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Sunnuntai, 3. joulukuuta 2023

V for Vendetta

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In a totalitarian London, Evey is harassed by members of the political police because she's walking outside after curfew. She is saved by a man wearing a Guy Fawkes mask who introducing himself as “V”. V takes Evey to the roof of a building to admire his work: destroying the Old Bailey. The next morning, by hijacking the public television network, V invites the citizens to join him in exactly on year from now, on November 5th, outside the House of Parliament. Evey helps V escape and he takes her to his lair. V kills three members of the ruling political party, the last one with Evey's help, but she betrays him and flees. Finch, a policeman assigned to capture V, discovers that twenty years earlier the murder victims were all working at a secret facility doing research on human beings to create a new virus. Only one human guinea pig developed a natural immunity, allowing to produce a cure, but he escaped the facility during a fire. The virus killed hundred of thousands in what was presumed to be a terrorist attack. The political situation then allowed Sutler, the head of the now ruling party, to seize power and install a dictatorship. Simultaneously, selling the cure enriched some members of the party. Evey takes shelter with her former boss, but his house is attacked because his latest TV show makes fun of Sutler. Evey hides, but is eventually caught, imprisoned and tortured. She refuses to submit to her captors and is then released and discovers she was actually being manipulated by V who was teaching her (the hard way) how not to be afraid anymore. Realizing that V is avenging the death of human guinea pigs, she promises to see him again before November 5th. V then convinces Creedy, head of the secret police, to betray Sutler and replace him in exchange of V's surrender. As November 5th approaches, V distributes hundreds of thousand of Guy Fawkes masks across the country leading to a rise of anonymous chaos and eventually riots. V takes Evey to the restored London underground where a train full of explosives is programmed to go under the House of Parliament and gives her the choice to start the train or not. V then meets Creed who delivers Sutler to him and he kills them both, getting mortally wounded in the process before going and lying down in the train. Finch finds Evey and V's body at that moment, but he allows to start the train. With Sutler and Creedy dead, the soldiers deployed on the street have no order to stop the countless citizens dressed as V as the converge towards Parliament House and witness its destruction.

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Hiisi Pääpäivä

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Aika makea. Siellä on just se maku josta en tykkä, mutta se ei ole niin paha. Sisältää ohramallasta.

Panimoyhtiö Hiisi, Jyväskylä, Suomi. 4.4% alkoholia.

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Perjantai, 24. marraskuuta 2023

Penric's Progress

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Penric's Demon

Penric is the youngest son of a minor noble in the Weald. One the morning of his arranged wedding, he crosses path with an old woman just as she dies of a heart attack. The woman is a sorceress hosting a demon and the latter jumps to Penric. As demons are normally given only to people who have been prepared for many years to receive one and dominate it, Penric is considered as potentially dangerous. The wedding is cancelled and Penric is taken by the local religious authority to the house of the Bastard's Order in Martensbridge where the scholars should know what to do. On the way there, Penric discovers little by little that the demon can talk through his mouth and decides to name it Desdemona. Desdemona is 200 years old and contains the knowledge of the twelve women who have previously hosted her. Over time, her knowledge of different languages percolate into Penric's mind, allowing him to read many books in the library of the Bastard's Order's house. Desdemona also teaches Penric rudiments of sorcery like killing fleas or lighting a candle at a distance. In Martensbridge, Penric bunks with the younger brother of the local lord. One evening, the latter invites him to dinner in his castle. The two brothers want to kill Penric in order to force Desdemona to jump to one of them, but the demon detects the drugged wine and gives Penric enough extra power so that he can fight them, escape and walk back to the house. He is then presented to a Saint who has the power to extract demons, but the Saint declares that his god does not want the demon. He apparently has plans for Penric.

Penric and the Shaman

Working for the princess-archdivine of Martensbridge, Penric is associated to Locator Oswyl, an investigator of the Father's Order in Easthome. Their task is to find Inglis, a shaman suspected of having murdered his teacher, Tollin and who recently fled from the city. After a chase through the countryside, they arrive in a mountain region where they learn about shamanism, which consists in “breeding” the soul of an animal through the lives of many animals in order to produce a Great Beast whose soul can be received by a human, becoming a shaman. Penric and Oswyl learn that a recent landslide has killed Scuolla, the local shaman, and that they urgently need to find another shaman to help Scuolla's soul moving forward and prevent it from becoming a ghost. They finally find Inglis, but the latter has lost his shamanic abilities due to what he has done. Oswyl also explains that Tollin had an accident during training and was dying, so Oswyl used the knife to anchor his soul until it can be given to a new shaman. Penric spends some time restoring Oswyl's confidence. Eventually the shaman is able to perform the rites on Scuolla's soul. Some time after being back in Martensbridge, Penric receives a letter from Inglis explaining that he was not found guilty of murder and only put on probation and fined.

Penric's Fox

Penric accompanies the princess-archdivine on a journey to Easthome. There he spends some time with Inglis. One day, Oswyl asks Inglis and Penric to help him investigate the murder of a sorceress and if possible recover her demon. The demon seems to have jumped to a passing fox. The investigation leads them to Wegae kin Pikepool, the local baron, more of a bookworm than a warrior, and who has inherited the estate after his uncle escaped trial for having murdered his wife. With the help of local shamans they manage to detect the missing demons and find the fox (actually a female with cubs). They also discover that Baron Wegae's gardener has been trapping foxes without killing them, and that a mysterious man seems to hide nearby. The man happens to be Wegaes's uncle who has come back to take revenge on the demon, whom he blames for having told the authorities, throuhg the sorceress who hosted it, that he killed his wife. The culprit is finally brought to justice, the vixen and her cubs are taken in the shamans' menagerie until the cubs can become independent and the demon can be extracted from the fox by a Saint of the Bastard. Penric negotiates with his employer a year of leave so that he can study with the shamans before being sent elsewhere to study medicine.

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Sunnuntai, 19. marraskuuta 2023

Hiisi Ärhäkkä

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“habanero… hedelmäinen humalointi”

Hedelmäinen ja tulinen jälkimaku. Sisältää ohramallasta.

Panimoyhtiö Hiisi, Jyväskylä, Suomi. 5.5% alkoholia.

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Maanantai, 13. marraskuuta 2023

Little Valley Sacred Fruit

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“chocolat malt flavours… hints of coconut”

Sweet and very coconutty. Contains mated barley, malted wheat and oats.

Little Valley Brewery, Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, England. 4.5% alcohol.

