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Monday, June 24th, 2024

Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)

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Four years after defeating Enchantress, Joker breaks up with Harley Quinn. Without his protection, all the people she has wronged in the past want to kill her. At a night club owned by crime lord Roman Sionis, Harley meets Dinah, a singer who becomes Sionis' driver, the latter being impressed by her fighting skills when preventing a drunk Harley from being kidnapped. Sionis is also investigated by Gotham City PD Detective Renee Montoya, who also investigates a series of mob killing carried out by a crossbow-wielding vigilante. Sionis sends his sadistic henchman Szasz and Dinah to retrieve a diamond containing the account numbers to the fortune of the Bertinelli crime family, who were massacred years ago, but Cassandra Cain, a child pickpocket steals the diamond and swallows it as she is soon after arrested by the police. Harley is captured by Sionis' men and convinces him to release her under the promise she can retrieve the diamond from Cassandra. Harley breaks into GCPD, frees Cass and takes her to her apartment, but they have to flee when attacked by criminals, Sionis having also placed a bounty on Cass' head. Harley agrees to meet with Sionis in an abandoned amusment park to exchange Cass for his protection. Dinah, who had agreed to become an informant for Montoya, tells her about the meeting, but Szasz notices it and tells Sionis, who assembles an army of thugs to attack the meeting place. At the amusement park, Harley and Cass are joined by Montoya and soon by Szasz who forced Dinah to come with him. Szasz is killed by the crossbow killer who appears suddenly and who reveals herself as Helena, the sole survivor of the Bertinelli family and who wants to avenge their deaths. Together they fight Sionis' thugs, but Cass is captured and chased by Dinah and Harley. Sionis is finally killed by Cass. In the end, Montoya (who has left the police), Dinah and Helena form the Birds of Prey team of vigilantes thanks to the Bertinelli fortune, while Cass and Harley sell the diamond and go their own way.

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Thursday, June 20th, 2024


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After having drifted in space for 57 years, Ripley is rescued. Her employer accuses her of destroying the Nostromo and does not believe her story about the alien, since the planet is now being colonized and terraformed and no alien ship has been found. When contact is lost with the colony, she is asked to accompany Burke, a representative of the company, and group of colonial marines to investigate. They find the colony destroyed, two alive face-huggers in vats in a laboratory and one little girl called Newt. They locate the other colonists under the fusion-powered atmospheric processor, cocooned in a sort of nest with many eggs, where some of them are still alive and waiting to be taken by face-huggers. They are attacked by several adult aliens when trying to kill a juvenile that just hatched, and some of the marines get killed. They decide to evacuate with the dropship that took them to the surface, but an alien who had climbed aboard causes it to crash; in doing so it damages the fusion reactor which will explode and destroy the colony after a few hours. The survivors barricade themselves in the colony and wait until Bishop, an artificial man and technician with the marines, is able to got outside, reach and hack the colony's transmitter to remotely pilot the second dropship from the spaceship waiting in orbit. Ripley discovers that Burke asked the colony to investigate the alien ship on in the hope to profit from turning the aliens into a biological weapon. Before she can expose him, he attempts to get her and Newt impregnated by the two face-huggers from the lab, that would allow him to smuggle the alien back to Earth. Having failed, Burke flees and is taken by the aliens that attack and kill most of the remaining marines. Ripley, corporal Hicks and Newt try to reach the dropship that is on its way, but Newt is taken by the aliens and Hicks is severely wounded. Ripley arms herself and enters the nest under the fusion reactor where she angers the alien queen laying eggs. She manages to save Newt and escape as the reactor explodes, destroying the aliens' nest, but the queen stows away on the dropship. Ripley manages to push her into an airlock by using an exosuit cargo loader. Then they all go into stasis for their return trip to Earth.

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Tuesday, June 18th, 2024

Welcome to Marwen

Categories: [ TV/Cinema ]



Five years earlier, Mark Hogancamp was beaten up and left for dead by a group of white supremacist because he admitted, while drunk, to sometimes enjoying wearing women's shoes. He has physically recovered but has lost all memory of his life before the attack. Formerly an illustrator specialized in World War 2, he cannot draw anymore and has turned to photography. Mark has constructed a model village named Marwen, set in Belgium during the war and built up a story about an American pilot, Hogie, who is rescued and later protected by the women of the village. Characters are represented by fashion dolls and each of the women of the village is imagined after a real woman whom Mark has met. The village is regularly attacked by Nazi soldiers who, despite being killed by the villagers come back to life thanks to Dejah Thoris, the village's witch. Mark photographs his fantasies to help him cope with memory loss and post-traumatic stress disorder. After a lot of hesitation, Mark agrees to appear in court to deliver a victim impact statement but upon seeing his attackers he imagines the court room is attacked by Nazi soldiers and he flees in terror; the judge postpones the hearing. When Nicol moves in the house next door and is nice to him, Mark adds a new doll named after her to the village. Hogie falls in love with doll Nicol and they get married. In real life however, Nicol turns his proposal down. In Mark's fantasies, doll Nicol is killed by a Nazi which is in turn killed by Hogie. Dejah Thoris revives the Nazi and demands that Hogie comes with her to the far future in the time machine Mark built for her, but during a struggle Hogie discovers that the witch is actually a Nazi spy and Mark learns that she is the personification of his addiction to pills that he thinks are helping him. He throws the pills away, attends the court hearing and delivers his statement. He also agrees to attend the exhibition of his work and makes a date with his friend Roberta, who is a sales clerk at the hobby store where he gets his supplies.

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Saturday, June 15th, 2024


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The crew of the Nostromo ore transporter wakes up, believing they are arriving close to the solar system. Instead, they were woken up to respond to a distress signal from a nearby planet. A team crash-lands near a large alien spaceship. As part of the team repairs the shuttle, others go out and discover the long-dead body of a creature with a hole in its torso. Analyzing the signal, Ripley concludes it's a warning to stay away, not a distress signal. One member, Kane, discovers a chamber containing hundreds of eggs and as one of them opens, a spider-like creature jumps out and attaches to his face, through his helmet. When the shuttle flies back to Nostromo, Ripley insists Kane's body remains in quarantine, but science officer Ash decides to let him in the infirmary, where he tries to remove the creature from Kane's face by cutting one of its legs. The creature's blood is very corrosive and manages to drip through several floors. The creature eventually detaches itself and Kane regains conciousness, but a few hours later he dies as another creature jumps out of his chest. The crew starts hunting the creature, but, having quickly become full-grown, it kills first Brett, and then Captain Dallas who was following it in an air duct. Having to assume command, Ripley learns from Mother, the board computer, that Ash has secretly been ordered by the Company to bring alien creatures back to Earth and that the crew is expendable. She confronts Ash, who tries to kill her, but with the help of Parker they manage to kill him out and discover he's an android. Upon reactivating its head, Ash indicates the alien cannot be killed. The remaining crew decides to self-destruct the Nostromo and to escape in the shuttle. Parker and Lambert are ambushed and killed by the creature, so Ripley initiates self-destruct, and despite the alien initially blocking her way to the shuttle and a failed attempt to cancel the self-destruct, she manages to escape just in time. As she prepares for stasis, she notices the alien is hiding in the shuttle; she puts on a space suit and flushes it out of the airlock. She then prepares for the trip back to Earth.

