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Saturday, September 5th, 2020

Despicable Me 3

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As Gru fails to catch Bratt, a child-actor turned super-villain, he is kicked out of the Anti-Villain League. The minions expect him to become a villain either, but when he refuses, most of them leave. Gru then discovers that he has a twin brother Dru, who invites him and his family to his estate on a paradise island. Dru dreams of becoming a super-villain like their father was and asks Gru to train him. Gru refuses at first, but when he learns that Bratt has stolen the world's largest diamond, he accepts to take Dru with him to Bratt's lair to steal back the diamond (and get reinstated in the League). The attempt fails due to Dru's lack of experience, and Bratt uses the diamond to power a super-laser installed in a giant robot, meant to cut Holywood out of the city and lift it into space (as a revenge for his show getting cancelled, many years ago). Dru manages to stop the robot, Gru defeats Bratt. Gru in reinstated in the League and send to catch Dru, who has become a real super-villain and has been joined by the minions.

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Sunday, August 30th, 2020


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Monday, July 6th, 2020

Minority Report

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In 2054 Washington, D.C., the Precrime unit has prevented all murders in the past six years by using three Precogs, children of drug addicts who developed the unexpected psychic ability to foresee murders, the visions being then recorded. One of them, Agatha, shows John Anderton, head of Precrime, images of a past foreseen murder of Ann Lively. Soon after, the precogs forsee that Anderton will murder a Leo Crow whom he does not know. Anderton flees, chased by his former colleagues. He meets the scientist who discovered the precogs abilities, who tells him that sometimes the three previsions do not match, but the inconsistent one (called a minority report) is erased from the records and remains only in the head of the precog. Anderton starts to wonder how many potential criminals have been arrested for a crime they would not have committed. After getting his eyes replaced (as all identification is done by scanning the irises, everywhere), he comes back and kidnaps Agatha hoping that her vision would be different from that of the other two. Anderton learns that Ann Lively was Agatha's mother and that she had disappeared after being saved from her would-be murderer. Anderton and Agatha eventually find the place where the crime is supposed to happen, and Anderton discovers that he had been setup by someone using the death of his son to motivate him killing his victim. Anderton refuses, but the victim commits suicide, and Anderton is then caught. His ex-wife discovers that Burgess, founder of Precrime knows about Lively's disappearance; she then helps Anderton escape and confront Burgess. The latter had paid Lively's would-be murderer to get caught so that he could kill her in the same manner soon after the police had gone; the precog's visions of the attempted murder and the real one would be very similar, and the real murder would be disregarded as a memory instead of a vision. Lively wanted to get her daughter back, which would have meant the end of Precrime, which Burgess would not accept. The precogs then foresee Anderton's murder by Burgess, but the latter decides to commit suicide, proving that the visions are not always correct and that people always have a choice.

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Sunday, July 5th, 2020

Knight Rider 2000

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In the year 2000, the police is using non-lethal weapons, while criminals still use conventional guns. When the mayor is murdered, the Knight Foundation scrambles to get its new prototype ready within 30 days, and get Michael Knight out of retirement as a test pilot. As KITT has been taken apart and some of its components resold, he installs what remains in his vintage car. In the meanwhile, police officer Shawn is left for dead by the mayor's assassin, but she is saved by copying her memory into a chip implanted in her brain (a chip that used to be part of KITT). Having left the police, she applies to the Knight Foundation and Michael reluctantly accepts to work with her. While the 4000 model is being prepared, they use KITT to try and find out who has attempted to kill her, assuming it has been in relation with her stumbling upon a traffic of former police, lethal weapons. While having been told her recent memories were gone, they manage to find a recording of those at the clinic where she had been treated, proving a conspiracy between the new mayor and a sentenced murderer whom he freed from cryo-prison. In the end, the murderer meets his death, the mayor is arrested, and Shawn becomes the driver of the 4000 model while Michael goes back into retirement.

