, Galahad runs across the perils of Castle Anthrax, Sir Lancelot massacres a wedding at Swamp Castle, and Arthur and Bedevere encounter the dreaded Knights who say Ni. They each overcome their individual perils and reunite to face a bleak and terrible winter. Surviving the winter by eating Sir Robin's minstrels, they venture further to a pyromaniac enchanter named “Tim”, who takes them to a cave guarded by a killer rabbit.

After killing the vicious Rabbit of Caerbannog with the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch, the knights face The Legendary Black Beast of Aaargh, and cross the Bridge of Death that is guarded by “the old man from Scene 24”. Arthur and Bedevere survive to arrive at Castle Aaargh, and face the French Taunter once more. The film ends abruptly when a group of police from the 1970s interrupt the climactic battle scene to arrest Bedevere and King Arthur for the murder of Frank, the “famous historian”.

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Wednesday, January 16th, 2008

Les tontons flingueurs

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Fernand Naudin est un ex-truand reconverti dans le négoce de machines agricoles à Montauban. Sa petite vie tranquille va basculer lorsque son ami d'enfance, le Mexicain, un gangster notoire, de retour à Paris, l'appelle à son chevet. Celui-ci, mourant, confie à Fernand, avant de s'éteindre, la gestion de ses « affaires » ainsi que l'éducation de sa petite Patricia, au mécontentement de ses troupes et sous la neutralité bienveillante de maître Folace (Francis Blanche) son notaire, qui ne s'émeut pas trop de la querelle de succession à venir. Fernand Naudin doit affronter les frères Volfoni Raoul et Paul qui ont des visées sur les affaires du Mexicain : un tripot clandestin, une distillerie tout aussi clandestine, une maison close, etc. Fernand tente de faire rentrer les Volfono dans le rang, mais les attentats contre sa vie se multiplient malgré la paix signée entre les Volfoni et lui. On découvre rapidement que c'est le responsable de la distillerie clandestine qui tire les ficelles, et Fernand finit par s'en débarasser, en même temps qu'il marie Patricia et confie la gestion des « affaires » au père du marié, vice-président du Fonds Monétaire International.

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Friday, December 14th, 2007


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A.J., read the end of this post.

Zak Gibbs' father is a physicist who is working on a watch-shaped device, sent to him by Earl Doppler, a former student of his, capable of accelerating the wearer so much that averything else seems immobile. That's called hypertime. Zak takes the watch without knowing what it is, but soon discovers its powers. He then discovers that strange people are searching through his father's papers. He meets Doppler while trying to escape them, and soon learns that since Doppler managed to escape from the bad guys (whose boss is incidentally called Mr Gates), they have kidnapped his father in order to continue the work on a device that prevents people in hypertime to get older at an accelerated rate. With Doppler's help, they enter the secret lab, wreak havoc, free Zak's father and get the bad guys arrested by the F.B.I. who was on its way anyway (the cavalry is always late…)

I watched the movie because it looked like SciFi from the description. And also because it was directed by Jonathan Frakes. But this movie is not something to be proud of, Number One (especially the part where a room full of nitrogen explodes because of a naked flame).

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Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007


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From Wikipedia:

When an high-ranking Soviet intelligence officer defects to the West with a story of an agreement between the Russians and Cubans and the existence of a “mole” within the French intelligence service, CIA agent Nordstrom enlists the aid of his friend and French agent André Devereaux, encouraging him to accompany his daughter Michèle on her honeymoon with journalist François Picard as a premise to get him to New York. André accepts, but his wife Nicole is worried for him.

After managing to get hold of some seriously damning papers from the visiting Cuban official Rico Parra, in New York to appear at the United Nations and staying in Harlem to show solidarity with “the masses”, sneakily of course, a concerned Devereaux jets off to Cuba and catches up with his mistress Juanita de Cordoba, who is now secretly involved with a local underground movement whilst also being involved in another way with Parra. Parra finds out and kills Juanita. Devereaux then is recalled to Paris, where he attempts to get to the bottom of this whole leak problem. Michèle wants to reconcile her parents.