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Monday, June 10th, 2024

The Great Gatsby

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Nick Carraway tells his psychiatrist about his meeting of Jay Gatsby in 1922 in New York. Carraway's cousin, Tom Buchanan is a domineering man whose wife Daisy introduces her friend Jordan Baker to Carraway. Tom also has a mistress, Myrtle, wife of a garage owner in a disreputable part of the city, whom Nick meets at a party. Carraway has bought a house next to Gatsby's mansion and wonders about the mysterious man. One day, Nick is invited to one of the extravagant parties held by Gatsby, and is apparently the only person with an invitation. Gatsby asks Nick to invite his cousin Daisy for tea at his cottage one day, when Gatsby would just happen to visit his neighbour. Nick learns bit by bit that Gatsby had met Daisy five years earlier when he was in the army and had fallen in love with her. But since he was poor, he could not marry her and she then married Tom and started to throw parties in the hope she would attend. Gatsby and Daisy begin an affair, but when she ask him to run away with her he refuses, saying she must divorce Tom. Gatsby pressures Daisy to tell Tom she is leaving him, and during a dinner at the Buchanan Tom becomes suspicious of Gatsby and his wife, but Daisy changes the subject, suggesting they all go into town, at the Plaza Hotel. There Gatsby tells Tom that his wife never loved him (which is not quite true) and Tom reciprocates exposing Gatsby as a nobody who made his fortune through bootlegging with mobsters. Gatsby and Daisy leave and on the way back home they pass by Myrtle's garage and accidentally kill her but do not stop. Nick eventually deduces that Daisy was driving that night but Gatsby protects her by letting people believe is is responsible. He then waits for Daisy's phone call where she would tell him she has finally left Tom, but he is instead killed by Myrtle's husband. Nobody attends Gatsby's funeral except Nick, as now that his past is know and he is still thought to be Myrtle's killer, he has become an outcast from the society of the wealthy. In the end, Nick reflects on Gatsby's ability to hope.

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Friday, May 24th, 2024

Wonder Woman 1984

Categories: [ TV/Cinema/DC ]



As a child, Diana participates in a competition that she almost win by cheating, only to be stopped before the finish line by Antiope, who explains that anything worthwhile must be obtained honestly. In 1984, Diana works as the Smithonian Institution and befriends Barbara Minerva, a shy geologist and cryptozoologist with whom she tries to identify stolen antiquities by request of the FBI. They notice a Latin inscription on a large yellow crystal, claiming it can grant one wish. Barbara wishes she would be more like Diana and soon gets more self-confident, noticed by other people and develops super powers. Diana, yearning for Steve Trevor, discovers that her dead lover has resurrected in the body of random man; he seeks her and they are reunited. In the meanwhile, failed businessman Max Lord steals the crystal and wishes to become it. He thus can grant anyone else's wish and take something from them in return. This soon results in worldwide chaos, destruction, and instability. Diana and Barbara discover that the crystal was created by the God of Lies and grants exactly what is asked, but in a way that is always detrimental to the wisher, and has caused the downfall of many civilisations throughout History; the only alternative would be that all wishers renounce their wishes, but neither Barbara nor Diana are willing to do so. Max then visits the US President who wishes to have many more nuclear missiles than the USSR; in exchange Max gets access to a US satellite system that allows to broadcast to anyone in the world. Max thus plans to steal the wisher's life force to compensate for his body's decay due to granting wishes. Diana tries to stop Max, but Barbara sides with him and they escape together. Steve then convinces Diana to renounce her wish, which restores her full strength. She then flies to the island from which the broadcast system is controlled and again battles Barbara, who is turning into a humanoid cheetah. Having won, Diana confronts Max and uses her Lasso of Truth to communicate with the world through him, persuading everyone to renounce their wishes. Seeing a vision of his son searching desperately for his father, Max realizes his error, renounces his wish, cancelling most of the changes that occurred due to people's wishes.

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Thursday, May 9th, 2024

The Game

Categories: [ TV/Cinema ]



Wealthy and ruthless San Francisco investment banker Nicholas Van Orton receives from his brother Conrad for his birthday a voucher for a “game” organized by Consumer Recreation Services. Intrigued, Nicholas decides to visit their offices and take the irritatingly long psychological and physical examinations. He later receives a phone call informing him that his application is rejected. Upon his return home in the evening, he finds a wooden clown outside and receives instructions from CRS through his television, telling him not to try and figure out the object of the game. The next day at the restaurant he gets a waitress, Christine, fired because she spilled wine on his shirt, only to be handed a message to not let her out of his sight. Following her outside, they both help a man who just collapsed, are ushered into the ambulance by the police and driven to what looks like the ER's entrance. There they find themselves suddenly alone, manage to take a locked lift thanks to a key found earlier in the clowns mouth, discover they are in CRS' offices and are chased by security. They manage to escape and go their separate ways. Later Nicholas receives a message about a hotel room where he is supposed to have spent the night and when going there finds drugs and erotic polaroid pictures. He's convinced that he's being setup by an investor he just fired, but finds out it's not the case. Nicholas is then contacted by Conrad who tells him that CRS is trying to kill him despite having played their game over a year ago. They part on bad terms when Conrad finds CRS-marked keys in his brother's car. Later Nicholas escapes a murder attempt by a taxi driver throwing the locked car into the harbour thanks to the crank found earlier in his attaché-case that allows him to open the window. Nicholas manages to find where Christine lives and visits her there. He noticed her apartment is fake, and she tells him that they have to flee and are soon shot at by men coming out of a CRS van. Christine reveals that CRS has profiled him and has stolen all of his company's money. Nicholas calls his Swiss bank, giving his password over the phone, and the bank confirms the balance is zero. Nicholas is later drugged by Christine and wakes up in Mexico. He manages to go back to San Francisco and discovers the man who welcomed him at CRS in the beginning is an actor. His home is foreclosed and most of his possessions removed, but he gets a gun from a hidden place. Nicholas then manages to trace the actor through his agent, takes him hostage and forces him to help him enter CRS's premises. He is shot at, and ends up on the roof with Christine who tells him it was all part of the game, but notices that his weapon is a real one. When the roof's door is forced open, Nicholas shoots Conrad who is standing there in a tuxedo and with a bottle of champagne. Desperate because he has shot his brother, he jumps from the roof, crashes through a skylight and lands on a giant airbag. All his friends are there for his birthday party.

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Sunday, May 5th, 2024

Pulp Fiction

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A young couple prepares to rob the diner where they are eating. Earlier the same day, Jules and Vince, two hitmen dressed in a black suit and working for Wallace retrieve a briefcase containing something shiny and kill most of the young people who were hiding it in their shared apartment. Later, Vince appears alone at Wallace's night club with the briefcase, wearing a grey t-shirt. Wallace is giving money to Butch, a boxer, to lose his next match. Wallace then tells Vince that he must take Mia, his wife, out to dinner the same evening. The dinner, at a 1950s-themed restaurant goes well, they even win a twist contest. Mia asks Vince to come back with her to her place. While Vince is not looking, she mistakes heroin found in Vince's jacket for cocaine and overdoses on it. Vince takes her to his dealer's place, they fumble with an adrenaline kit but manage to save her life. In the meanwhile, Butch not only wins his match but kills his opponent. He then joins his girlfriend Fabienne in a motel and they plan to flee by train the next morning. But Fabienne has forgotten to pack his gold watch, inherited from his great-grandfather. Butch does not want to lose his watch, so he goes back to his apartment where Jules is waiting to kill him on Wallace's order. Butch manages to kill the hitman and then drives away. By pure coincident, he's seen by Wallace, whom he runs over. Both can still run and chase each other on foot; Butch finds refuge in a pawn shop whose owner, Maynard, kidnaps them. Maynard and his accomplice rape Wallace, but Butch manages to escape his ties and kills them, freeing Wallace, who tells Butch to keep quiet about the incident and leave Los Angeles. He picks up Fabienne and they drive away. Earlier, at the apartment where they are retrieving the briefcase, Jules and Vince take one person hostage, but Vince kills him in the car by accident. The find refuge at a friend of Jules' and as they don't know what to do but have to do it before the friend's wife comes back home from her night shift, they call a fixer for help that tells them how to clean and hide the gore in the car. They change their bloody black suits for t-shirts and shorts and take the car to a junkyard. On their way back to Wallace's they have lunch at the diner. Jules wants to give up his life as a hitman. He manages to convince the couple to take his own cash, give up on the robbery and to go away.

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Monday, April 15th, 2024

Creature from the Black Lagoon

Categories: [ TV/Cinema ]



A geology expedition in the Amazon finds the fossilized, webbed hand of an unknown creature. Its leader, Carl Maia convinces a few friends and colleagues from the marine biology institute to mount an expedition to try and find the rest of the skeleton. When they arrive back at the camp on a ship, they find it destroyed and Maia's assistants, who stayed there, dead. After days of excavation, the find no trace of the skeleton, but get a hint that it may have been transported by the river to the “black lagoon”. A first dive in the lagoon provides no trace of the fossil, but the amphibious creature who killed the two assistants and has been observing the scientists accidentally leaves a claw behind, revealing its presence. Multiple encounters with the creature lead to the death of a couple of sailors and attempts to abduct Kay, the girlfriend of Maia's colleague David. They decide to leave the lagoon but the creature has blocked its exit with dead trees and repeated attacks prevents them from removing the blockage. While the men are busy trying to move the trees, the creature manages to abduct Kay. David fights it, chases it to its cavern lair and rescues his girlfriend. They leave the wounded creature flee into the depth, manage to finally remove the trees and leave.