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Tiistai, 31. lokakuuta 2023


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ISBN: 0380804557

© Amazon.fr

The village of Wall marks the border of the land of the Faeries. Seventeen years earlier, Tristran Thorn is born from a human father and a faerie mother, Una, slave of Semele, a witch who sells glass flowers at the Faerie market that takes place once every nine years. In love with Victoria, Tristran witnesses the fall of a star into the faerie land and promises to bring to her. At the beginning of his journey he meets a strange little man who, after being saved by Tristran's unexpected sense of direction, gives him the stub of a magical candle that takes him very quickly to the star. Instead of a rock, he finds a young woman with a broken leg, Yvaine. She is the star, who has been knocked out of the sky by the dying lord of Stronghold. The latter has thrown the pendant representing the power of his family out though the window and told his three remaining sons, Primus, Tertius and Septimus, that the one who finds it would be his heir. At the same time, a witch-queen, oldest of three sisters, is also searching for the star, as her heart would restore their youth. Upon fining Yvaine, Tristran has first chained her to him, but as he unchains her out of compassion, she flees on the unicorn she is riding. She ends up in an inn conjured by the witch-queen at about the same time as Tristran arrives in the company of Primus. The man is killed by the witch-queen, but Tristran and Yvaine manage to escape thanks to the leftover of the candle and are stranded on a cloud in the sky. Septimus, who has previously killed Tertius, is eventually killed by the witch-queen in an attempt to avenge Primus' death. Tristran and Yvaine are rescued by a flying ship which takes them closer to Wall. They eventually reach their destination by traveling with Semele (Tristran being turned into a dormouse, and Yvaine being invisible to the witch), a few days before the opening of the market. Tristran meets Victoria alone, and she tells him she is going to get married soon. Tristran gives her his blessing, having fallen in love with Yvaine. Victoria's wedding is the event that ends the convoluted curse that kept Una a slave to Semele. Una reveals herself as Tristran's mother and also daughter of the Lord of Stronghold. Yvaine then presents Tristran the pendant, which she has been carrying. The witch-queen dies of old age, as Yvaine already gave her heart to Tristran. Una returns to Stronghold and rule in her son's stead. Many years later, Tristran and Yvaine return to Stronghold and rule together.

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Sunnuntai, 29. lokakuuta 2023


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The Protagonist, a CIA agent who retrieved an artefact during an operation in Kyiv is hired by Tenet. The organization briefs him on objects (such as bullets) who move backwards through time. With his handler Neil, he traces the source of those objects to an arms dealer, Priya Singh, in Mumbai. Priya is also a member of Tenet and obtains the inverted bullets from Russian oligarch Andrei Sator who can communicate with the future. Sator's estranged wife Kat is an art appraiser who authenticated a forged Goya by her friend Arepo. Sator uses the painting to blackmail his wife. The Protagonist buys Kat's help by trying to recover the Goya from a freeport facility at Oslo airport, but the attempt is thwarted by two masked men who emerge from either side of a machine. Priya later explains the machine is a turnstile, used for inverting: the two people were the same person traveling in opposite directions in time. She also explains that Sator sabotaged the CIA operation in Kyiv and that the police got the artifact, which is Pu-241. Kat introduces the Protagonist to her husband and both agree to cooperate to recover the artefact in Tallinn while it is transported by road, but an inverted Sator holding Kat hostage attempts steals it from them. The Protagonist hides the artefact and is captured with Neil by Sator who interrogates them at a freeport facility and shoots Kat with an inverted bullet. Tenet troops arrive but Sator escapes via a turnstile. They all invert themselves to save Kat's life, and the inverted Protagonist drives back to the ambush to retrieve the artefact, but encounters Sator who takes it. The Protagonist and his gang then travels back in time to the freeport in Oslo, fights his past self, enter the turnstile with Neil and Kat and all get de-inverted. He then meets Priya who reveals that Sator know has all nine pieces of the Algorithm, a device designed by antagonists from the future to invert the world and destroy its past. The Protagonist remembers a past conversation and realizes that Sator will detonate the Algorithm in his hometown of Stalsk-12 on a past day, in order to deliver it to the antagonists of the future. On a Tenet ship traveling back to the day of the detonation, Kat reveals that Sator is sick and dying. He will go back to a happy moment in his life, on the same day, on his yacht in Vietnam, and commit suicide, his death triggering the detonation. Kat poses as her former self and prevents Sator from killing himself long enough for two Tenet commandos, one going forward in time and one backwards, to make a diversion, allowing the Protagonist to steal the Algorithm. He is trapped by Sator's man who puts him in contact with Sator from Vietnam. Sator reveals the antagonists want to escape the effects of climate change. An inverted Neil then sacrifices himself, allowing the Protagonist to recover the Algorithm. Not-yet-dead Neil reveals he was hired by the future Protagonist and then goes and gets inverted to help recover the Algorithm. Later Priya plans to kill Kat, because she knows too much. The Protagonist realizes he created Tenet and kills Priya first.

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Lauantai, 28. lokakuuta 2023

Camarel 3

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Une glace au caramel, version améliorée de la précédente.


  • 150 g sucre
  • 1 c. à soupe d'eau
  • 50 mL crème fluide
  • 35 g beurre doux
  • 600 g base de crème glacée préparée sans le sucre


Préparer le caramel en mettant l'eau et le sucre dans une casserole et en le faisant cuire jusqu'à ce qu'il soit caramélisé, à l'apparition d'une odeur un peu âcre. Ajouter la crème et mélanger, puis ajouter le beurre et mélanger à nouveau. Délayer 135 g de ce caramel avec la base de crème glacée. Laisser reposer au réfrigérateur une nuit, puis passer à la sorbetière. Manger les 50 g restant sur des crèpes (ou juste comme ça).


Ça rentre maintenant dans la boite de 700 mL.

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Cocotella 6

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Nouvelle variante de cocotella respectant la proportion de sucre de la recette de base, pour 650 g de préparation.


  • 67 g sucre
  • 62 g lait en poudre
  • 55 g sirop de glucose
  • 2 g glucose
  • 1 œufs (100 g)
  • 415 g lait de coco (400 mL)
  • 2 g Super Neutrose
  • 30 g chocolat noir


Mélanger les ingrédients secs. Battre un peu l'œuf dans une casserole, ajoute les ingrédients secs et suffisamment de lait de coco pour les dissoudre et fouetter. Ajouter le sirop de glucose et fouetter encore. Ajouter le reste du lait de coco, mélanger. Faire chauffer en remuant continuellement jusqu'à atteindre 80 °C. Laisse refroidir et reposer 24h au réfrigérateur. Passer à la sorbetière, verser peu à peu le chocolat fondu avant que la glace ne prenne (après 5 à 10 min dans la sorbetière).


Le goût est bon, à peine moins sucré que la version précédente, la texture est bonne.

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Petits pains pour hamburgers 2

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Adaptée de la recette Serious Eats.

Pour 6 petits pains de 12 cm de diamètre.


  • 113 g lait tiède
  • 170 g eau tiède
  • 2 c. café levure sèche (5g)
  • 1,5 c. soupe sucre en poudre (5g)
  • 550 g farine
  • 2 c. café sel (10g)
  • 3 œufs
  • 60 g beurre
  • 2 plaqueis à four et papier cuisson
  • pinceau


  • Délayer la levure dans le lait, l'eau et le sucre et attentre 5 min que ça mousse..
  • Placer la farine et le sel lans le mixeur, ajouter le liquide et mélanger.
  • Ajouter 2 œufs, un par un, en mélangeant.
  • Ajouter le beurre en deux fois. Mixer 2 – 3 min.
  • Ajouter de la farine au besoin, la pâte doit coller au fond, pas aux bords du bol. Mixer 5 – 6 min de plus.
  • Couvrir le bol et laisser pousser 2 h.
  • Former 6 boules (de 160 – 170 g chacune), les placer sur deux plaques avec du papier de cuisson. Brosser avec de l'huile et couvrire. Laisser reposer 2 h.
  • Préchauffer le four à 200 °C en chaleur tournante. Appuyer sur les boules pour réduire leur épaisseur à 3 cm. Passer les boules à l'œuf battu avec 1 c. à soupe d'eau.
  • Cuire 7 min. Repasser à l'œuf et cuire 13 min de plus.