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Thursday, June 18th, 2020

The Flintstones

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As his neighbour and best friend Fred Flintstone has helped him adopt a child, Barney Rubble cheats at a company evaluation test by exchanging his answers with Fred's so that his friend gets the job of vice-president. The test is a ploy by the crooked Vandercave for finding a patsy who would take the blame for embezzling. Fred becomes suddenly rich while Barney is fired (because of getting the worst grade) and loses his house. Barney's family moves in with the Flintstones, but the latter become more and more arrogant, inducing the Rubbles to move out. Vandercave tricks Fred into firing all the company's workers, attracting the wrath of his former colleagues. Fred eventually discovers Vandercave's plan but has to flee as his former boss denounces him to the police. Fred's wife Wilma remembers the Dictabird on Fred's desk records all conversations and contains the proof of her husband's innocence. In the meanwhile, Vandercave kidnaps Fred and Barney's children and demands the Dictabird in exchange, but the two fathers manage to save their children and neutralize Vandercave. As he accidentally invented contrete, the company's CEO wants to make Fred a real vice-president, but Fred refuses.

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Monday, June 8th, 2020

Men in Black 3

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Boris the Animal escapes from his prison on the Moon, and vows to get revenge on K who shot his arm during the confrontation in 1969 that lead to the criminal' arrest. To that end, Boris acquires a time-travel device and jumps back to 1969 to kill K and prevent his arrestation. At the same time, J discovers that the world has changed around him, as K has disappeared, and nobody seems to know him, except a few people who remember him from before his death in 1969. J then acquires the same kind of time-travel device and jumps back a day before Boris is presumed to arrive. There he is arrested by the young K, who partially believes J's story of time travel. As J knows Boris' victims in the few days before the death of K, they meet Griffin, an alien able to see all possible futures who is in possesion of the ArcNet, a device deployed by K in J's original reality's 1969, that prevented Boris' species from invading Earth forty years later (as is happening in the alternate reality). Boris attempts to kill Griffin and steal the ArcNet, but fails thanks to J and young K; Griffin gives young K the ArcNet and tells him to place it at the top of the Apollo mission rocket's that is due to take off a few hours later. J and young K fly to Cape Canaveral with giant jetpacks and manage to convice the security officer in charge of the security that their mission is not sabotage. Young K confronts young Boris on top of the lauch tower, while J faces old Boris and manages to trow him down the tower. In the end young K succeeds in putting the ArcNet onto the rocket and it gets deployed as the rocket leaves the atmosphere. On the ground, young Boris reappears and kills the security officer, before being killed by young K. K discovers that the man had a young son, who turns out to be J as a child. Old J witnesses young K erasing his memory, but leaving him with the idea that his dad was a hero. J then travels back to his own reality, and finally knows grumpy old K's secret.

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Wednesday, June 3rd, 2020

Monsters University

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In the parallel universe of monsters, Mike is not scary but still dreams of becoming a scarer (those who make the children scared to harvest their scare energy). As he grows up, Mike joins Monster University and enters the scare program. He also meets Sulley, an obviously scaring monster, son of a famous scarer, who unlike Mike does not take his studies seriously, but instead relies on his inherited talent. Despite having studied hard and because of his rivalry with Sulley leading to the destruction of the dean's trophy for extreme scariness, they both fail their end-of-term exam and are expelled from the scare program. Mike then enters the Scare Games, betting with the dean that if he win the games he can continue studying to become a scarer (and would leave the university otherwise). As he needs a team, he is adopted by OK, the least popular fraternity on campus, and convinces Sulley to join them. Mike coaches the team and they are more or less ready to enter the competition. They manage to not get eliminated until the last round of the games where they compete against the team from the popular ROR fraternity. Mike's team wins the scare simulator tests thanks to Mike's exceptional score, but he soon discovers that Sulley had tampered with the simulator to make sure they would win, putting doubt on his ability to scare a child. To prove himself, he enters the world of humans through an experimental door developed at the university, and fails to scare a sleeping child. He soon discovers that he is in the dormitories of a summer camp; in the meanwhile, Sulley follows Mike to take him back, and is mistaken for a bear by the humans. At the same time, the door is powered down by university's authorities, preventing the two monsters from coming back. But Mike reasons that with enough human scare energy, it would be possible to power the door. He orchestrate a scary situation for Sulley scare the humans as much as possible, generating more power than has ever been generated. Despite their feat, Mike and Sulley are expelled from the university, but enter Monster Inc. as mailmen, and quickly go up the ladder and eventually both of them become scarers.