Nicole cheats on André after his Cuban affair with the man who proves to be the leader of the spy ring, “Topaz”, Jacques Granville, their old friend from their days together in the French Resistance. François goes on to find out who “Topaz” is by interrogating NATO official Henri Jarré. A short time late Michèle finds the murdered Jarré and François is missing. A short time later François arrives at Michèle and her parents and shows her a drawing of Jarré. Nicole knows him and tells André, that Granville is the head of “Topaz”.

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Saturday, October 13th, 2007

Yin shi nan nu (Mange Bois Homme Femme)

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Un film d'Ang Lee (1994).

Chu est le meilleur cuisinier de Taipei, mais il souffre d'anosmie depuis longtemps, et c'est son collègue et ami Wen qui lui prête son nez. Chu a trois filles, une qui est prof de chimie, l'autre est cadre dans une compagnie aérienne et la troisième travaille dans un fast food. Les trois filles sont célibataires et vivent chez leur père, mais elles rencontrent toutes les trois un homme : pour la première, il s'agit d'un prof de sport, fraîchement arrivé au lycée où elle travaille, la deuxième (qui a un ex copain qu'elle revoit régulièrement), un collègue qui était auparavant en poste à Amsterdam, et la troisième récupère le copain de sa collègue qui n'avait pas l'air d'y tenir tant que ça. Quant au père, veuf depuis 16 ans, il tombe amoureux de la voisine, mère d'une petite fille à qui il prépare chaque jour un repas somptueux qu'elle emmène à l'école (la mère de la voisine avait bien essayé de lui mettre le grappin dessus, mais elle était vraiment trop insupportable).

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Thursday, October 11th, 2007

Monty Python s The Meaning of Life

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Too much to summarize. Check the Wikipedia article.

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Sunday, October 7th, 2007

Gedo Senki

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« Les contes de Terremer » est un film de Goro Miyazaki, le fils de Hayao Miyazaki, d'après un roman d'Ursula K. Le Guin.

Sans raison apparente, le prince Arren tue le roi son père, s'empare de son épée et s'enfuit à travers le pays. Il rencontre en chemin un magicin, Épervier, qui l'accompagne jusqu'à une grande ville, qui est le royaume des traficants d'esclaves. Arren sauve la vie de Therru, une jeune fille traquée par les trafficants, mais il est lui-même pris un peu plus tard. Épervier le délivre et l'emène se cacher à la ferme de Tenar, une amie de longue date, chez qui habite (comme par hasard) Therru. Cette dernière a peur d'Arren, car elle voit le mal qui l'habite, mais ils finissent par devenir amis après que Therru aide Arren à prendre conscience qu'il a peur de la mort que cette peur est devenue partiellement indépendante du corps d'Arren. Quelques temps plus tard, les traficants d'esclaves arrivent chez Tenar, et prennent cette dernière en otage pour attirer Épervier chez Cob, un autre magicien, de qui il veut se venger. Cob est obsédé par la vie éternelle, et il est persuadé qu'Arren (qu'il a fait prisonnier et soumis à sa volonté) est la clé qui la lui donnera. Finalement, Therru part au chateau de Cob apporter son épée (magique) à Arren, et ensemble ils parviennent à défaire Cob. On apprend aussi que c'est Therru l'immortelle (et qu'elle est aussi un dragon, allez comprendre).

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Saturday, September 22nd, 2007


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From Wikipedia:

“Two brilliant aesthetes, Brandon Shaw and Phillip Morgan, plan the perfect murder inspired by lectures on the art of murder once made by their erstwhile housemaster, Rupert Cadell. They invite a former classmate, David Kentley, to their apartment for drinks, strangle him, and hide his body in a chest, thus, they believe, demonstrating their superiority. Straight afterwards they throw a party in their apartment. Among the guests are the victims father and aunt, his fiancee and her former boyfriend. Rupert Cadell also attends.

To impress Rupert and to gain his approval, Brandon subtly drops hints throughout the party about the murder of David, and begins a discussion on the art of murder. David, his connection to the guests and his curious absence forms much of the conversation during the evening.

In contrast to Brandon, Phillip gets more and more nervous throughout the party. Rupert quizzes him over Davids absence and some inconsistencies that have been raised: Phillip denied strangling a chicken at the Shaws farm when Rupert knows that he did. Phillip later complains to Brandon that he had a rotten evening (a reference to Ruperts probing, not Davids murder).