  • Les petits pains se conservent plusieurs jours dans une boite hermétique

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Maanantai, 23. lokakuuta 2023

At Childhood's End

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ISBN: 9781785945014

© Amazon.fr

Dorothy is the CEO of A Charitable Earth, a philanthropic organisation. When she learns in the news that an alien spaceship is in orbit around the Moon, she goes to her friend Will, an astronaut at the Space Defence Centre, bringing with her a device that she had salvaged years ago from a crashed alien spacecraft. That device, once attached the SDC's rocket, allows them to fly to the Moon much faster than with a conventional rocket and board the spaceship before the crews sent by other countries. On the ship they meet the Doctor, Yaz, Graham and Ryan, and the Doctor recognizes Dorothy as Ace, with whom he she had travelled thirty years earlier. Once back on Earth, Dorothy and the Doctor investigate rumors of homeless people being abducted and sighting of Ratts, humanoid aliens able shapeshift into rats reported by Dorothy's friend Chantelle. The Doctor equips Yaz and Ryan with beacons and try them to get abducted, assuming that they will be transported first to the ship around the Moon before being forwarded to their destination. While the Doctor and Graham are on the ship trying to trace the transporter's signal, the others are attacked by Ratts who abduct instead Dorothy and Chantelle. At the same time, the spaceship is boarded by a party of Astingir soldiers, centaur-like beings who are in perpetual war with the Wraiths, creatures who have tried to invade every weak empire on their path. The Astingir recognize the Doctor as one who, in the past, has interfered with the Quantum Anvil, the prison where the Astingir keep the Wraiths captive, by putting Ace in contact with it in order to make her a future emissary between the Wraiths and the other inhabitants of the Universe. The Doctor and Graham manage to escape the Astingirs as the latter destroy the spaceship. The Doctor has however had the time to discover that the spaceship is only the first in a chain of relays hiding the final destination of the abductees. Chantelle and Dorothy arrive on an arid planet where they are, separately, herded by Ratts, towards a processing centre. The centre is managed by Halogi-Kari who explains that in order to go around the laws of the Shadow Proclamation, they work as a charity, collecting what is useless or unwanted — homeless people — and giving it away to the Wraiths who need a body to be able to function inside the Universe. Thanks to a special baseball bat Dorothy had with her when transported, The Doctor manages to find the planet she is on and travels there with her gang. They are soon followed by the Astingir who storm the building, intent on killing everyone inside. The order however arrives from the Astingir High Command that their actions are illegal and that they must stand down. In the meanwhile Halogi-Kari explains Dorothy that he needs her for building a bridge between the Quantum Anvil and the Universe to let the Wraiths out, planning to use them to wipe out the Shadow Proclamation; he then throws her into the Anvil. The Wraiths have however seen many futures while in the Anvil and have decided to change their way of life. They accept to go back into the Anvil, having seen in the future that it would not be forever. Ace stays behind to force Halogi-Kari to clean up the mess he created.

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Knives Out

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Harlan Thrombey, a rich mystery novelist dies on the evening of his 85th birthday. Despite the slit throat, the police concludes to a suicide. Private investigator Benoit Blanc is anonymously hired to investigate and discovers that each member of the family has motives for murder. Harlan's nurse Marta know what happens: she confused two bottles of medicine and accidentally injected him an overdose of morphine. To protect her and her illegal immigrant mother, Harlan tells her that he is going to commit suicide while she executes his plan: leave the house normally, come back in secret, disguise herself as him to be seen by a witness so as to create the illusion that he ist still alive after she has left, and leave again in secret. Marta cannot lie without vomiting, so she gives accurate but incomplete answers when questioned by Blanc, whom she assists in her investigation while concealing evidence that would incriminate her. Marta is then bequeathed Harlan's entire fortune, which enrages the family. Harlan's grandson Ransom pretends to help her, but manipulates her into confessing to him, blackmailing her for a share of the inheritance. Marta then receives a blackmail note indicating that the toxicology report of Harlan's death will reveal she killed him. She and Ransom drive to the medical examiner's office and discover it has burnt. She then receives an e-mail to meet the blackmailer. At the rendezvous, she discovers the Fran, the cook, drugged and tied to a chair. While Marta calls for help, Fran reveals where in the house a copy of the toxicology report is hidden. Caught up by Blanc, she confesses to him (although Ransom had already told him the story); as she caused Harlan's death, she cannot anymore inherit. Back at the house, the report shows that Harlan only had traces of morphine in his blood. Blanc reveals his deductions to the family: Ransom had swapped the contents of the medicine bottles to ensure that Marta would kill Harlan. But Marta still gave the correct medication because out of habit she identified the drugs by their viscosity and only later noticed the labels were wrong. Ransom then anonymously hired Blanc to expose Marta. As Fran saw Ransom tampering with the medication, she blackmailed him, and when he learned that Marta had not killed Harlan, he forwarded the blackmail note to her and burnt the medical examiner's office to destroy the evidence before overdosing Fran. Blanc and Marta manage to get Ransom to confess by pretending that Fran survived the overdose. He is then arrested for murder, Marta inherits Harlan's fortune, with no intend to share it with Harlan's children who were all more or less nasty to her.

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Sunnuntai, 22. lokakuuta 2023

Hiisi Ohto

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“tumma ja paahteinen mailtaisuus…”

Tosi paahteinen maku. Sisältää ohramallasta.

Panimoyhtiö Hiisi, Jyväskylä, Suomi. 6.0% alkoholia.

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Sunnuntai, 15. lokakuuta 2023

Little Valley Temperature Rising

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“Citra, Mosaic and Cascade hops… floral, citrus and juicy fruit”

Floral and citrus, as advertised. Contains malted barley, malted wheat and oats.

Little Valley Brewery, Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, England. 4.5% alcohol.

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Maanantai, 9. lokakuuta 2023

Ice-Cream Recipes

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Base Preparation

The following recipes are designed for producing 500, 600 or 700 g of ice cream, each using only a single egg. The proportions are therefore slightly different from one to the next. Most ingredients are available from Finnish supermarkets (glucose is found as “panimosokeri” next to other beer brewing ingredients).

An empty, cleaned tub of Oivariini can hold 700 g of ice cream. It's square, stacks well and I find it just perfect for storing the ice cream in the freezer.

For 500 g

  • 42 g white sugar
  • 6 g glucose
  • 42 g skimmed powdered milk
  • 42 g glucose sirup
  • 1 egg
  • 318 g fresh milk ()

For 600 g

  • 51 g white sugar
  • 7 g glucose
  • 51 g skimmed powdered milk
  • 51 g glucose sirup
  • 1 œuf
  • 390 g fresh milk (whole or semi-skimmed)

For 700 g

  • 59 g white sugar
  • 8 g glucose
  • 59 g skimmed powdered milk
  • 59 g glucose sirup
  • 1 egg
  • 465 g fresh milk (whole or semi-skimmed)

With an egg beater, beat slightly the egg in a saucepan. Add the dry ingredients and about 50 g of milk, and beat a bit. Add the glucose sirup and beat some more. Add the remainder of the milk and beat again. Heat to 80 °C while stirring continuously with a spatula.