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Sunday, May 3rd, 2020

The Naked Gun

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Frank Drebin is a clumsy cop who still manages to get the job done. While he investigates an attack on a colleague, his squad is put in charge of the protection of the visting Queen of England. The wealthy businessman who seems linked to Drebin's colleague's attack is actually attempting to assassinate the Queen by using a device that allows to remote control any person and turn him or her into a killer. Drebin learns that the assassin is a member of the local baseball team; the Queen will attend the game. Drebin takes the place of the umpire and checks each player, and eventually manages to prevent the assassination. The businessman gets killed by accident as he tries to kill Drebin by controlling his assistant.

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Sunday, March 1st, 2020


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The Red Cedar

Monsieur Hulot est le dessinateur d'un petit camping car à base de Renault 4L que l'entreprise Altra veut présenter à un salon de l'auto à Amsterdam. Il accompagne le camping car, transporté dans un vieux camion. Parti avec un peu de retard, le camion souffre de tous les problèmes possibles (pneu à plat, panne d'essence, problème de moteur). Maria, chargée des relations publiques, tente de faire arriver le véhicule à temps pour le salon, mais son empressement à passer la frontière entre la Belgique et les Pays-Bas fait arrêter le camion par les douanes, où les fonctionnalités surréalistes du camping car sont présentées aux douaniers. Peu après avoir été libérés par la police , un accident de la route provoqué par Maria force le camion à s'arrêter chez un garagiste des Pays-Bas pour réparer une bosse à l'avant du camping car. Le camion arrive finalement à Amsterdam après la fin du salon de l'auto, et Monsieur Hulot rentre seul, tandis que le camping car intéresse les passants à l'extérieur du hall de l'exposition.

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Kingsman: The Secret Service

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Young Eggsy's father died in a secret mission to protect the life of his superior, Harry Hart. As compensation, Hart gives Eggsy's family a phone number to call in case of an emergency. Years later, Eggsy has turned into a petty criminal and is arrested for car theft. He calls the number, is released, and recruited by Hart aka Galahad to join Kingsman, an international agency that protects the world. Eggsy manages to complete his training, which includes caring for a puppy, but refuses to shoot the puppy when ordered to do so, and is therefore not selected to become the new agent. During the training period, Galahad investigates the kidnapping and sudden reappearance of a scientist who dies in the explosion of his head when questioned by Galahad. The signal that triggered of the explosion is traced back to billionaire Valentine, who just gave the whole world SIM cards with free communications. Valentine is linked to a Kentucky hate group's church, where Galahad witnesses (and becomes part) of an unexplained outbreak of violence from of which only Galahad survives, only to be killed by Valentine outside of the church after being explained Valentine's plot to solve over-population by control, via the SIM cards, most humans to kill each other; only the chosen will survive. Eggsy then discovers that the head of Kingsman is one of the chosen one, and tricks him into poisoning himself instead of Eggsy. With the help of the Kingsman's residential nerd Merlin, Eggsy infiltrates Valentine's secrete base in the mountain and eventually kills the villain, thus saving the world. Eggsy then becomes the new agent Galahad.