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Sunday, April 14th, 2024


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Trolls are small colorful, happy creatures who like to sing, dance and hug all day. When the much larger Bergens discover that eating trolls makes them happy, they build a cage around the trolls' tree and eat them once a year. But on the Trollstice day when prince Gristle is meant to eat his first troll, they discover that they have escaped. The Bergens' Chef is banished and she vows to find them. After 20 years of peace, princess Poppy organizes a party, despite Branch's (the only grey and perpetually unhappy troll) warning that the noise may be noticed by the Bergens. It indeed happens, some trolls are kidnapped by Chef. Poppy decides to follow her and rescue her friends, followed in the distance by Branch. At Gristle's castle they witness the prince apparently eat one troll, Creek. They then find the other trolls guarded by a scullery maid, Bridget. She is in love with the prince, and accepts to free the trolls in exchange for their help in being noticed by the prince. Under a false name, Bridget and the prince indeed go on a date at a roller rink/arcade restaurant, and Poppy discovers that Creek is a prisoner of the prince, inside a hollow jewel. During the night, the trolls sneak into the prince's bedroom to free Creek but they are captured by Chef in a big cooking pot. She reveals that Creek has betrayed them to save his own life. Desperate, all trolls turn grey as Creek steals Poppy's cowbell and rings it to attract all the other trolls. While the Bergens sit down to eat and celebrate Trollstice, Branch sings and turns himself and the others to bright colors again. Bridget secretly releases the trolls and Poppy reveals to the prince who Bridget is. This makes the prince happy despite not having ever eaten a troll. The Bergens realize they don't need the trolls to be happy and joy and colors are brought to Bergen town. Chef and Creek are sent rolling out of town and into the woods on a cart and get eventually eaten by a monster.

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Sunday, March 24th, 2024

Murder on the Orient Express

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Poirot solves a theft in Jerusalem and then takes a boat to Istanbul where he is asked to go to London to solve another case. Thanks to his friend Bouc, he gets to board the Orient Express, where he meets his fellow passengers. Amongst them is Ratchett who asks Poirot to be his bodyguard, but the detective refuses. During the night, the train is blocked by snow. Ratchett is found dead the next morning from a dozen stab wounds. A partially burnt note reveals that Ratchett was in reality Cassetti, the kidnapper and murderer of Daisy Armstrong, a small child whose death in America a few years earlier lead to the death of both her parents. Poirot discovers evidence planted in his personal effects and eventually discovers that all the passengers have a link to Daisy Armstrong, to the maid who was convicted instead of Cassetti or to the prosecutor who was pressured into convicting the maid. All have a motive to kill Cassetti, and Poirot concludes that they all participated in the crime; one of them, Daisy's grandmother, admits she planned the murder and recruited the others. Concluding that justice is impossible in this case, and against his principles, Poirot lies to the Yugoslavian police after the train is freed from the snow and has reached the next town. Poirot does not continue his journey to London, as he is contacted by the British authorities who ask him to investigate a death on the nile.

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Sunday, February 25th, 2024

Die Hard

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On Christmas Eve, police detective John McClane flies fro New York to Los Angeles to spend Christmas with his family, whom he has not seen since his wife moved there for work six months ago. He meets her at her employer's building, where a party is taking place. Soon after, the building is taken by terrorists, locked down and all the employees are rounded up. John manages to escape and learn about the attackers. He first triggers a fire alarm that is cancelled by the terrorists. After having killed one of them and taken his radio, he moves to the roof to contact the police, who reluctantly sends a patrol car. Attacked by two more villains, McClane throws the body of a dead terrorist at the police as it drives away, finally getting the law enforcement full attention. A SWAT team attempts to enter the building, but they are killed by the well-prepared villains (who are actually thiefs, as they are in the process of forcing open the company's vault to steal a fortune in bearer bonds). While fighting the attackers, McClane has taken a bag containing C4 and detonators, which they really want to recover. John also discovers that the roof is set to explode. He unknowingly meets the gang's boss, Gruber, and in the ensuing fight loses the detonators. As expected by Gruber, the FBI has taken over the operation and shut down the electricity, effectively disabling the magnetic lock of the vault and allowing the thieves to plunder it. Still posing as terrorists and having demanded a helicopter, Gruber gets all the hostages to the roof, planning to make it explode as the helicopter lands and to escape through the basement in the ensuing confusion. McClane however manages to get the people down from he roof before it explodes. As Gruber has discovered the existence of John's wife Holly, he threatens to kill her if John does not surrender. McClane does so, after having hidden a gun on his back that he uses to kill Gruber.

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Monday, January 29th, 2024

Touch of Evil

Categories: [ TV/Cinema ]



Mexican special prosecutor Miguel Vargas takes an interest in the investigation of a murder that has just happened in a town along the US-Mexican border where he is honeymooning with his American wife Susie. The investigation is led by veteran police captain Hank Quinlan who, Vargas quickly comes to notice, fabricates evidence to justify arresting people he believes are guilty. Joe Grandi, leader of the crime family Vargas has been investigating, associates with Quinlan against Vargas. He sends his boys to the isolated and empty motel where Susie is waiting for her husband, where they leave traces of drug use before kidnapping her and taking her into town. Quinlan then kills Grandi and leaves his body in the hotel room where Susie is kept prisoner, but forgets his cane. In the meanwhile, Vargas studies old arrest reports from Quinlan to find evidence of the policeman's unethical methods. After Grandi's body is found by the police and Susie put in prison for drug usage, Quinlan's sergeant Menzies tells Vargas of what happened and his suspicions that his superior killed Grandi. Together they come up with the plan to get Quinlan to confess while being secretly recorded. The plan works but leads to Quinlan and Menzies killing each other. Susie is exonerated, and it is revealed that the suspect of the initial murder has confessed to the crime.

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Monday, January 22nd, 2024


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Categories: [ TV/Cinema ]



Au XVIIè siècle, près de Turku, Untamo est un inventeur incompris. Remplaçant un soldat qui s'est blessé en glissant sur la savonnette de son invention, Untamo accompagne son seigneur à Turku. Ils sont attaqués en chemin et laisse repartir un des malfrats en échange d'un pomme de terre. À Turku, Untamo est invité à une soirée où des startupeurs présentent leurs inventions. De retour chez lui à l'automne, il jette sa pomme de terre dans un tas de fumier et est étonné des fleurs qui poussent l'année suivante. Devinant les possibilités commerciales de la pomme de terre qui pousse plus facilement que le navet, il réunit des amis et ensemble lèvent des fonds auprès du seigneur pour commencer une plantation de pommes de terre. Mais la corporation des marchands de navets leur met des bâtons dans les roues. Les ennuis commencent lorsque le seigneur décide d'annuler une commande auprès du forgeron à qui ils avaient commandés des outils et qui fait faillite. Sans les outils, la récolte sera gâchée. Leur dette est rachetée par les marchands de navets, qui sabotent la récolte un soir de gel, causant indirectement la mort d'un des associés d'Untamo. Untamo et ses amis tentent alors une seconde levée de fonds, sans succès, et leur entreprise et mise en faillite, tout est vendu et les marchands de navets s'approprient les pommes de terre. Untamo vole alors les pommes de terres et décide de les rendre open-source en les plantant un peu partout. Des années plus tard, installé comme horloger, il est contacté par un marchand qui a fait fortune dans l'alcool de ces pommes de terre qui poussent un peu partout, et qui lui propose un partenariat.