Vanilla Ice Cream

  • 500 to 700 g of ice cream base
  • 1/2 to 1 tsp of liquid vanilla extract, to taste.

Note: Without a stabilizer, this ice cream will become hard and somewhat crunchy when kept in the freezer. I have used a 9:1 mix of sodium alginate and kappa-carraghenan (1 g for 500 g of preparation) that somewhat improved this situation. I now use Louis François's Super Neutrose (3 g for 700 g of preparation). If you use it, mix it into the dry ingredients.


Add the vanilla extract before heating the preparation. After heating the mixture, let it rest in the refrigerator for 12 – 24 h before putting it in the ice cream machine.

Caramel Ice Cream

  • 150 g white sugar
  • 1 tbsp water
  • 50 mL double cream
  • 35 g butter (salted or unsalted, depending on your taste)
  • 600 g ice cream base

Place the sugar and the water in a pan and heat until the sugar turns to caramel (this part is a bit tricky as not enough browning gives too little flavour, and too much browning makes it quickly bitter). Add the cream and mix, then add the butter and mix again. Measure 135 g of caramel and pour the ice cream base little by little, mixing at at each step to ensure the preparation is smooth. Let it rest in the refrigerator for 12 – 24 h before putting it in the ice cream machine.

Coconut Ice Cream

This recipe is developped around using exactly one can of coconut milk and a single egg.

  • 78 g white sugar
  • 78 g skimmed powdered milk
  • 78 g glucose sirup
  • 1 egg
  • 400 mL (1 can) coconut milk

Beat the egg slightly, add the dry ingredients and a bit of the coconut milk. Mix, add the glucose sirup and beat. Add the coconut milk and beat some more. Heat to 80 °C while stirring continuously with a spatula. Let the preparation rest in the refrigerator 12 to 24 hours before putting it in the ice cream machine.

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Sunnuntai, 8. lokakuuta 2023

Little Valley Dalit King

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“lightly toast aroma, peppery… fruity taste”

Surprising, somehow reminds me of wine. Contains malted barley, malted wheat and oats.

Little Valley Brewery, Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, England. 5.0% alcohol.

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Tiistai, 3. lokakuuta 2023

Seven Chances

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Jimmie is in love with Mary but does not dare telling here. The brokerage firm where he's a junior partner is in financial difficulties. When a lawyer visits him to tell him he's going to inherit money, he and his partner Meekin first run away believing he is summoning them to a trial. They finally sit together and read the will, that would give Jimmie seven million dollars if he gets married before 7 PM on the day of his 27th birthday, which is today. Jimmie immediately asks Mary in marriage, but clumsy wording about his motivations causes her to immediately break up with him. She however changes her mind and sends a hired hand to deliver a note to Jimmie. Meanwhile, Meekin convinces Jimmie to propose to any of the seven women he knows at the country club restaurant, to save the firm. One by one, they refuse and mock him. Meekin then publishes Jimmie's predicament and potential inheritance in the evening newspaper, announcing that Jimmie would marry any woman who presents herself at the church at 5 PM. A crowd of veiled woman gathers at the church, but the priest refuses to perform any ceremony, announcing it was a bad prank. Escaping the angry women, Jimmie finally receives Mary's note. Followed by the mob of women, Jimmie runs first through the city then through the countryside (escaping an avalanche of rocks) to reach Mary's house where Meekin is also waiting. Alas, Meekin's clock show he's a few minutes too late. Mary still wants to marry him, money or not, but Jimmie refuses to let her share his impeding disgrace. As he leaves, he sees from the church's clock that Meekin's watch was fast. He and Mary wed just in time.

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Rocket Man

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Elton John enters an addiction rehabilitation session and starts talking about his life. Born Reginald Dwight in the 1950s, he shows an talent for playing the piano by ear. He is not loved by his father (who leaves when his mother has an affair) and little by his mother. Fond of rock'n roll, he starts playing at local pub. As an adult he first plays backup for touring American bands, before he is given advice to write his own songs and become someone. He changes his name to Elton John. His producer at DJM Records introduces him to Bernie Taupin who writes lyrics, for which Elton composes the music. Your Song becomes famous and Elton goes to play in Los Angeles where Crocodile Rock becomes a success. There Elton meets John Reid, a music manager who becomes his lover. As his success increases, Elton starts a life of debauchery. Reid convinces him to tell his parents that he's gay, but they don't care, his mother telling him that he will never be properly loved. Elton falls into depression where he is emotionally abused by Reid and becomes an addict to alcohol and other drugs. After a suicide attempt during a party he is rushed to the hospital, then thrust on stage by Reid. Elton has a brief marriage with sound engineer Renate, after which he falls out with his mother and Bernie. After suffering a heart attack, he leaves a concert without warning and decides to go into rehabilitation. He realizes he does not need approval from his parents, rekindles his friendship with Bernie and eventually returns to a successful career without the support of drugs. He eventually gets married to David.

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Cocotella 5

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Nouvelle variante de cocotella n'utilisant qu'un seul œuf pour 700 g de préparation.


  • 78 g sucre
  • 78 g lait en poudre
  • 78 g sirop de glucose
  • 1 œufs (100 g)
  • 415 g lait de coco (400 mL)
  • 30 g chocolat noir


Mélanger les ingrédients secs. Battre un peu l'œuf dans une casserole, ajoute les ingrédients secs et suffisamment de lait de coco pour les dissoudre et fouetter. Ajouter le sirop de glucose et fouetter encore. Ajouter le reste du lait de coco, mélanger. Faire chauffer en remuant continuellement jusqu'à atteindre 80 °C. Laisse refroidir et reposer 24h au réfrigérateur. Passer à la sorbetière, verser peu à peu le chocolat fondu avant que la glace ne prenne (après 5 à 10 min dans la sorbetière).


Le goût est bon (parce qu'il y a davantage de sucre que dans la recette précédente ?), la texture est bonne.

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Bohemian Rhapsody

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In 1970, after listening to a gig by Smile, Farrokh Bulsara meets and is attracted to Mary Austin. He then offers himself as Smile's new singer. Together they play across Britain and Farrokh soon convinces the band to record an album. They attract EMI's attention. Farrokh then changes his name to Freddy Mercury and renames the band Queen. The band is managed by Paul Prenter, who is attracted to Freddy. They go on an American tour, after which Freddy proposes to Mary, but starts questioning his sexuality. In 1975, EMI refuses to release a single of Bohemian Rhapsody, so they quit, and the song becomes a hit. Freddy has an affair with Paul, and when Mary learns his homosexuality, she breaks the engagement but they remain close friends. Paul has a strong influence on Freddy who drinks, takes drugs, organizes wild parties and slowly drifts away from his friends. Paul eventually convinces Freddy to record a solo album in 1984 in Munich. Mary manages to convince Freddy that Paul is a bad influence and he fires him before coming back to England to play in the Live Aid benefit concert (Queen was invited, but Paul hid that fact from Freddy). Freddy reconciles with the band, learns he's got AIDS, tells the band, they play in Live Aid which is a big success. Freddie reconnects with Jim Hutton, whom he had hit on during a party many years earlier and who had told Freddy to find him when he learns self-acceptance.

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Wicklow Wolf Another Brique in the Wall

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“A collab brew between Wicklow Wolf and Brique House… Talus ands Idaho 7 hops… stone fruit and citrus flavours”

Strong and sweet. Orange yes, stone fruits I don't know. Contains malted barley, wheat and oats.

