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Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

Card Sleeve Hacking

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Earlier today I managed to reduce the width of a card sleeve using a soldering iron.

I just finished to make sleeves for the 20 Citadels cards. I worked on a piece of mirror and used an aluminium ruler to guide the tip of the soldering iron (it didn't become hot, the contact time was too short compared to the size of the ruler).

I botched every second sleeve at the beginning, because I put the card into the sleeve before welding it: the thickness of the card was enough to prevent the two layers of plastic to fuse properly, and the top layer was tearing along the weld. The solution is to weld it without the card, leaving enough space inside the sleeve for the card width plus 2 mm, cut along the seal with a hobby knife (leaving about 1 – 2 mm of seal), and then insert the card. The top of the sleeve can also be cut with the hobby knife (welding it with the card inside won't probably work well, for the same reason as above).

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Dice Tower Complete

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Finally, my dice tower is complete. The core is made of wood (probably spruce or pine), the walls are 4mm polycarbonate and the screws are 3.5 x 16 mm with a bronze finish (I thought they would look better than the usual brass-finish ones which would have maybe blended with the wood. Or not.) The total weight is slightly above 1.9 kg (that's not heavy, it's stable).

The slopes are covered with some kind of rubber from the back of a very ugly mouse pad; this forces the dices to roll instead of sliding down the slopes and increases the randomness (in theory at least). Grey is not the best color, but it's all I had at hand. I glued it with contact glue.

I'll publish statistical information about the dice rolls some day if I have the courage to make a Χ2 test.

dice_tower_complete_1 dice_tower_complete_2 dice_tower_complete_3

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Caylus – La guilde des voleurs

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Dan Rosewater a crée un nouveau bâtiment pour Caylus intitulé la guilde des voleurs, qui a cela de particulier qu'elle coûte des points à construire, mais permet de voler une ressource ou un denier (selon la version utilisée) à un des adversaires.

Seulement voila, les images sont disponibles seulement en faible résolution, et en plus il a utilisé la carte « Résidence » sans enlever le texte du fond de la carte. Alors je me suis dit que je peux faire mieux, et voila : les deux versions en 300 DPI et avec le texte approprié en filigrane.

Voici aussi une version en pdf imprimable immédiatement à la bonne taille, ainsi que le fichier original au format natif de Gimp (xcf).

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Dice Tower Pieces

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Thanks to Reijo and Antti, I managed to get all the pieces for my dice tower cut out of wood. After sanding, glueing and again sanding, its core should be ready. Then I'll just need to add a cover and a tray. The assembly is not trivial, because the side angles of the pieces are not exactly 90°, Antti's plane is a bit crooked since he dropped it :(

Below are pictures of the pieces put together as they need to be glued later.

Dice_Tower_together_1 Dice_Tower_together_2 Dice_Tower_together_3 Dice_Tower_together_4 Dice_Tower_together_5

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Polyurethane Foam 2

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I added more foam into the mushroom's cavity, but even after over 24 hours, it did not dry completely inside. Moreover, the connection between the old foam and the new foam is not very clean, and the inside of the foam is very brittle. This experiment was not really a success.


I also tried to make a flat “panel” of foam of about 5cm thick, but the top surface is not even nearly flat, full of holes, but the inside dried almost completely. I don't know how it would react if I add more foam on top of it. Will it fill the gaps? I have to clean the nozzle of the bottle first, it's completely stuck with hard foam. Acetone seems to dissolve the foam though, which helps a lot. I just hope it doesn't produce lethal gases or something…

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Filtrage des articles en fonction de la langue – Filtering articles based on language

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Les articles peuvent être filtrés en fonction de la langue dans laquelle ils sont rédigés en ajoutant simplement le paramètre filterlang à l'URL.

Exemple: http://users.jyu.fi/~mweber/blog/index.rss?filterlang=en+fr n'affiche que les articles écrits en anglais ou en français dans le flux RSS.


Articles can be filtered based on language, simply by adding the filterlang parameter to the URL.

Example: http://users.jyu.fi/~mweber/blog/index.rss?filterlang=en+fi would display only the articles written in English or in Finnish in the RSS feed.

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Friday, August 8th, 2008

Circuit auto

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J'au ressorti mon vieux circuit auto (TYCO) qui doit avoir plus de 20 ans (je me souviens que j'étais en train d'y jouer quand on a annoncé à la télé la chute du mur de Berlin, c'était en 1989). Un coup de papier de verre sur les contacts et sur la piste, et ça repart. Le fonctionnement est des plus simple (un transformateur 220 – 12 V, deux rhéostats, et un petit moteur éléctrique à courant continu dans chaque voiture), il n'y a pas beaucoup de place pour une panne. Les voitures d'origine sont un peu poussives, mais la dernière que j'avais achetée fonctionne très bien. Le circuit sur la photo est le circuit de base (California GT) que j'ai modifié à l'aide de la boite d'extensions (Le défi de la route). Est-ce que les jouets vendus en 2008 fonctionneront encore en 2028 ?

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