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Wednesday, January 17th, 2024

Death on the Nile

Categories: [ TV/Cinema ]



Jackie Bellefort is planning to marry Simon Doyle, but when he meets her rich friend Linnet Ridgeway he leaves Jackie to marry Linnet. Six weeks later, Poirot is in Egypt and through his friend Bouc attends the wedding of Simon and Linnet. The couple is constantly harassed by Jackie and decides, to escape her, to organize a cruise on the Nile with the wedding guests. Jackie manages to get on board anyway and one evening in the saloon, when most guests are already in their cabins, she points a gun at Simon and shoots him in the leg before running away. People run around, fetch a doctor to tend to Simon's wound and catch Jackie. The next morning however, Linnet is found dead in her bed by her maid Louise and her valuable necklace stolen. Poirot starts to investigate and discovers that a scarf and a tube of red paint had disappeared in the past few days. Later Louise is found dead with money in her pocket. After a round of interrogations, Poirot infers that Bouc had found Linnet dead before Louise and stolen the necklace, as he is not rich enough to marry Rosalie. Bouc had witnessed Louise's murder, but is killed before revealing the killer. Poirot then locks the guests in the saloon and reveals how it happened. Jackie has pretended to wound Simon, who used the red paint to simulate blood and who then had the time to pickup the gun, run to Linnet's cabin and kill her before coming back to the saloon and shoot himself in the leg, muffling the shot with the scarf. He has been in love with Jackie all along and followed her plan to marry Linnet and the kill her to inherit her fortune. Jackie also killed Louise who was blackmailing her, as well as Bouc who had seen them. Jackie then kills Simon and herself.

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Monday, December 18th, 2023


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Leto Atreides is ordered by the Emperor to take control of the planet Arrakis from which the Harkonnen have been asked to leave. When the Atreides household arrives on Arrakis, they find that before leaving, the Harkonnen have sabotaged most of the equipment used for harvesting the spice from the desert. Atreides also attempts to make peace with the Fremen, who inhabit the planet since before the spice was discovered and started to play an important role in interstellar navigation. The Fremen, dominated by the Harkonnen, also believe that Leto's son Paul is the Mahdi who is prophesied to come some day and lead the Fremen. The emperor's purpose in ordering the Atreides to Arrakis is actually to trigger a war between them and the Harkonnen in order to get rid of two Great Houses that would threaten his authority. Paul also happens to be the result of centuries of genetic selection by the Bene Gesserit, a secretive sisterhood to whom his mother Jessica belongs and who aims to create a being who will guide humanity to a better future. When the Harkonnen attack the Atreides, Leto and most of his household are killed; Paul and Jessica escape, eventually find the Stilgar tribe of Fremen about whom Paul has had recurrent dreams.

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In Bruges

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After accidentally killing a child, Rookie hitman Ray is sent to Bruges with his mentor Ken to hide while waiting for instructions from their boss Harry. The latter orders Ken to kill Ray, as he cannot condone hitmen killing children. Ken is about to reluctantly carry the order, but instead prevents Ray from committing suicide and puts him on a train, telling him to disappear. When Ken tells Harry, the latter comes to Bruges to deal punish Ken. Meanwhile Ray is arrested by the police on the train for having hit a customer at the restaurant where he was having dinner with Chloë, a local drug dealer he had met a few days earlier while assisting to the filming of a film on the street. Chloë bails Ray out of prison and as they have a drink outside a café they are noticed by Chloë's ex-boyfriend, an accomplice of Harry who immediately notifies his boss. The latter happens to be at the top of the belfry tower near the café. Harry shoots Ken in the leg as a punishment, but Ken gets more seriously wounded as he attempts to stop Harry from going after Ray. As Harry runs down the stairs, Ken goes up and jumps from the tower. He is noticed by Ray and manages to tell him about Harry before dying. Ray runs away, chased throughout the city by Harry who eventually shoots him on a square where the same film is being filmed. Harry accidentally kills a dwarf, playing the role of a child in the film. Believing he has killed a child, he kills himself.

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Tuesday, December 12th, 2023

The Suicide Squad

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The suicide squad is sent to the island of Corto Maltese to destroy a secret laboratory housing the Starfish project. Its first task is to rescue Colonel Flag who survived a diversionary attack on the other side of the island. Flag's team has been killed, except Harley Quinn who was made prisoner. The islands new dictator wants to marry Harley, but she kills him when she learns his plans to use Starfish on political dissidents. She escapes and joins the squad just as they mount a rescue mission for her. The squad first finds Thinker, a scientist working at the laboratory who can help them enter the building. They then enter the building and place explosive charges, but they detonate too early, freeing the gigantic starfish-like alien who has been steadily growing there since its capture by American astronauts decades earlier. Flag wants to show proof of the US involvement in the Starfish project that has been using locals as guinea pigs, but he is killed by another member of the squad whose secret mission was to destroy all the evidence. As the creature menaces to destroy the island, the squad decides to go against its orders and to kill the alien with the help of the city's rats, who can be controlled by one of the members of the squad.

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Sunday, December 3rd, 2023

V for Vendetta

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In a totalitarian London, Evey is harassed by members of the political police because she's walking outside after curfew. She is saved by a man wearing a Guy Fawkes mask who introducing himself as “V”. V takes Evey to the roof of a building to admire his work: destroying the Old Bailey. The next morning, by hijacking the public television network, V invites the citizens to join him in exactly on year from now, on November 5th, outside the House of Parliament. Evey helps V escape and he takes her to his lair. V kills three members of the ruling political party, the last one with Evey's help, but she betrays him and flees. Finch, a policeman assigned to capture V, discovers that twenty years earlier the murder victims were all working at a secret facility doing research on human beings to create a new virus. Only one human guinea pig developed a natural immunity, allowing to produce a cure, but he escaped the facility during a fire. The virus killed hundred of thousands in what was presumed to be a terrorist attack. The political situation then allowed Sutler, the head of the now ruling party, to seize power and install a dictatorship. Simultaneously, selling the cure enriched some members of the party. Evey takes shelter with her former boss, but his house is attacked because his latest TV show makes fun of Sutler. Evey hides, but is eventually caught, imprisoned and tortured. She refuses to submit to her captors and is then released and discovers she was actually being manipulated by V who was teaching her (the hard way) how not to be afraid anymore. Realizing that V is avenging the death of human guinea pigs, she promises to see him again before November 5th. V then convinces Creedy, head of the secret police, to betray Sutler and replace him in exchange of V's surrender. As November 5th approaches, V distributes hundreds of thousand of Guy Fawkes masks across the country leading to a rise of anonymous chaos and eventually riots. V takes Evey to the restored London underground where a train full of explosives is programmed to go under the House of Parliament and gives her the choice to start the train or not. V then meets Creed who delivers Sutler to him and he kills them both, getting mortally wounded in the process before going and lying down in the train. Finch finds Evey and V's body at that moment, but he allows to start the train. With Sutler and Creedy dead, the soldiers deployed on the street have no order to stop the countless citizens dressed as V as the converge towards Parliament House and witness its destruction.

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Sunday, October 29th, 2023


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The Protagonist, a CIA agent who retrieved an artefact during an operation in Kyiv is hired by Tenet. The organization briefs him on objects (such as bullets) who move backwards through time. With his handler Neil, he traces the source of those objects to an arms dealer, Priya Singh, in Mumbai. Priya is also a member of Tenet and obtains the inverted bullets from Russian oligarch Andrei Sator who can communicate with the future. Sator's estranged wife Kat is an art appraiser who authenticated a forged Goya by her friend Arepo. Sator uses the painting to blackmail his wife. The Protagonist buys Kat's help by trying to recover the Goya from a freeport facility at Oslo airport, but the attempt is thwarted by two masked men who emerge from either side of a machine. Priya later explains the machine is a turnstile, used for inverting: the two people were the same person traveling in opposite directions in time. She also explains that Sator sabotaged the CIA operation in Kyiv and that the police got the artifact, which is Pu-241. Kat introduces the Protagonist to her husband and both agree to cooperate to recover the artefact in Tallinn while it is transported by road, but an inverted Sator holding Kat hostage attempts steals it from them. The Protagonist hides the artefact and is captured with Neil by Sator who interrogates them at a freeport facility and shoots Kat with an inverted bullet. Tenet troops arrive but Sator escapes via a turnstile. They all invert themselves to save Kat's life, and the inverted Protagonist drives back to the ambush to retrieve the artefact, but encounters Sator who takes it. The Protagonist and his gang then travels back in time to the freeport in Oslo, fights his past self, enter the turnstile with Neil and Kat and all get de-inverted. He then meets Priya who reveals that Sator know has all nine pieces of the Algorithm, a device designed by antagonists from the future to invert the world and destroy its past. The Protagonist remembers a past conversation and realizes that Sator will detonate the Algorithm in his hometown of Stalsk-12 on a past day, in order to deliver it to the antagonists of the future. On a Tenet ship traveling back to the day of the detonation, Kat reveals that Sator is sick and dying. He will go back to a happy moment in his life, on the same day, on his yacht in Vietnam, and commit suicide, his death triggering the detonation. Kat poses as her former self and prevents Sator from killing himself long enough for two Tenet commandos, one going forward in time and one backwards, to make a diversion, allowing the Protagonist to steal the Algorithm. He is trapped by Sator's man who puts him in contact with Sator from Vietnam. Sator reveals the antagonists want to escape the effects of climate change. An inverted Neil then sacrifices himself, allowing the Protagonist to recover the Algorithm. Not-yet-dead Neil reveals he was hired by the future Protagonist and then goes and gets inverted to help recover the Algorithm. Later Priya plans to kill Kat, because she knows too much. The Protagonist realizes he created Tenet and kills Priya first.