Wicklow Wolf Brewing Co., Newtownmountkennedy, Co. Wicklow, Ireland. 8.0% alcohol.

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Chocolats 39

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Erithaj, Ben Tre 2018 70% 2 brassages : doux

Erithaj, Ben Tre 2018 70% 4 brassages : doux

Erithaj, Ben Tre 2018 70% séchage sous abri : speculoos

Erithaj, Ben Tre 2018 70% séchage au soleil : fleurs ?

Erithaj, Dông Nai 70% : doux, candi ?

Callebaut, 70-30-38 70,5% : amer, sucré, trop grillé ?

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Duration Verdant

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“local dessert and cider apples… tannic dry note… fruit filled dry hop of Azacca, Cashmere, Huell Melon, Loral, Mosaic Cryo, Vic Secret. Reminiscent of a sweeter style cider.”

Fruity, a bit bitter, quite good. Contains malted barley and oats.

Abbey Farm, West Acre, Norfolk, England. 6.2% alcohol.

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Enquêteurs du Paris des Merveilles

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ISBN: 9791028120146

Affaire à suivre : Rouletabille raconte à son ami l'avocat Sainclair son entretien avec les Artilleuses, ainsi que son enquête sur leur cambriolage de la Banque de Paris et Brocéliande, dont le but était cacher le vol d'un bijou. Il termine l'histoire par la bataille entre les voleuses et un mystérieux homme en noir.

L'affaire Montrancy : Léon est un détective privé chargé de prouver l'innocence du directeur de prison qui a fait évader un de ses prisonniers, Enzo. Léon découvre rapidement que les deux hommes ont été hypnotisés et n'ont pas agi le leur plein gré. L'enquête mène Léon à Solférino, un chat ailé, ancien associé du mage noir Nogrim. Nogrim, jaloux des capacités de Solférino a tenté de tuer ce dernier et a kidnappé sa femme Nola. Le chat ailé a tenté d'utiliser Enzo pour libérer Nola, sans succès. Solférino révèle que Nogrim prépare un spectacle de magie à la foire. Léon s'y rend et, se portant volontaire pour un numéro du spectacle, parvient à voler le pendule de Nogrim et après une brève poursuite, à l'arrêter.

Chats, crimes et botanique : Rita, jeune détective, accepte de retrouver le frère de deux chats ailés, Ligny. En visitant la planque des frères Wattel avec qui Ligny avait été vu, Rita rencontre Raphaël, un jeune mage à qui Ligny a volé des plantes rares d'Ambremer. Enquêtant ensemble, ils découvrent que le pollen des plantes permet de fabriquer une drogue très puissante chez les ambremériens qui leur permet de revivre leurs souvenirs. Ils finissent par trouver le laboratoire où une enchanteresse et les Wattel fabriquent la drogue et à les mettre hors de nuire.

L'affaire du cirque de la Lune : Cécile de Brescieux dirige une école pour les êtres magiques échoués sur Terre. Lyké, jeune femme-serpent est attirée hors de l'école et kidnappée. Cécile part à sa recherche et finit à Paris où elle retrouve son élève dans un cirque. Rancy, le propiétaire, est un mage en train de perdre ses pouvoirs et il veut donner Lyké à la femme serpent qui garde une source magique sous les catacombes afin d'en faire sa successeure et ainsi obtenir la permission d'en boire l'eau. Avec l'aide de S'kiron, un dragon crépusculaire qui lui a sauvé la vie, Cécile parvient à sauver Lyké et à faire changer Rancy d'avis, grâce à l'appui de la troupe du cirque.

L'absinthe pourpre : Anthelme Bertillon, fils du célèbre policier, peine sure une série d'empoisonnements liés à une nouvelle boisson, l'absinthe pourpre. Son dossier d'enquête lui est volé lors de l'attaque de son taxi par une bande d'apaches. Hortense, la chauffeure du taxi est blessée par un tesson de bouteille d'absinthe pourpre et Anthelme est recueilli par sa bande, les Canailles de l'Île. Hortense tombe malade et une ami d'Anthelme diagostique un empoisonnement au veni de basilic. Anthelme va chercher un remède à Ambremer avant de repartir avec Hortense à la recherche de son dossier. Ils tombent par hasard sur la bande qui prépare l'absinthe pourpre et déjouent leur plan de voler le basilic naturalisé offert par Ambremer au museum d'histoire naturelle. Les bandits sont arrêtés et bien qu'étant policier, Anthelme est adopté par les Canailles.

Pirouettes et fausses moustaches : Dominique est journaliste et amie d'Eva une danseuse. Eva est un sirène à qui le mage Venceslas a donné des jambes. Ce dernier exige d'Eva qu'elle récupère un bijou dans l'écrin de cristal, objet magique qui empêche certaines personnes d'entrer dans le cabaret éponyme, en à plaçant un objet qui les identifie. Dominique décide d'aider son amie en cambriolant le cabaret. Elle reconnait le bijou comme ayant été récemment volé et soupçonne le mage d'être lié au vol de bijoux. Dominique est prise sur le fait par Venceslas qui a pris Eva en otage et la force à rendre le bijou, mais parvient à utiliser l'écrin pour le repousser hors du cabaret en y plaçant une carte de visite du mage.

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Solaris (1972)

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La plantète Solaris semble se comporter comme un unique organisme, une sorte de cerveau. Depuis une station spatiale en orbite, des scientifiques tentent depuis des décennies d'en percer les mystères, sans succès. Kris Kelvin est envoyé dans la station pour décider si elle doit être abandonnée. Il découvre la présence de personnes que les deux scientifiques restants tentent de cacher. Au lendemain de sa première nuit, il trouve dans sa chambre sa femme Hari, pourtant décédée dix ans plus tôt. On lui apprend que depuis qu'on a envoyé un faisceau de rayons X vers l'océan de Solaris, ces êtres sont apparus. Ils sont immortels et peuvent se régénérer (non sans souffrir). Les scientifiques décident alors d'envoyer un faisceau de rayons X modulés par les ondes cérébrales de Kelvin. Hari sait qu'elle n'est pas humaine et en souffre beaucoup, d'autant plus qu'elle est tombée amoureuse de Kris. Elle tente de se suicider, mais ressuscite peu après. Kelvin finit par tomber malade et à son réveil on lui donne une lettre de Hari expliquant qu'elle à demandé aux deux autres de la faire disparaître. On lui explique aussi que depuis que le faisceau modulé a été envoyé, plus aucun nouvel être n'est apparu, et des îles ont commencé à se former dans l'océan de Solaris. Kelvin décide alors de rester vivre sur une de ces îles, où se trouve reproduite la maison de ses parents.