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Saturday, February 29th, 2020

To Catch a Thief

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John Robbie, a former jewel thief, is suspected of being active again on the French Riviera. Chased by the police, he first visits Bertani, a former accomplice who now owns a restaurant and employs all of John's former gang. The gang is afraid John will have them arrested again, but Bertani helps John escape. John then meets the representative of the company that insures many jewels owned by people currently present in the area and enter with him into an agreement to catch the actual thief, in order to prove his innocence. Posing as a rich American, he befriends the Stevens, the mother Jessie and her daughter Frances. Frances is convinced that John is the actual thief and wants to participate in his next robbery. Based on the list of insured jewels, John stakes out the location of the most probable next robbery but is almost killed by an accomplice of the real thief. The accomplice dies accidentally and is presented by the press as the actual thief; he actually is one of John's former accomplices. John and the Stevens then prepare a trap for the thief during a masked ball. The thief is finally caught, she is the daughter of the former accomplice, working under orders from Bertani.

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Monday, February 24th, 2020

Kill Me Three Times

Categories: [ TV/Cinema ]



In a remote Australian town, dentist Nathan decides to simulate the death of his wife Lucy to claim her life insurance and payback his gambling debts. They kidnap Alice, one on Nathan's patients, to provide a suitable dead body. While they prepare the fake, fatal car accident, they are unknowingly observed by Wolfe, a hired killer, who has been hired by Alice's husband Jack to kill his wife. Wolfe believes Nathan's murder is successful and claims his payment from Jack. But before leaving Jack, Alice had taken the money from the safe, and Lucy had found the money while preparing the accident. Jack gets an extra day from Wolfe to get money from his bank, but is killed in the meanwhile by Alice's lover Dylan, after revealing that Wolfe killed Alice. Wolfe then blackmails Nathan into giving him Alice's money and kills him when the payment is being made. Wolfe then goes to his mistress who happens to be Lucy, and tells her he's leaving with the money. Dylan suddenly appears, wanting to avenge Alice's death, and accidentally kills Lucy. He's saved in the nick of time by Alice, who had managed to escape from the car before it fell off the cliff, and Wolfe is left to die. Dylan and Alice then leave together.

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Sunday, February 16th, 2020

The General

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When the Civil War reaches Georgia, train engineer Johnnie Gray wants to enlist to impress his fiancee Annabelle, but he is rejected because he's more useful as an engineer. Mislead by her brother, Annabelle claims she won't talk to him until he's in uniform. A year later, Johnnie's train is stolen by a commando of Union soldiers. Annabelle, who was still aboard the train, is taken prisoner. Johnnie chases his train first on foot, then by handcar. He warns the army at the next station, then chases his train using another train, dodging the Union soldiers' attempt to stop him. He then finds himself in a territory occupied by Union soldiers, leaves the train and hides in the forest. By nightfall, he finds shelter in a house, which happens to be the Union's headquarters, where he learns of their plan and where Annabelle is kept prisoner. Disguised as a soldier, he rescues her and they hide in the forest. By morning, they steal the General back, knocking out an officer who was onboard the train, and flee to the south to warn the Confederate army of the planned attack, chased by confederate soldiers on two trains. Johnnie eventually gets rid of his pursuers by setting fire to a bridge and manages to reach the army. A battle ensues, where the Union soldiers are pushed back. Johnnie then delivers the knocked-out Union officer to the Confederates, and is enlisted as a lieutenant as a reward. Annabelle is finally proud of him.

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Tuesday, February 11th, 2020

The LEGO Batman Movie

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Batman is a lonely, self-centered character who prefers to work alone. He also refuses to admit that he has any hate feeling for the Joker. During a party for the retirement of commissioner Gordon and the nomination of his daughter Barbara, Bruce Wayne inadvertently adopts Dick Grayson, an orphan who is a big Batman fan. Barbara also plans to restructure the Police so that it would not anymore rely entirely on Batman to fight super-villains. The Joker the crashes the party and all of his accomplices surrender. Batman, ever suspicious, decides to steal Superman's Phantom Zone projector, goes to Arkham asylum and sends the Joker to the Phantom Zone. Barbara, suspecting that Joker wanted to be sent there, locks up Batman and Robin. The projector is then stolen by Harley Quinn (who did not surrender), who uses it to get Joker and all the villains from various film franchises out of the Phantom Zone. Joker then announces that he has new accomplices. Realizing that she needs Batman's help, Barbara teams up with him, Robin and Alfred, but afraid of losing his new teammates, Batman sends them away and acts alone again. Joker then sends Batman to the Phantom Zone, but seeing how his actions have put his friends in harm's way, convinces the Zone's keeper to release him so that he can catch all the villains. At this point, Joker causes an explosion in Gotham city's power plant that fractures the ground and splits the city in two. With the help of the neglected, former accomplices of Joker, Batman's team (including Barbara as Batgirl) captures the villains and sends them back to the Phantom Zone. Batman then reluctantly admits that he exists as a hero because of Joker's existence. The city's inhabitants, heroes and villains then chain-link to bring the two halves of the city together again. Batman lets the villains escape, knowing they will be caught again. Batman then spends time with his new-found family.