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Monday, October 23rd, 2023

Knives Out

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Harlan Thrombey, a rich mystery novelist dies on the evening of his 85th birthday. Despite the slit throat, the police concludes to a suicide. Private investigator Benoit Blanc is anonymously hired to investigate and discovers that each member of the family has motives for murder. Harlan's nurse Marta know what happens: she confused two bottles of medicine and accidentally injected him an overdose of morphine. To protect her and her illegal immigrant mother, Harlan tells her that he is going to commit suicide while she executes his plan: leave the house normally, come back in secret, disguise herself as him to be seen by a witness so as to create the illusion that he ist still alive after she has left, and leave again in secret. Marta cannot lie without vomiting, so she gives accurate but incomplete answers when questioned by Blanc, whom she assists in her investigation while concealing evidence that would incriminate her. Marta is then bequeathed Harlan's entire fortune, which enrages the family. Harlan's grandson Ransom pretends to help her, but manipulates her into confessing to him, blackmailing her for a share of the inheritance. Marta then receives a blackmail note indicating that the toxicology report of Harlan's death will reveal she killed him. She and Ransom drive to the medical examiner's office and discover it has burnt. She then receives an e-mail to meet the blackmailer. At the rendezvous, she discovers the Fran, the cook, drugged and tied to a chair. While Marta calls for help, Fran reveals where in the house a copy of the toxicology report is hidden. Caught up by Blanc, she confesses to him (although Ransom had already told him the story); as she caused Harlan's death, she cannot anymore inherit. Back at the house, the report shows that Harlan only had traces of morphine in his blood. Blanc reveals his deductions to the family: Ransom had swapped the contents of the medicine bottles to ensure that Marta would kill Harlan. But Marta still gave the correct medication because out of habit she identified the drugs by their viscosity and only later noticed the labels were wrong. Ransom then anonymously hired Blanc to expose Marta. As Fran saw Ransom tampering with the medication, she blackmailed him, and when he learned that Marta had not killed Harlan, he forwarded the blackmail note to her and burnt the medical examiner's office to destroy the evidence before overdosing Fran. Blanc and Marta manage to get Ransom to confess by pretending that Fran survived the overdose. He is then arrested for murder, Marta inherits Harlan's fortune, with no intend to share it with Harlan's children who were all more or less nasty to her.

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Tuesday, October 3rd, 2023

Seven Chances

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Jimmie is in love with Mary but does not dare telling here. The brokerage firm where he's a junior partner is in financial difficulties. When a lawyer visits him to tell him he's going to inherit money, he and his partner Meekin first run away believing he is summoning them to a trial. They finally sit together and read the will, that would give Jimmie seven million dollars if he gets married before 7 PM on the day of his 27th birthday, which is today. Jimmie immediately asks Mary in marriage, but clumsy wording about his motivations causes her to immediately break up with him. She however changes her mind and sends a hired hand to deliver a note to Jimmie. Meanwhile, Meekin convinces Jimmie to propose to any of the seven women he knows at the country club restaurant, to save the firm. One by one, they refuse and mock him. Meekin then publishes Jimmie's predicament and potential inheritance in the evening newspaper, announcing that Jimmie would marry any woman who presents herself at the church at 5 PM. A crowd of veiled woman gathers at the church, but the priest refuses to perform any ceremony, announcing it was a bad prank. Escaping the angry women, Jimmie finally receives Mary's note. Followed by the mob of women, Jimmie runs first through the city then through the countryside (escaping an avalanche of rocks) to reach Mary's house where Meekin is also waiting. Alas, Meekin's clock show he's a few minutes too late. Mary still wants to marry him, money or not, but Jimmie refuses to let her share his impeding disgrace. As he leaves, he sees from the church's clock that Meekin's watch was fast. He and Mary wed just in time.

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Rocket Man

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Elton John enters an addiction rehabilitation session and starts talking about his life. Born Reginald Dwight in the 1950s, he shows an talent for playing the piano by ear. He is not loved by his father (who leaves when his mother has an affair) and little by his mother. Fond of rock'n roll, he starts playing at local pub. As an adult he first plays backup for touring American bands, before he is given advice to write his own songs and become someone. He changes his name to Elton John. His producer at DJM Records introduces him to Bernie Taupin who writes lyrics, for which Elton composes the music. Your Song becomes famous and Elton goes to play in Los Angeles where Crocodile Rock becomes a success. There Elton meets John Reid, a music manager who becomes his lover. As his success increases, Elton starts a life of debauchery. Reid convinces him to tell his parents that he's gay, but they don't care, his mother telling him that he will never be properly loved. Elton falls into depression where he is emotionally abused by Reid and becomes an addict to alcohol and other drugs. After a suicide attempt during a party he is rushed to the hospital, then thrust on stage by Reid. Elton has a brief marriage with sound engineer Renate, after which he falls out with his mother and Bernie. After suffering a heart attack, he leaves a concert without warning and decides to go into rehabilitation. He realizes he does not need approval from his parents, rekindles his friendship with Bernie and eventually returns to a successful career without the support of drugs. He eventually gets married to David.

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Sunday, September 24th, 2023

Bohemian Rhapsody

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In 1970, after listening to a gig by Smile, Farrokh Bulsara meets and is attracted to Mary Austin. He then offers himself as Smile's new singer. Together they play across Britain and Farrokh soon convinces the band to record an album. They attract EMI's attention. Farrokh then changes his name to Freddy Mercury and renames the band Queen. The band is managed by Paul Prenter, who is attracted to Freddy. They go on an American tour, after which Freddy proposes to Mary, but starts questioning his sexuality. In 1975, EMI refuses to release a single of Bohemian Rhapsody, so they quit, and the song becomes a hit. Freddy has an affair with Paul, and when Mary learns his homosexuality, she breaks the engagement but they remain close friends. Paul has a strong influence on Freddy who drinks, takes drugs, organizes wild parties and slowly drifts away from his friends. Paul eventually convinces Freddy to record a solo album in 1984 in Munich. Mary manages to convince Freddy that Paul is a bad influence and he fires him before coming back to England to play in the Live Aid benefit concert (Queen was invited, but Paul hid that fact from Freddy). Freddy reconciles with the band, learns he's got AIDS, tells the band, they play in Live Aid which is a big success. Freddie reconnects with Jim Hutton, whom he had hit on during a party many years earlier and who had told Freddy to find him when he learns self-acceptance.

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Monday, September 11th, 2023

Solaris (1972)

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La plantète Solaris semble se comporter comme un unique organisme, une sorte de cerveau. Depuis une station spatiale en orbite, des scientifiques tentent depuis des décennies d'en percer les mystères, sans succès. Kris Kelvin est envoyé dans la station pour décider si elle doit être abandonnée. Il découvre la présence de personnes que les deux scientifiques restants tentent de cacher. Au lendemain de sa première nuit, il trouve dans sa chambre sa femme Hari, pourtant décédée dix ans plus tôt. On lui apprend que depuis qu'on a envoyé un faisceau de rayons X vers l'océan de Solaris, ces êtres sont apparus. Ils sont immortels et peuvent se régénérer (non sans souffrir). Les scientifiques décident alors d'envoyer un faisceau de rayons X modulés par les ondes cérébrales de Kelvin. Hari sait qu'elle n'est pas humaine et en souffre beaucoup, d'autant plus qu'elle est tombée amoureuse de Kris. Elle tente de se suicider, mais ressuscite peu après. Kelvin finit par tomber malade et à son réveil on lui donne une lettre de Hari expliquant qu'elle à demandé aux deux autres de la faire disparaître. On lui explique aussi que depuis que le faisceau modulé a été envoyé, plus aucun nouvel être n'est apparu, et des îles ont commencé à se former dans l'océan de Solaris. Kelvin décide alors de rester vivre sur une de ces îles, où se trouve reproduite la maison de ses parents.