At the end of the party Rupert is handed another persons hat by mistake. In it he sees the initials D.K. (as in David Kentley) and becomes rather uneasy. Highly suspicious Rupert returns to the apartment after everyone has departed, claiming he has misplaced his cigarette case. When he arrives back in the apartment, he plants his cigarette case, finds it, but then stays to theorize about the murder of David, encouraged by Brandon who seems eager to have Rupert discover it. When Rupert lifts open the chest to reveal the body still tucked inside and realizes that his two former students have indeed murdered, he is horrified and ashamed of his own rhetoric that had led them to perform the morbid deed. He then takes Brandons gun and fires several shots into the night in order to attract police attention.”

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Wednesday, July 25th, 2007

Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix

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Harry is attacked near home by dementors. He protects himself by magic but he's then asked to defend himself in front of a court of wizards. The point is that the Minister of Magic refused to believe him when he claimed that Voldemort is back, and tries to silence him. He also meets the Order of the Phoenix, an organisation founded by Dumbledore to fight Voldemort over a decade ago, which all his adult friends are members of. Back at Hogwarts, Harry and his friends face their new teacher of Defense Against the Dark Arts, Dolores Umbridge, a member of the minister who reforms the teaching in order to prevent the students to learn any useful fighting magic and become “Dumbledore's Army” that would, in the Minister's paranoia, take over the Ministry. Therefore, Harry, Ron and Hermione decide to create a secret association for teaching proper defensive magic to the students, without Umbridge knowing. Harry also has weird dreams, induced by Voldemort, where he see Ron's father being attacked inside the Ministry while patrolling by night. At Hogwarts, the situation has become worse than ever, with Umbridge getting appointed Inquisitor, and then Headmaster. When Harry sees his godfather being killed by Voldermort in the Ministry, he decides to go there, along with his best friends. Umbridge tries to stop them, but they manage to get rid of her and fly to London, to the Ministry. There they fight Deatheaters, who are trying to get their hands on a prophecy on ehalf of their master. Harry manages to listen to it before it gets destroyed. It was about him and Voldemort not being able to be alive both at the same time, one having to kill the other. During the fight, Sirius gets killed. Then VOldemort himself comes and attacks Harry, who is saved just in time by Dumbledore. The Minister arrives on the ground just before Voldemort escapes; he now has to acknowledge his return.

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Sunday, July 1st, 2007


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Chris Kelvin is a psychiatrist who has been sent to the Solaris space station, located near an mysterious space stellar object called Solaris in order to investigate strange phenomena. When he arrives, the station is empty except for the captain and an engineer, all other crewmembers are dead. He soon discovers that his dreams (about his dead wife) are becoming reality i.e., a creature looking exactly like his wife appears in his cabin overnight. She doesn't know where she is or why she is there, though, but she remembers her husbands memories. The other crewmembers have experienced the same thing. The captain wants to get rid of the creatures, but Kelvin refuses to loose his wife a second time. She tries to commit suicide because she understands she's not real, but she resurrects, as it seems that the creatures cannot die. The captain has however built a device that desintegrate the creatures. The “wife” wants to use it on herself, but Kelvin won't let her leave the cabin, and even stops sleeping in order to keep an eye on her. He however gets eventually sick and she takes advantage of it in order to take her own life for good with the help of the captain. Some time later, they discover that the space station is being attracted towards Solaris and that they must abandon ship. They then discover that the engineer is actually a clone that had killed his human counterpart some time ago. And Kelvin discovers just before take off that he himself is a clone (he probably died when he was sick and dreamt himself alive). He then decides to stay on the station. When it enters Solaris, his mind joins the one of his wife ad they can be together again.

It seems that the director of the movie tried to compete with 2001: A Space Odyssey to make the slowest movie with the smallest amount of action where it is the hardest to understand what happens.