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Tuesday, February 4th, 2020


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Lightning McQueen is a racing car with an overinflated ego. After its last race ended in a draw between three participants, a special race has been planned in California, and Lightning rushes there in its transport truck. An incident on the interstate causes it to get lost in a small town called Radiator Spring. After having accidentally destroyed the asphalt of the main street, Lightning is condemned by Doc, the local magistrate, to repair the road. At first the car is in a hurry to finish the job, but eventually gets to know the town's inhabitants and becomes fond of them. The town was flourishing on Road 66 until the interstate was built, at which point it became deserted. Lightning also discovers that Doc is a former racetrack legend who got forgotten after an accident. Eventually, Lightning's team catches up with the disappeared car and takes it to California for the race. The inhabitants of Radiator Springs join it there and become its pit crew. Lightning is about to win the race but decides to forfeit to come to the help of the oldest of the three contestants who has been thrown off the road by the other one. The latter car wins the race but the audience is more interested in Lightning's humane action.

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Saturday, January 18th, 2020

Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker

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On the Sith planet Exegol, Palpatine has been maintained alive and reveals to Kylo Ren his secret armada of Star Destroyers. He orders Kylo to go and kill Rey. In the meanwhile, the rebels learn about Palpatine's presence on Exegol. Rey, Poe, Finn and their friends leave for Pasaana where Luke's search for Exegol had ended. They meet Lando Calrissian who tells them they need a Sith wayfinder to find Exegol. They then discover, in the remains of a Jedi hunter ship, a Sith dagger on which C-3PO reads the location of the wayfinder. Kylo's men however take the dagger. Since C-3PO's programming forbids him to translate Sith languages, they go to Kijimi to get a hacker read the droid's memory and learn that the wayfinder is on the wreck of the Deathstar on Endor's moon Kef Bir. Rey and her friends infiltrate Kylo's Star Destroyer and recover the dagger; she also confronts Kylo who reveals that she's Palpatine's granddaughter. On Kef Bir, she fails to obtain the wayfinder, confronts Kylo again and eventually turns him away from the Dark Side (with the influence of Leia' dying spirit and a memory of his father, Solo, Kylo becomes Ben Solo again). She leaves the moon with Kylo's ship (which also contains a wayfinder) and exiles herself to Ahch-To after having had a vision of herself on Palpatine's throne. The spirit of Luke convinces her to confront Palpatine, and she leaves for Exegol with Luke's X-Wing. Rey then sends the Resistance a message with the coordinates of Exegol and she confronts Palpatine.

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Sunday, January 12th, 2020

Hidden Figures

Categories: [ TV/Cinema ]



Katherine, Mary and Dorothy are three black women working for NASA in 1961 as human computers. Their unit is segregated by skin color and sex. Thanks to her skills in analytical geometry, Katherine becomes the first woman on the Space Task Group and devises a way to compute the Mercury capsule's re-entry. Mary is assigned to the capsule's heat shield team and aspires to become an engineer. She obtains a court order allowing her to take evening classes in an all-white university. Dorothy acts as supervisor for the colored computers unit, and is denied getting the title officially. When she learns that human computers will be made obsolete by the new IBM computer, she steals a Fortran book from the library's white section, teaches herself and the other computers how to program, and learns how to operate the IBM device. When NASA realizes the need for a team of programmers, Dorothy accepts to supervise the Programming Department on the condition that her team is transferred with her. Thanks to the three protagonists, John Glenn's mission is a success.