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Monday, August 21st, 2023

Casino Royale

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The real James Bond is retired, while another man continues le legend under his name. But as many secret agents of all countries are eliminated by SMERSH, Bond is coerced into coming out of retirement by the explosion of his mansion, in which M is killed. Bond returns M's toupee to his widow in Scotland. She really is Mimi, a SMERSH agent tasked with destroying Bond's celibate image, which fails. Bond then goes back to London and becomes the new M, where he learns the agents are eliminated because they cannot resist sex. Bond orders all remaining agents to be called James Bond to confuse SMERSH. He then hires millionaire and former agent Vesper Lynd to hire baccarat expert Evelyn Tremble. The goal is to prevent SMERSH agent Le Chiffre from recovering the money he embezzled from his organization by winning at the Casino Royale. Based on a tip from Mimi, Bond sends his daughter Mata to West Berlin to infiltrate a SMERSH training centre. There she foils Le Chiffre's other money-making scheme, selling compromising photographs of world military leaders. Tremble and Lynd then arrives at Casino Royale and foil an attempt to disable Tremble. The latter then observes Le Chiffre and discovers he cheats using infrared glasses. Lynd steals the glasses and Tremble wins the game. Le Chiffre then captures and tortures Tremble with hallucinogens. The latter is saved but then killed by Lynd. Le Chiffre is then eliminated by SMERSH. In London, Mata is kidnapped by SMERSH in a giant flying saucer. Bond and Moneypenny travel to Casino Royale to rescue her and discover there an underground lair belonging to the evil Dr. Noah, in reality Jimmy Bond, James' nephew. Jimmy's plan is to release a bacteriological agent that will make all women beautiful and kill all men taller than 4"6', leaving him as the big man who gets all the girls. Another, female James Bond whom Jimmy had kidnapped earlier poisoned Jimmy with a miniature atom bomb. Bond, Moneypenny and Mata escape from the lair back to the casino where Bond establishes that Lynd is a double agent. The casino is overrun by secret agents and a battle ensues, with American and French support, adding to the chaos. Jimmy finally explodes, destroying the Casino and killing all people in it.

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John Kruger's job at the US Marshals is to give witnesses a new identity to protect them from criminals against which they are going to testify. He therefore erases the past life of Lee Cullen who alerted the FBI that her company Cyrez is selling secret military weapons to other countries. But Kruger learns that several of his protected witnesses have been kidnapped or killed, indicating there is a mole in his service. With his old mentor DeGuerin and a few colleagues, they attempt to rescue a kidnapped witness, who is murdered by one of the Marshals. During the flight back, the three rogue Marshals try to kill Kruger, who escapes by jumping with a parachute. Having signalled Cullen that she is not safe anymore, they meet at the planned rendezvous point in the New York zoo. They are attacked by DeGuerin's men but manage to escape. Kruger and Cullen return to Cyrez to decrypt a data disc Cullen had copied with the help of the FBI. They discover that a shipment of weapons is for the Russian mafia is going to leave the Baltimore docks. Cullen is then kidnapped by DeGuerin who takes her aboard the ship. Kruger gets help from Johnny, a witness he recently “erased”, who contacts his cousin, a mobster at the docks. They plan an assault on the dock and manage to free Cullen. After a fight, Kruger exposes DeGuerin's scheme to their boss. Weeks later, the rogue Marshals are indicted but there is not enough evidence for a conviction. Kruger fakes his and Cullen's death. After the rogue Marshals have been liberated, Kruger poses as their limousine driver, then leaves the car on a railway track where it is hit by an oncoming train.

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Sunday, August 13th, 2023

Crocodile Dundee

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Sue Charlton, an American journalist, goes into the Australian bush to meet Mick “Crocodile” Dundee who is said to have survived an attack by a crocodile and crawled back home minus one leg. In Walkabout Creek she discovers the story is exaggerated, despite Mick having a bite wound in his calf. They travel together for two days in the wild, retracing Mick's steps on his trip back home. Sue discovers a beautiful country, some of the customs of the aboriginals, and not-quiet falls in love with Mick. She invites him to come back with her in New York. There Mick discovers a world very different from what he knows and commits several social blunders. Sue's fiancé Richard looks down on Mick because they obviously do not have the same upbringing. After one evening in town, Sue and Mick kiss. On the next day, Sue, Richard and Mick are invited to dinner at Sue's father's mansion, where Richard proposes to Sue; she does not reject him, so he assumes she agrees. Mick spends the rest of the night getting drunk and is attacked by a pimp (who he had punched a few days before when he was chatting with prostitutes, unaware of their trade) and saved by Sue's family's driver. The next morning he leaves the hotel and plans to walkabout around America. Sue arrives just after he left, and she runs after him to the subway station. From one end the platform, packed with people, she tells Mick, who is on the other end, that she loves him. As they are too far away, their dialog is relayed by a few people in the crowd.

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Tuesday, August 8th, 2023

Mr. Peabody & Sherman

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Mr. Peabody is a talking, very intelligent dog who has adopted a boy, Sherman. Together they travel in time for fun in a machine invented by Peabody named WABAC. When Sherman starts school, he is soon bullied by Penny because his father is a dog. A fight ensues, after which social services, in the person of Mrs. Grunion threaten to take Sherman away from his father. Peabody invites Penny's parents in an attempt to convince them to withdraw their complaint, but Sherman is teased by Penny about George Washington and the cherry tree, reveals the existence of WABAC and takes her to ancient Egypt. Sherman comes back alone and asks Peabody for help, as Penny has stayed behind and wants to marry Tutankhamun. Father and son travel back to Egypt and convince Penny to come back with them. As they are out of fuel, they stop in Florence to visit Leonardo da Vinci who helps them build a device that will jump-start WABAC. During their stay, Sherman and Penny bond. On their way back, Sherman learns that he risks being taken away from his father, they argue, and accidentally arrive during the Trojan war. They have an accident with the horse, Peabody is presumed dead and the two children go back to the present, a few minutes before they have left, to ask help from the earlier Peabody. Grunion arrives soon after and wants to take Sherman away and the Peabody that was thought dead suddenly appears (having built another WABAC in Troy). This causes a confusion in which Sherman touches his earlier self, the tow boys merge which creates a cosmic shockwave that causes the various pasts they have visited to pour into the present. More confusion ensues, at the end of which Grunion's attempt to take Sherman is opposed by Washington and all the other historical characters. Peabody and Sherman then travel a few minutes in the future to repair the rip in spacetime and all historical characters return to their time, Agamemnon taking Grunion with him. Sherman returns to school and is now friends with Penny. In Troy, Agamemnon marries Grunion.

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Sunday, August 6th, 2023

The Apartment

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New York, end of 1959. Bud Baxter works for an insurance company and regularly lends his apartment to four of his superiors when they need a few hours alone with their lovers. In exchange, he gets glowing reviews, which attract the attention of the director of personnel Sheldrake. The latter also wants access to the apartment. Baxter is secretly in love with elevator operator Fran Kubelik, but he does not know that she is also Sheldrake's current lover. Sheldrake promises her to divorce his wife but always has excuses to delay doing it. During an office party on Christmas Eve, Fran learns that she's only the latest in a long string of Sheldrake's girlfriends to whom he had made the same promises. Later that evening at the apartment, Sheldrake leaves Fran alone in it to go celebrate Christmas with his family. When Bud comes back to his place, he find that Fran has attempted to commit suicide; he asks help from his neighbour, a doctor, who saves her life. Following the doctor's advice, Bud convinces Fran to stay with him for two days until she is recovered. They start playing gin rummy, but Fran is too tired to concentrate on the game. Later, as they prepare an informal romantic dinner, Fran she is retrieved by her sister's violent husband who punches Bud because he believes he is the reason for Fran's attempted suicide. Sheldrake fires his secretary and former lover for having told Fran about his girlfriends, and for revenge she tells his wife about them. Being kicked out of his home by his wife, Sheldrake believes he can finally marry Fran and on New Year's Eve he asks Bud for the key of his apartment. Bud refuses and quits his new, prestigious job as Sheldrake's executive assistant. He then goes home and starts packing. Sheldrake takes Fran to a New Year party, but she leaves him, runs back to Bud's apartment and asks him to finish their game of gin rummy.