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Le chant des glaces

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ISBN: 9782266330510

© Amazon.fr

La galaxie est divisée en deux secteurs, Epsilon et Beta. Epsilon est tellement vaste que la Flotte spatiale ne parvient pas à assurer la sécurité de toutes les colonies, et plutôt que de s'occuper du bien-être de ses citoyens est perpétuellement en guerre contre Beta qui attaque régulièrement. Sur la planète Delas où les glaciers sont exploités pour fournir en eau d'autres planètes, Fey et Bliss prospectent le cryel, une formation de glace ayant des propriétés de refroidissement remarquables et devenues primordiales pour les moteurs des vaisseaux spatiaux et leur armement. Bien que théoriquement libles, la plupart des habitants de Delas n'ont aucune chance d'en partir un jour et sont exploités par leur employeur, Cladrus. Jennah, une scientifique, hackeuse et révolutionnaire, a découvert l'existence théorique du cryel parfait, mais ayant refusé de partager ses travaux avec la Flotte, elle a été disgraciée ; Tellet, un haut-placé du gouvernement d'Epsilon, l'a cependant envoyée sur Delas à la recherche du cryel parfait. Bliss, toujours rebelle, tombe avec Fey et leur collègue Nox dans un piège de ce dernier et pour échapper à la prison accepte d'accompagner Jennah dans une mission secrète pour trouver (et prouver l'existence) d'un cryel parfait qui donnerait à Epsilon un avantage technique sur Beta, en échange de la promesse de pouvoir quitter Delas. Ils acceptent, trouvent le cryel parfait et sont attaqués par des soldats de Beta qui se sont posés sur Delas grâce à la complicité de Cladrus. Les soldats ont aussi apporté deux vaisseaux prototypes volés à Epsilon en faisant croire qu'ils avaient été détruits. Le quatuor parvient à leur échapper pour un temps, mais Cladrus finit par leur voler le cryel parfait et à s'échapper dans un des prototypes, poursuivis par Fey et ses amis (Nox se révélant être un capitaine de la Flotte infiltré pour s'assurer que le cryel parfait serait rapporté à la commandante de la Flotte). De son coté, Tellet vole le troisième prototype à bord du vaisseau amiral de la Flotte et s'enfuit vers Beta au moment de l'attaque de Delas par la flotte de ce dernier. Cladrus et Tellet s'échappent, ce qui est sans importance puisque Bliss avaint caché le vrai cryel et laissé Cladrus voler un faux.

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Malfaiteurs du Paris des merveilles

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ISBN: 9791028112813

Un gnome pour un autre : Les Artilleuses rentrent d'Amérique. Peu de temps après, leur ami Barillet part en pleine nuit et ne rentre pas. Il a été kidnappé par des gangsters à qui il doit de l'argent. Les Artilleuses acceptent alors de l'argent de Crisofaros pour libérer leur ami, en échange de quoi elles devront prochainement simuler le cambriolage d'une banque pour voler discrètement un bijou conservé dans ses coffres.

Alice au Paris des merveilles : Alice, détective, se déguise en Albert pour enquêter. Elle est engagée par Madic pour récupérer un grimoire dans un hôtel particulier. Elle découvre un laboratoire secret à la cave, occupé par le mage Edison. Madic se révèle être le mage Tesla dont Edison a volé les recherches. Accusé publiquement de vol, Edison a provoqué Tesla en duel, mais ce dernier ne sait pas se battre. Alice se déguise alors et prend sa place. Edison, malgré sa tricherie, perd. Tesla récupère son grimoire.

Le gang du Chat noir : Gérôme est un peintre-mage qui parvient à ajouter des émotions à ses œuvres. Un soir il suit sa talentueuse apprentie Elenor jusqu'à une réunion à Montmartre où il rencontre Rodolphe Salis. Ce dernier veut créer un nouveau spectacle d'Ombres. En même temps, l'inspecteur Farroux demande l'aide de Gérôme pour élucider un nombre de meurtres commis à l'aide de peintures effrayantes sur des personnes liées à Ambremer, problème inquiétant car le peintre Mucha doit bientôt présenter un triptyque à la reine Méliane. Lors de la présentation, des Ombres sortent des tableaux et attaquent la reine. Gérôme parvient à sauver la reine et découvre que l'autrice de la tentative de meurtre est la chanteuse de cabaret Thaïs qui est aussi la sœur d'Elenor.

Gris souris : Lors d'une visite chez Néon del Vacardi pour ajuster sa prothèse, Clémentine est fascinée par une paire d'ailes mécanique permettant de voler. Elle obtient de son sévère oncle la permission d'aider Néon à tester les ailes ; ce dernier lui permet de les emporter chez elle. Un soir, elle s'échappe par la fenêtre pour explorer Paris et fait la rencontre d'orphelines qui sont entraînées à voler par Dame Élie, la directrice de leur orphelinat. Clémentine devient petit à petit une voleuse à son tour, et la peur que Dame Éliee raconte ses aventures à son oncle la contraint à continuer. Quand elle découvre que la directrice n'est pas vraiment la Robin des Bois moderne qu'elle prétend être, Clémentine la dénonce à la police. Mais la directrice est une fée déchue, très puissante ; Grâce à l'aide de Néon (qui est en fait Léonard de Vinci) elle parvient à distraire Dame Élie suffisamment longtemps pour permettre son arrestation par la police.

Savant larcin : Émile fait partie d'une bande d'apaches et est un des rares membres à savoir que leur chef André est en fait une femme, Andrée. Émile vole un carnet dans un laboratoire scientifique pour le compte d'un commanditaire qui prétend que le carnet lui appartient. Émile est cependant accosté par Marie Curie qui lui explique que le commanditaire compte utiliser ses recherches pour faire des armes au lieu de traitements médicaux (le père d'Émile souffre justement d'un cancer et est trop pauvre pour aller à l'hôpital). Marie envoie un médecin au père d'Émile, ce qui convainc celui-ci de s'allier à Marie pour l'aider à reprendre le carnet. Émile est chassée de sa bande par leur cheffe, Andrée, dont il est amoureux. Mais Andrée accepte tout de même son invitation à aller danser.

Le Myosotis : Le Myosotis est un changelin, chanteur de cabaret. Lorsque sa relation avec un homme de la haute société est éventée, il est arrêté et emprisonné. Une bande inconnue le fait cependant évader et le cache dans leur repaire ; ils deviennent amis. Leurs membres sont commandités pour voler une carte magique, la Ségoula, à Jocelyn, un mage qui a été abandonné par son amant Armand. Le Myosotis se fait passer pour Armand afin d'approcher Jocelyn et voler la carte. Refusant d'aussi donner Jocelyn à leur commanditaire, il s'enfuit avec Jocelyn et va demander conseil à son frère Étienne Tiflaux, le détective. Ce dernier conclue qu'Armand travaillait pour un mage noir qui cherche à utiliser le pouvoir de la Ségoula. Le Myosotis et Jocelyn se rendent au repaire et découvrent que ses amis ont été tués par le mage noir, sauf leur chef Tortosa la chatte-ailée. Cette dernière témoigne que le mage, Tristan de Roussel, ancien ami d'études de Jocelyn, veut créer un golem géant pour semer le chaos. Avec l'aide de Cécile de Brescieux avec qui Jocelyn a étudié, ils trouvent le golem dans une carrière d'argile et parviennent à arrêter le monstre. Tristan réussit cependant à leur échapper et rejoint la Reine Noire en compagnie de golems animés par les âmes des membres de la bande de Tortosa.