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Sunday, December 22nd, 2019

Time Bandits

Categories: [ TV/Cinema ]



One night, Kevin is woken up in his room by a knight in armor coming out of his cupboard, who soon disappears without a trace. The next night, ready with a Polaroid camera, a band of dwarves appear and take him with them to the time of Napoléon's Italian campaign. They manage to loot Napoléon's treasure and use a map they have stolen from the Supreme Being to escape to the time of Robin Hood (who takes all their loot to give to the poor). Meanwhile, the Evil One is influencing the dwarves in order to attract them to his castle and steal the map. Escaping from Robin Hood's time, Kevin is sent to Mycenaean Greece where he meets Agamemnon, who takes him as an adoptive son. The dwarves reappear as a group of entertainers, steal some treasure and take the boy with them aboard the Titanic. After the ship has sunk, Evil transports the group to his Time of Legends, where they are rescued by the ship of an ogre. They escape the giant who carries the ship as his hat, and finally arrive at the Fortress of Ultimate Darkness, where Evil takes the map and locks them up in a cage hanging above a bottomless pit. The group manages to escape by swinging from the cage to the edge of the pit, finds Evil's headquarters, steal the map and split. The dwarves go away using the map while Kevin attempts to distract Evil, until the band comes back from various time periods with weapons and warriors. They prove unsuccessful and all seems lost when Evil suddenly bursts into flames. The Supreme Being appears and explains he had influenced the dwarves into stealing the map so that they would test the abilities of Evil (yet another creation of the Supreme Being). The dwarves collect the ashes of Evil, and then leave with the Supreme Being, leaving Kevin alone. Kevin then wakes up in his bed, the house on fire, and is taken out by a fireman. His parents then discover one smouldering remain of Evil, touch it and disappear. The whole world then gets rolled up into the map.

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Monday, December 16th, 2019

Les vacances de monsieur Hulot

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Categories: [ TV/Cinema ]



Monsieur Hulot passe ses vacances à la mer. Il parle peu, se montre maladroit et commet bourde sur bourde (il repeint un canot qui se casse en deux et ressemble à là gueule d'un monstre marin ; il crève un pneu de son tacot sur le chemin d'un pique-nique et se retrouve dans un cimetière durant un enterrement ; il se perd la nuit dans une cabane remplie de feux d'artifices et les fait tous brûler). À la fin des vacances tout le monde quitte l'hôtel ; il ne s'est rien passé de notable.

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Thursday, December 12th, 2019

Beethoven's 5th

Categories: [ TV/Cinema ]



Sara and Beethoven spend the summer at Sara's uncle Freddy in a small town called Quicksilver. During at stroll in the mountain, Beethoven returns with an old 10 dollar bill which is quickly identified as part of the treasure hidden by a bank robber couple in the 1920s, and is worth a lot more to collectors. Soon many inhabitants go searching for the loot, while Sara gets repeatedly threatened by someone who obviously doesn't want her to find the treasure. Searching for information about the robbers, Sara and her friend Garrett start by suspecting the grumpy librarian, but they eventually manage to get Beethoven to lead them to the treasure (in the old mine) where they are attacked by the head of the local chamber of commerce; the librarian is innocent even if he's the direct descendant of the robbers.