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Thursday, July 13th, 2023

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny

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In 1944, Indiana Jones and his friend Basil Shaw recover one half of the Antikythera mechanism, built by Archimedes, from Voller, a Nazi astrophysicist who takes part in the looting of a castle in the French Alps. In 1969 in New York City, Indy is old, depressed, and retires from his work at the university; Marion is going to divorce him and his son Mutt died in the Vietnam war. He is contacted by Shaw's daughter Helena who wants to recover the Antikythera. She tells Indy that her late father believed that the mechanism was built to locate a fracture is space-time that would allow to travel back in time. Helena, in debt, just wants to to sell it. They are chased by Voller's men, assisted by the CIA (as Voller played an important role in the Apollo project), but manage to escape through the parade celebrating the Moon landing. Indy, suspected of the murders committed by Voller's men, chases Helena to Tangiers where he prevents the sale of the mechanism in an auction. Accompanied by Helena's young friend Teddy, they escape on a tuk-tuk and are chased by both Voller's men and Helena's former fiancé, a gangster. Voller, disavowed after going rogue, is apprehended by the CIA, but manages to escape. Indy and his friends follow Voller to Greece, where, with the help of a friend, they dive in the Aegean Sea to the second half of the wreck where the mechanism was first found, located much deeper, in order to recover a graphikos that contains coded indications as to the location of the other half of the mechanism. Voller's gang catches up with them again, but they again manage to escape and go to Archimedes' tomb in Sicily, as indicated by the graphikos. Inside a labyrinthine cavern, Indy and Helena find the tomb and the second half of the dial, and notice that Archimedes' skeleton wears a modern wristwatch. Voller appears, wounds and captures Indy. His plan is to travel back to Munich in 1939 to kill Hitler and take his place. They fly away on a WWII German bomber. Helena, who has followed them manages to stow away in the landing gear, and Teddy follows them on a small airplane. They go through the time fissure and arrive at the Siege of Syracuse in 212 BC. Voller's plane is shot down, Indy and Helena manage to jump with a parachute. They meet Archimedes (who has taken the wristwatch from Voller's body) and Indy says he wants to stay here and now to see History happening. Helena knocks him out and takes him back to the present, where he reconciles with Marion.

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Sunday, June 25th, 2023

Il boemo

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Categories: [ TV/Cinema ]



Josef Myslivecek, fils d'un riche meunier de Prague, va à Venise pour devenir compositeur d'opéra. Il gagne d'abord chichement sa vie en donnant des cours de musique jusqu'à rencontrer une femme qui en échange de faveurs lui fait rencontrer un impresario. Josef obtient alors un contrat et compose un opéra pour Caterina Gabrielli, la cantatrice la plus célèbre, avec qui il a une relation. Le roi de Naples lui commande alors un opéra et Josef rencontre Anna Fracassati. Les deux tombent amoureux, mais le mari très jaloux d'Anna limite leur relation à un échange épistolaire. La vie de débauche de la haute société coûte cher et les compositeurs ne sont pas si bien payés que cela. Anna finit par se suicider, Josef contracte alors la syphilis et finit défiguré, et son dernier opéra n'est pas apprécié par la nouvelle direction du théâtre. Il rencontre Caterina une dernière fois, de retour d'un long séjour en Russie, qui lui dit que sa musique n'est plus aussi bonne qu'avant ; Josef se défend en disant que l'époque veut une musique plus simple. Josef meurt, ruiné, quelques temps plus tard.

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Wednesday, June 14th, 2023

It Happened One Night

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Ellen, daughter of rich banker Alexander Andrews flees her father who wants to annul her marriage to fortune-hunter King Westley. With no luggage and little money, she takes a bus in Miami with the purpose to reunite with her husband in New York City. On the bus she meets Peter Warne, a recently fired reporter who sees an opportunity to write a great story. As Peter threatens to tell her father where she is, she agrees to let him follow her. A storm and a broken bridge forces the bus to stop for the night and Peter manages to book a motel room for them, where they start getting better acquainted. As Ellen's father announces in the papers a reward for finding her daughter, Peter and her leave the bus when a passenger threatens to reveal her location. They hitchhike, steal a car and spend the night in another motel, only a few hours away from New York. Ellen confesses her love for Peter, but being broke he doesn't dare confess his. During the night he takes the car and drives to New York, writes his story and sells it to his former editor. But Ellen is expelled from the motel during the night, gives up and calls her father. She eventually reveals the whole story to her father, and some time later a proper wedding for Ellen and King is organized. Peter visits the banker on the day of the ceremony to claim the few dollars he had to spend to help Ellen travel, and refuses the huge rewards. Peter also reluctantly admits he loves Ellen before leaving. Alexander hints to her daughter that she can refuse to marry King until the last minute, which she does. She flees the wedding ceremony in her car and reunites with Peter. King agrees to an annulment in exchange for a large sum of money, Peter and Ellen get married and spend their honeymoon in a motel.

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Tuesday, June 13th, 2023

No Time to Die

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After Blofeld's arrest, Bond and Madeleine Swann travel to Italy where he wants to visit Vesper's grave. He is attacked by Spectre and concludes that Madeleine told them where they were. He therefore rejects her and retires in Jamaica until Leiter asks for his help in retrieving Heracles, a contagious nanobot-based poison developed by MI6 and stolen by its main scientist, Obruchev. Bond is contacted by Nomi, his successor as 007, but refuses to work for M. At a Spectre party in Cuba where Obruchev has been located, Bond is caught and expects to die, but instead all members of Spectre die from poisoning with Heracles (it is programmed with DNA and affects only its targets). Leiter is then betrayed by his colleague from the State Department and killed, Bond escapes. He goes back to MI6 and wants to interrogate Blofeld who was remotely overseeing the party in Cuba. He meets Swann, Blofeld's psychologist, who has been coerced by Safin (the man who, when she was a child, killed her mother in revenge for her father having killed his family) into infecting herself with Heracles to kill Blofeld. The latter confesses that Swann had nothing to do with the attack at Vesper's grave, and then dies from Heracles. Bond then tracks Swann to her childhood home in Norway where he meets her daughter Mathilde, and learns that Safin owns an island in the Sea of Japan. They are then attacked by Safin's men, and during a chase through the forest, Safin abducts Swann and her daughter. Bond and Nomi then infiltrate Safin's island and discover it holds a nanobot factory. They free Swann and her daughter and Nomi takes them off the island. Bond then orders a missile strike on the island, but while fighting Safin he is infected with an Heracles targeted at Madeleine and Mathilde. Knowing that he would cause their death, he decides to stay on the island and die when the missiles destroy the facility.