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Casino Royale

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The real James Bond is retired, while another man continues le legend under his name. But as many secret agents of all countries are eliminated by SMERSH, Bond is coerced into coming out of retirement by the explosion of his mansion, in which M is killed. Bond returns M's toupee to his widow in Scotland. She really is Mimi, a SMERSH agent tasked with destroying Bond's celibate image, which fails. Bond then goes back to London and becomes the new M, where he learns the agents are eliminated because they cannot resist sex. Bond orders all remaining agents to be called James Bond to confuse SMERSH. He then hires millionaire and former agent Vesper Lynd to hire baccarat expert Evelyn Tremble. The goal is to prevent SMERSH agent Le Chiffre from recovering the money he embezzled from his organization by winning at the Casino Royale. Based on a tip from Mimi, Bond sends his daughter Mata to West Berlin to infiltrate a SMERSH training centre. There she foils Le Chiffre's other money-making scheme, selling compromising photographs of world military leaders. Tremble and Lynd then arrives at Casino Royale and foil an attempt to disable Tremble. The latter then observes Le Chiffre and discovers he cheats using infrared glasses. Lynd steals the glasses and Tremble wins the game. Le Chiffre then captures and tortures Tremble with hallucinogens. The latter is saved but then killed by Lynd. Le Chiffre is then eliminated by SMERSH. In London, Mata is kidnapped by SMERSH in a giant flying saucer. Bond and Moneypenny travel to Casino Royale to rescue her and discover there an underground lair belonging to the evil Dr. Noah, in reality Jimmy Bond, James' nephew. Jimmy's plan is to release a bacteriological agent that will make all women beautiful and kill all men taller than 4"6', leaving him as the big man who gets all the girls. Another, female James Bond whom Jimmy had kidnapped earlier poisoned Jimmy with a miniature atom bomb. Bond, Moneypenny and Mata escape from the lair back to the casino where Bond establishes that Lynd is a double agent. The casino is overrun by secret agents and a battle ensues, with American and French support, adding to the chaos. Jimmy finally explodes, destroying the Casino and killing all people in it.

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John Kruger's job at the US Marshals is to give witnesses a new identity to protect them from criminals against which they are going to testify. He therefore erases the past life of Lee Cullen who alerted the FBI that her company Cyrez is selling secret military weapons to other countries. But Kruger learns that several of his protected witnesses have been kidnapped or killed, indicating there is a mole in his service. With his old mentor DeGuerin and a few colleagues, they attempt to rescue a kidnapped witness, who is murdered by one of the Marshals. During the flight back, the three rogue Marshals try to kill Kruger, who escapes by jumping with a parachute. Having signalled Cullen that she is not safe anymore, they meet at the planned rendezvous point in the New York zoo. They are attacked by DeGuerin's men but manage to escape. Kruger and Cullen return to Cyrez to decrypt a data disc Cullen had copied with the help of the FBI. They discover that a shipment of weapons is for the Russian mafia is going to leave the Baltimore docks. Cullen is then kidnapped by DeGuerin who takes her aboard the ship. Kruger gets help from Johnny, a witness he recently “erased”, who contacts his cousin, a mobster at the docks. They plan an assault on the dock and manage to free Cullen. After a fight, Kruger exposes DeGuerin's scheme to their boss. Weeks later, the rogue Marshals are indicted but there is not enough evidence for a conviction. Kruger fakes his and Cullen's death. After the rogue Marshals have been liberated, Kruger poses as their limousine driver, then leaves the car on a railway track where it is hit by an oncoming train.

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Hiisi Homunculus Lupus

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Väkevä, makea, vähän karvasta. Sisältää ohramallasta.

Panimoyhtiö Hiisi, Jyväskylä, Suomi. 8.0% alkoholia.

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Les noces de la renarde

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ISBN: 9782266315302

© Amazon.fr

Japon, 1467. Hikari est une yokaï, tantôt femme tantôt renarde vivant dans la forêt avec ses sœurs. Elle tombe amoureuse de Jun, un bûcheron, avec qui elle a des jumeaux. L'aînée de Hikari, Ino la cheffe du clan, est jalouse de sa sœur et lui ordonne de tuer Jun, ce qu'Hikari ne fait pas. Ino fait alors tuer Hikari et Jun, mais l'esprit de Hikari lui survit à travers ses enfant, que son autre sœur Akane est envoyée les tuer, ce qu'elle fait à contrecœur. Cette dernière met plusieurs siècles à retrouver et tuer les descendants d'Hikari. À Tokyo en 2016, Mina, une lycéenne, a le pouvoir de voir les fantômes et les yokaï. Elle découvre que son père, qui est mort quand elle était petite, avait aussi ce pouvoir et semble avoir été tué par un yokaï. Natsume, une camarade de classe de Mina, est la descendante d'une famille de chasseurs de fantômes mais n'a pas le pouvoir de voir ces derniers. Elle entraîne donc Mina sur les traces d'un tueurs de yokaïs. Mina fait la rencontre de nombre d'entre eux dans un bar invisible aux mortels (et donc à Natsume), ainsi que d'Eri, une étudiante du folklore japonais qui semble elle aussi disposer de pouvoirs. Voulant prouver à son père qu'elle est digne de lui succéder, Natsume se laisse posséder par un esprit, justement celui du tueurs de yokaïs. Mina finit par découvrir que cet esprit est celui d'Ino qui cherche à accroître son pouvoir en absorbant celui d'autres yokaïs, afin que les yokaïs reprennent sur les humains le pouvoir qu'ils ont perdu au fil des siècles. Eri combat Ino afin d'exorciser Natsume et de protéger Mina. Cette dernière lui donne le pouvoir hérité d'Hikari, ce qui permet à l'étudiante de vaincre Ino et de recouvrer son identité, Akane, et à Mina d'être enfin soulagée.

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Crocodile Dundee

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Sue Charlton, an American journalist, goes into the Australian bush to meet Mick “Crocodile” Dundee who is said to have survived an attack by a crocodile and crawled back home minus one leg. In Walkabout Creek she discovers the story is exaggerated, despite Mick having a bite wound in his calf. They travel together for two days in the wild, retracing Mick's steps on his trip back home. Sue discovers a beautiful country, some of the customs of the aboriginals, and not-quiet falls in love with Mick. She invites him to come back with her in New York. There Mick discovers a world very different from what he knows and commits several social blunders. Sue's fiancé Richard looks down on Mick because they obviously do not have the same upbringing. After one evening in town, Sue and Mick kiss. On the next day, Sue, Richard and Mick are invited to dinner at Sue's father's mansion, where Richard proposes to Sue; she does not reject him, so he assumes she agrees. Mick spends the rest of the night getting drunk and is attacked by a pimp (who he had punched a few days before when he was chatting with prostitutes, unaware of their trade) and saved by Sue's family's driver. The next morning he leaves the hotel and plans to walkabout around America. Sue arrives just after he left, and she runs after him to the subway station. From one end the platform, packed with people, she tells Mick, who is on the other end, that she loves him. As they are too far away, their dialog is relayed by a few people in the crowd.

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Belhaven Scottish Ale

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‘Scottish Optic and Crystal malts… nutty, biscuit… Challenger and Goldings hops… spicyness’

Just another ale, but quite sweet. Contains malted barley.

Belhaven Brewery Company Ltd., Dunbar, Scotland. 5.2% alcohol.