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Monday, December 9th, 2019

Ghostbusters (2016)

Categories: [ TV/Cinema ]



Abby's career in astrophysics comes to an abrupt end when her dean discovers she had she appears in a video with her friend Erin (who does scientific research on paranormal phenomena in a lesser university and gets kicked out as well) documenting an authentic apparition in an old New York manor. With the help of Erin's lab engineer Jillian, they decide to do proper scientific research on the topic, setting up their laboratory above a Chinese restaurant. They are called by Patty, an MTA employee who also witnesses an apparition in the metro, and discover that the ghost has been “called” by an electronic device. Jillian develops gadgets capable to grab a ghost and eventually trap it. They get into trouble when a debunker gets killed by the ghost he released from the trap, and are told by the mayor that supernatural activity is usual in New York, under the jurisdiction of the DHS, and that they must keep it quiet. The team eventually discovers that a man called Rowan is planting the devices is specific locations to eventually cause a paranormal catastrophe. They locate the main device in the basement of a hotel, but cannot prevent Rowan from dying of electrocution. Rowan killed himself on purpose, to take control of the army of ghosts that he releases. While the police and DHS agents are subdued by the ghosts, the Ghostbusters manage to go through and throw their car and its nuclear generator into the vortex coming out of Rowan's device, effectively closing it.

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Tuesday, December 3rd, 2019

Beethoven's 2nd

Categories: [ TV/Cinema ]



Beethoven meets a female St. Bernard named Missy, just before she is kidnapped by Regina, the ex-wife of her owner who wants to pressure her ex-husband for money. Beethoven manages to find Missy and they have puppies together, before Missy is taken again. The Newton children find and raise the puppies in the absence of their mother, at first hiding them from their grumpy father. Then the whole family and the dogs go away in the mountains for the 4th of July. There Beethoven finds Missy again (her kidnapper happens to spend her vacation in the same place as the Newtons) and escapes with her into the mountain. Regina steals the puppies from the Newtons and then goes after the two escaped dogs. She is followed by the Newtons who eventually catch up with her, defeat her and recover the puppies with Beethoven's help.

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Tuesday, November 26th, 2019


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While kidnapping puppies for an evil scientist who uses dogs as test animals, a St. Bernard puppy escapes and is adopted by the Newton family, despite the opposition of the grumpy father. The children name him Beethoven, and he starts by ruining the house on a regular basis. While growing up, Beethoven also helps the family in various ways. On a trip to the veterinarian, the latter (who is the evil scientist from the beginning) devises a scheme to take the dog. He visits the family, simulates being attacked by Beethoven, and convinces the father to get the dog put down. The family discovers that their dog is not actually going to be euthanized, and follow the veterinarian to his lair, where Beethoven has managed to escape and causes chaos among the villains. Having been alerted, the police arrives and arrests the culprits, and the Newton adopt all the other dogs that were prisoner from the villains.

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Sunday, November 10th, 2019

Monty Python's Life of Brian

Categories: [ TV/Cinema ]



Brian is born one stable away from Jesus. As an adult, he falls in love with Judith, who is a member of the People's Front of Judea. Brian joins the rebel organization, and after a failed attempt against Pontius Pilatus, he barely escapes the clutches of the Roman leader. In an attempt to hide from the Roman legionaries who chase him, he pretends to be one of the many prophets who speak on the street, but for some reason he attracts an audience who follows him everywhere. Brian is eventually captured by the Romans and sentenced to be crucified. As is the tradition, Pilatus asks the crowd which one of the condemned men should be released, and Brian's name is called. Alas, due to a misunderstanding, another man is released, and all of Brian's friends acknowledge that his martyr will be a great help to the People's cause, and leave him to die.

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Wednesday, October 23rd, 2019


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Robert Langdon wakes up in hospital in Florence and has lost his recent memory. He is attacked by a killer dressed as a policewoman, and makes a narrow escape with Sienna Brooks, the doctor who was treating him. In his belongings he discovers a device that projects a representation of Dante's Inferno, in which a message has been hidden. They discover that the recently deceased billionaire Zobrist has created a viral weapon meant to solve overpopulation by killing a large portion of the world's population. Escaping agents of the WHO, they follow clues in Florence and Venice. They are contacted by an agent of WHO who reveals himself to be a freelancer trying to get the virus and resell it, and are saved by a man hired originally by Zobrist who has changed allegiance when he discovered the billionaire's plan. He reveals to Langdon that the amnesia has been medically induced and that the whole story is a setup to put Langdon on the track of the virus after Zobrist's death. Langdon finally finds a clue about the virus being in the Hagia Sofia in Istanbul, after which Brooks, who reveals herself as Zobrist's lover, decides to ensure it will be released. Langdon and the real WHO agents finally locate the virus in a water reservoir and manage to contain it just before it was due to be released.