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Saturday, June 9th, 2007

Around the World in 80 Days

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Lau Xing just stole from the Bank of England a jade Buddha recently stolen from his village in China. Trying to escape the police, he enters at the service of Phileas Fogg under the made-up name of Passepartout. Fogg is an inventor who is ridiculled by Lord Kelvin, the head of the Royal Academy of Science. He then makes a wager with Lord Kelvin where the stakes are Lord Kelvins position against Fogg's giving up tinkering and inventing. The wager is about going around the world in 80 days (the idea being discretely suggested by Passepartout, who needs to bring the buddha back to China). They soon leave for France, where they meet Monique La Roche, a painter who wants to travel across the world to get inspiration. They are also followed by chinese bandits who try to recover the Buddha (it had been stolen by their leader, who is an accomplice of Lord Kelvin, who wants to colonize a part of China). They are also followed by Inspector Fix, a corrupt policeman, paid by Lord Kelvin to stop them, under the pretense that Fogg is the thief. Because of the bandits, they missede the Orient Express, but manage to catch it later using a hot air balloon. In Turkey they are “invited” by a local prince who then wants to keep Monique as his seventh wife. They manage to escape and go to India (whre they fight some Chinese thugs and Fix), then to China where Passepartout returns the Buddha (and fights some thugs). Fogg discovers that he has been cheated by both his valet and Monique, and decides to go on alone. He arrives in San Francisco, but gets robbed of all his money and clothes. He ends up as a beggar, until Passepartout and Monique find hime again. Together, they cross the desert, meet the Wright brothers, then arrive in New York, where they fight the Chinese thugs and their leader again. They defeat them, but miss their boat to England, and hire a small boat to attempt to cross the ocean. Lacking coal, the boat must resort to using sails, but it won't be fast enough. Fogg then builts a flying machine, inspired by the plans the Wright brothers had shown him. They at last arrive in London, crashing their plane in front of the Royal Academy, but Kelvin attempts to prevent them to enter the hall before noon, which was the time and place where they were supposed to end their trip. They are saved by Queen Victoria, who reminds them that because of their traveling east, they actually are one day earlier than they thought. They finally enter the building and Fogg wins the wager and Kelvin's position as Ministry of Science.

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Les rivières pourpres II – Les anges de l'apocalypse

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Le mur d'une cellule d'un monastère lorrain se met à saigner lorsqu'un novice y plante un crucifix. Un maçon y est retrouvé emmuré, mur qu'il avait aidé à réparer quelques semaines plus tôt. Le commissaire Niémans mène l'enquêtei aidé du capitaine Reda. Un peu plus tard, un homme ressemblant étrangement à Jesus est retrouvé blessé par balle par la police, et un prêtre à la force surhumaine tente de l'assassiner à l'hôpital où il a été conduit. Puis un douanier et deux joaillers sont assassinés, suivis par l'administrateur d'un supermarché et quatre pêcheurs sont retrouvés noyés. Ces personnes étaient au nombre de douze, portaient les mêmes noms et pratiquaient les mêmes professions que les douze apôtres, et étaient des disciples de Jésus. Ce dernier, dans son délire, parle de l'apocalypse et des septs sceaux qui sont brisés un à un. L'enquête de Niémans le mène à une section de la ligne Maginot, qui a été occupée par les allemands et modifiée par ces derniers pendant la guerre. Avec l'aide d'une spécialiste des religions, Niémans apprend que les mystérieux assassins sont à la recherche du livre écrit des mains de Dieu, qui pourra être lu par celui qui brisera le dernier sceau. Ce livre avait été un trésor du Vatican et volé par Lothaire II puis enfoui dans un tombeau secret. La clé du tombeau, le sceau de Lothaire II, est en possession du douzième « apôtre », un prêtre, qui l'a récemment volé. Niémans tente de récupérer le sceau, mais les prêtres le devancent. Le tombeau avait été découvert par un officier allemand, Heinrich von Garten, pendant la guerre, durant des travaux dans les galeries de la ligne Maginot. Il tente maintenant de prendre possession du livre afin de créer une nouvelle Europe, blanche et chrétienne, en passant par la ligne Maginot. L'entrée originale du tombeau se trouvant dans le monastère, Niémans et Reda y pénètrent et tentent d'arrêter von Garten. Le socle sur lequel repose le livre est piégé, les galeries se remplissent d'eau et seuls Niémans et Reda parviennent à s'échapper. Le livre est détruit par l'eau.

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