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Mr. Peabody & Sherman

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Mr. Peabody is a talking, very intelligent dog who has adopted a boy, Sherman. Together they travel in time for fun in a machine invented by Peabody named WABAC. When Sherman starts school, he is soon bullied by Penny because his father is a dog. A fight ensues, after which social services, in the person of Mrs. Grunion threaten to take Sherman away from his father. Peabody invites Penny's parents in an attempt to convince them to withdraw their complaint, but Sherman is teased by Penny about George Washington and the cherry tree, reveals the existence of WABAC and takes her to ancient Egypt. Sherman comes back alone and asks Peabody for help, as Penny has stayed behind and wants to marry Tutankhamun. Father and son travel back to Egypt and convince Penny to come back with them. As they are out of fuel, they stop in Florence to visit Leonardo da Vinci who helps them build a device that will jump-start WABAC. During their stay, Sherman and Penny bond. On their way back, Sherman learns that he risks being taken away from his father, they argue, and accidentally arrive during the Trojan war. They have an accident with the horse, Peabody is presumed dead and the two children go back to the present, a few minutes before they have left, to ask help from the earlier Peabody. Grunion arrives soon after and wants to take Sherman away and the Peabody that was thought dead suddenly appears (having built another WABAC in Troy). This causes a confusion in which Sherman touches his earlier self, the tow boys merge which creates a cosmic shockwave that causes the various pasts they have visited to pour into the present. More confusion ensues, at the end of which Grunion's attempt to take Sherman is opposed by Washington and all the other historical characters. Peabody and Sherman then travel a few minutes in the future to repair the rip in spacetime and all historical characters return to their time, Agamemnon taking Grunion with him. Sherman returns to school and is now friends with Penny. In Troy, Agamemnon marries Grunion.

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The Apartment

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New York, end of 1959. Bud Baxter works for an insurance company and regularly lends his apartment to four of his superiors when they need a few hours alone with their lovers. In exchange, he gets glowing reviews, which attract the attention of the director of personnel Sheldrake. The latter also wants access to the apartment. Baxter is secretly in love with elevator operator Fran Kubelik, but he does not know that she is also Sheldrake's current lover. Sheldrake promises her to divorce his wife but always has excuses to delay doing it. During an office party on Christmas Eve, Fran learns that she's only the latest in a long string of Sheldrake's girlfriends to whom he had made the same promises. Later that evening at the apartment, Sheldrake leaves Fran alone in it to go celebrate Christmas with his family. When Bud comes back to his place, he find that Fran has attempted to commit suicide; he asks help from his neighbour, a doctor, who saves her life. Following the doctor's advice, Bud convinces Fran to stay with him for two days until she is recovered. They start playing gin rummy, but Fran is too tired to concentrate on the game. Later, as they prepare an informal romantic dinner, Fran she is retrieved by her sister's violent husband who punches Bud because he believes he is the reason for Fran's attempted suicide. Sheldrake fires his secretary and former lover for having told Fran about his girlfriends, and for revenge she tells his wife about them. Being kicked out of his home by his wife, Sheldrake believes he can finally marry Fran and on New Year's Eve he asks Bud for the key of his apartment. Bud refuses and quits his new, prestigious job as Sheldrake's executive assistant. He then goes home and starts packing. Sheldrake takes Fran to a New Year party, but she leaves him, runs back to Bud's apartment and asks him to finish their game of gin rummy.

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ISBN: 9782381630458

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Le Blend est une communauté d'espèces à l'échelle de la galaxie. La Terre vient de le rejoindre et en contrepartie de cadeaux technologiques, les humains fournissent un savoir-faire perdu dans le Blend: la guerre. La Terre fournitl les hommes et le Blend l'équipement, le transport et une programmation cognitive qui permet d'apprendre temporairement des informations utiles sur les planètes où se déroulent les opérations. Le narrateur souffre d'une psychopathie qui le protège de la mélancolie qui découle de la déprogrammation au retour d'opération. En contrepartie, il a peu d'empathie et la déprogrammation fonctionne de moins en moins bien sur lui. La conséquence est qu'il finit par être capable de profiter d'une opération sur une planète accueillante pour s'enfuir définitivement loin des humains.

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Simulacres martiens

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ISBN: 9782843449932

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En 1907, dix ans après la Guerre des mondes, la Grande Bretagne est envahie par une deuxième vague d'envahisseurs venus de Mars qui on pris le pouvoir. Un de leurs ambassadeurs invite Sherlock Holmes et le docteur Watson à aller sur Mars pour enquêter sur le meurtre d'un célèbre philosophe martien. Les détectives acceptent, malgré le fait de n'avoir trouvé aucun écrit ou mention de cette personne. Sur Mars, ils sont contactés par Freya Hadfield-Bell, une humaine qui fait partie de la résistance martienne, laquelle tente de contrecarrer les plans d'invasion de la Terre et de l'annihilation des humains dans le but de fuir Mars qui devient peu à peu inhabitable en s'éloignant du soleil. Elle leur révèle que les martiens enlèvent des personnalités terriennes sous prétexte d'un voyage sur Mars et les remplacent par des simulacres, des robots contenant une copie de l'esprit de la personne, qui prennent sur Terre des décisions en faveur des martiens. Holmes et Watson sont ainsi scannés et emprisonnés. Hadfield-Bell les délivre et tente de leur faire prendre la place de leurs simulacres, mais l'opération échoue et elle est tuée sous les yeux de Watson. Le plan de secours, risqué, consiste à envoyer les deux détectives sur Terre dans un vieux vaisseau rebelle. Ils arrivent sains et saufs sur Terre, rentrent déguisés à Baker Street, éliminent leur simulacres et prennent leur place. Quelque temps après, ils apprennent que les rebelles aussi savent fabriquer des simulacres, et que la Freya tuée sur Mars en était un, l'originale étant saine et sauve à Londres.

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L'or des trolls

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ISBN: 9782302052079

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Des prospecteurs d'or s'installent à proximité du village des trolls et obtiennent la promesse de Waha qu'on les laissera tranquilles. Mais la nouvelle se répand, et c'est la ruée vers l'or. La parfumeuse Shaneelle a perdu tous ses ouvriers, mais elle décide de vendre sa protection aux prospecteurs (qui ne sont pas, pourla plupart, protégés par la promesse de Waha) sous la forme de son parfum qui fait fuir les trolls. Grace au vieux sorcier troll, les trolls découvrent le trésor d'un dragon, qu'ils utilisent pour arroser Eckmül d'or, en faire baisser les cours et rendre la prospection non rentable. Le sage Fuquatou passe alors un accord avec les trolls pour qu'ils arrêtent leurs opérations. Shanelle est faite prisonnière et la prospection rendue illégale près de chez les trolls.

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St. Austell Big Job

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Just another, quite good, ale. Contains malted barley.

St Austell brewery, St Austell, Cornwall, England. 7.2% alcohol.

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Camarel 2

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Une glace au caramel, version améliorée de la précédente.



Préparer le caramel en mettant l'eau et le sucre dans une casserole et en le faisant cuire jusqu'à ce qu'il soit caramélisé, à l'apparition d'une odeur un peu âcre. Ajouter la crème et mélanger, puis ajouter le beurre et mélanger à nouveau. Délayer 135 g de ce caramel avec la base de crème glacée. Laisser reposer au réfrigérateur une nuit, puis passer à la sorbetière. Manger les 50 g restant sur des crèpes (ou juste comme ça).


Il y avait toujours trop de préparation, ça ne rentrait pas dans la boite de 700 mL.

La glace est moins molle que la version précédente, et a un peu moins de goût de caramel (ce qui au final n'est pas si mal).

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