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Sunday, May 28th, 2023

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

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Eggsy is attacked by Charlie, a man wearing a prosthetic arm who had been rejected by Kingsman. Eggsy manages to escape, but the remotely controlled arm remains in his car, hacks the Kingsman system and finds enough information to launch a simultaneous attack on all Kingsman members. Only Eggsy and Merlin survive, the former having dinner in Stockholm with his Swedish princess of a girlfriend's parents and the second not being important enough. Kingsman's Doomsday Protocol leads the pair to a whiskey distillery in Kentucky named Statesman, Kingsman's American counterpart, where they discover that Hart has actually survived his attack but lost his memories. They learn about the Golden Circle, the drug cartel that has destroyed Kingsman: it has laced all its drugs with a virus an is blackmailing the world (through the US president) to legalize all drugs in exchange for an antidote. The president pretends to agree but in reality wants to get rid of the drug problem by letting all drug users die. At the Glastonbury Festival, Eggsy manages to plant a tracker on Charlie's girlfriend, which leads them to a secret base in the Italian mountains where he, Harry (who has recovered his memory) and Statesman agent Whiskey manage to steal a sample of the antidote. While fighting back an attack by the cartel's goons in a cabin in the woods, Whiskey accidentally destroys the antidote. The latter is wounded and Harry has a hunch it was not an accident. A clue found at the factory leads Eggsy, Harry and Merlin to Poppy Land, the cartel's secret lair in the Cambodian jungle. Merlin dies on a land mine while allowing Eggsy and Hart to enter the 1950's-town-main-street-themed compound. They defeat Poppy, free Elton John (who was her prisoner), defeat Whiskey who arrived out of nowhere and wants to kill all drug users since his girlfriend was killed by one and finally get the device that allows to remotely trigger the automatic delivery of the antidote all over the world. In the end, the president is impeached, Statesman buys a distillery in Scotland to help rebuild Kingsman and Eggsy marries princess Tilde.

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Tuesday, May 23rd, 2023

Gremlins 2

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After Mr. Wing dies, the mogwai Gizmo becomes the guinea pig of scientists at a lab in the Clamp Center, a state-of-the-art highrise building in Manhattan owned by eccentric billionaire Daniel Clamp. At the mercy of the chief researcher Dr. Catheter, Gizmo is rescued by his former owner Billy Peltzer and his fiancée Kate, both of whom work elsewhere in the building. Gizmo accidentally gets wet and spawns four evil mogwais who quickly move through the building until they find the restaurants in the shopping area and eat food after midnight, becoming gremlins. They set off the fire sprinklers, quickly spawning thousand more gremlins, some of them changing shape by drinking genetic serums from the lab; one of them becomes pure electricity but gets trapped in the building's telephone system. Billy manages to convince Clamp of danger and devises a plan: move all the clocks of the building forward, attract all the gremlins in the lobby and fool them into exiting the building while the sun is still up. Clamp exits through his secret escape route and coordinate with the emergency services outside. Alas, a thunderstorm hides the sun just as they were ready to let the gremlins out. Billy then sprays all the gathered gremlins with a fire hose and releases the electric one from the phone system, killing them all (except one that was turned into a female and is enticing the chief of security to marry her).

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Friday, May 5th, 2023

Steamboat Bill Jr.

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Steamboat Bill's steamer business now has to compete with the steamer of JJ King's, who already owns half the town. The same day, Bill's son arrives by train from Boston, where he has finished his studies. King's daughter, whom Bill Jr. also knows, arrives the same day by car. Kitty expects Bill Jr. to meet with her on her father's boat in the evening, but Bill Sr. is obviously opposed to it, and Junior's attempt fails. Bill Sr.'s boat is then declared unsafe, and when Bill assaults him, King manages to get his competitor thrown into prison. The day gets very wet and windy. Junior tries to get his father to escape, first with a bread containing hidden tools, then by accidentally knocking the sheriff out. When the cyclone hits, buildings are torn away and JJ's steamer sinks. The jail slides into the river, with Bill Sr. in it. Junior is flown into the air by the storm and lands into the river. He manages to climb aboard his father's steamer, rigs remote controls with ropes so that he can pilot the boat and control the propeller at the same time. He manages to first rescue Kitty who is clinging to a house that ended in the river, and then to rescue his father by driving the boat through the floating jail. Junior then quickly jumps into the river, leaving a puzzled Kitty. But his intentions become clear when he returns towing a minister.

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Monday, May 1st, 2023

Men in Black International

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When she was a child, Molly witnessed the Men in Black neuralyze her parents and becomes obsessed with the organization. Twenty years later, she finally manages to locate their headquarters, crashes in and eventually get hired as M. She is then sent to the London branch on MiB where she meets super-star agent H and the head of the office, High T, who had in the past repelled together an invasion by the Hive through a wormhole at the Eiffel Tower. M manages to convince H to let her accompany him on a mission to protect an alien diplomat. The diplomat is however killed by twin killers from the Hive, but in his last breath gives M a crystal and tells her that MiB may be compromised and that H is not anymore himself. Suspicious of everyone, M keeps silent. Despite being assigned desk duties, H convinces M to accompany him to Marrakesh to follow a lead on the poison that was used on the diplomat. They must however flee MiB agents who suspect M is the traitor after having recovered a video of M receiving the crystal. They then find out that the crystal transforms into a portable weapon able to destroy a whole planet, just before it is stolen from them. H reasons that it will be sold to Riza, weapons dealer and H's former lover. They infiltrate Riza's island in Sicily. They manage to recover the weapon and escape, but are attacked by the twins, and saved in the nick of time by High T and MiB agents. But H realizes that the twins wanted the weapon to use against the Hive, and soon finds out that High T is under the control of the Hive. H and M follow him to the Eiffel Tower, where they learn that High T had been assimilated into the Hive and H had been neuralized. M and H eventually manage to use the weapon through the wormhole to destroy the Hive.

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Tuesday, April 25th, 2023

Detective Pikachu

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In a secret lab somewhere, Mewtwo escapes. Later, Tim Goodman travels to Ryme City after learning about the death of his father, Harry, a police detective. In the man's apartment, he finds a vial of “R” that seems to make nearby Pokémons aggressive. He also meets a talking Pikachu that only he can understand. Pikachu is amnesiac but believes that Harry is not dead. They meet a Mr. Mime, an informant of Harry, who directs them to an illegal Pokémon battle arena where they learn that the Doctor provides R to the owner of the arena to help him win the fights. When the arena is raided by the police, Tim and Pikachu are introduced to a colleague of Harry's who shows them surveillance footage of the accident showing that Harry could not have survived. The pair is then contacted by Howard Clifford, founder of Ryme City who reveals that Mewtwo abducted Harry and erased Pikachu's memory and that his son Roger is behind the creation of R. Tim and Pikachu then enroll Lucy, a young journalist investigating Harry's disappearance, and they travel to the abandoned genetics lab that Harry was investigating. They are attacked by various modified Pokémons, and an injured Pikachu is eventually healed by Mewtwo. Pikachu recovers parts of his memories, remembers that he had helped Mewtwo and leaves Tim, believing he betrayed Harry. But when he reaches the scene of the accident, Pikachu discovers that it was caused by the augmented Pokémon. Back in Ryme City, Howard Clifford reveals himself as the villain. He disperses R during a parade, which, using the drugged Mewtwo's powers, causes people to merge with their Pokémons. Pikachu arrives and fights Mewtwo, and Tim finally manages to remove Howard's headset that he uses to control Mewtwo, causing people and Pokémons to separate. Mewtwo explains that Harry helped him escape from Howard's lab. After the accident, Mewtwo healed Harry's body while Pikachu had accepted to fuse his man with Harry's to be able to continue the investigation. Mewtwo separates them and Tim reunites with Harry in his human body. Tim decides to stay in Ryme City and to become a detective.

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Thursday, April 20th, 2023


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In 1974, Thaddeus Sivana is transported to a strange cave where a wizard tests whether he has a pure heart. He fails the test. In present-day, Billy Batson repeatedly escapes from foster homes in search for his mother who lost him when he was three. He ends up in a group home where he meets five other kids, including superhero enthusiast Freddy. At the same time, Sivana manages to go back to the cave and gets possessed by the seven deadly Sins when the Eye fuses into his body. The wizard's searching spell then takes Billy to the cave, and the child receives the wizard's powers, transforming him into a adult superhero. With Freddy's help, Billy discovers his many powers and his ability to change forth and back by saying the word “shazam”. At first, Billy uses his powers for vanity, selling selfies with himself to tourists. Sivana then comes and takes Billy and his siblings to the cave to force him to surrender his powers using the wizard's staff. Together, they attack Sivana and Billy notices that the villain becomes vulnerable when all the Sins leave him to take physical form. Billy then uses the staff to share his powers with his siblings, and then breaks it. They escape the cave to a winter carnival where they battle the sins. Billy manages to trick Envy into leaving Sivana's body so that he can get the Eye out of the villain's head and force the Sins back to the cave as statues. The children return to a more or less normal life, and use the cave as their superhero headquarters. In prison, Sivana is approached by a talking caterpillar who proposes an alliance.

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