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Saturday, October 19th, 2019

Angels and Demons

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At CERN, a small container of anti-matter (yes, I know) is stolen while the word mourns the death of the Pope. Soon after, Robert Langdon is asked by the Vatican police to help in a case of kidnapping of the four cardinals who are the favourites in the upcoming election of the next Pope. The kidnapper promises to kill them at an hour interval between 8PM and 11PM, and that at midnight the antimatter would explode and destroy the Vatican and most of Rome. The clues indicate that he belongs to the Illuminati, a society of early scientists persecuted by the Church for their teachings and who has gone underground since then. In the meanwhile, the remaining cardinals start the conclave to elect the new Pope. Langdon deduces that the kidnapped cardinals will be killed at the location of a secret path of four steps (related to the four elements) across Rome that leads to the Illuminati's secret meeting place. They also find a proof that the Pope had been murdered. Langdon, Vittoria (a physicist from CERN who worked on the antimatter) and the police arrive too late to save the first victim, who is found under the Chigi chapel. They also arrive too late to save the second cardinal, murdered on St. Peter's Square, and the third one, burned alive in Santa Maria della Vittoria, where the kidnapper kills most of the policemen accompanying Langdon. In the meanwhile McKenna the Camerlengo fails to convince the cardinals to break the conclave and to evacuate the Vatican. Langdon manages to save the fourth one, Baggia, from being drowned in the Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi, who reveals they were kept prisoner in the Castel Sant'Angelo. Langdon and Vittoria go there with the police but get separated from them. The discover that McKenna is meant to be the next victim and they return to the Vatican through an ancient secret passage. They arrive just in time in the Pope's apartments to see McKenna threatened by Richter, the chief of the Swiss guard, who get killed by the police. Langdon then deduces that the antimatter is hidden in St. Peter's tomb. As only a few minutes remain before midnight, McKenna, having been trained in the Irish Air Force, takes the container and flies it up with a helicopter before jumping with a parachute. The explosion happens in high altitude, and the Vatican suffers only minor damage. The cardinals then consider making McKenna the new Pope, despite the fact he's not a cardinal. Just before dying Richter had given Langdon a key to access video recordings of the Pope's apartments, where Langdon discovers that the kidnapping has been organised by McKenna with the purpose of becoming the next Pope; the Illuminati is only a convenient common enemy to unite the Church against the perceived blasphemy of reconciling science and religion. Seeing no issue, McKenna commits suicide and the conclave elects Baggia as the new Pope.

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The Da Vinci Code

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Robert Langdon is suspected by the French police to have murdered the curator of the Louvre, who has been found naked and surrounded with cryptic symbols. Langdon deduces from them that the curator was a grand master of the Priory of Sion, a secret society sworn to protect the Holy Grail. With the help of Sophie, a police cryptographer who believes Landgon is innocent, and based on the symbols, they find in the Louvre a key hidden by the curator and escape the policemen. The key leads them to a bank where they retrieve a device containing a hidden message and requires a password to open. To hide from the police, they go to Sir Leigh Teabing, an expert on the Holy Grail. Teabing convinces them that the Holy Grail is actually a woman, none other than Maria Magdalena, Jesus' wife, and that the Priory of Sion has been protecting the descendants of Jesus ever since. They are also chased by a religious fanatic from Opus Dei who attempts to kill them (and who already killed the curator), with the aim to destroy proof of the existence of Jesus' descendants. They escape to London using Teabing's private jet, hoping to find the clue to unlock the device. They are betrayed by Teabing's butler who works for Opus Dei. They finally discover that Teabing is the one who was tipping the Opus Dei with the purpose of bringing down the Catholic Church for centuries of deceit regarding the truth about the Holy Grail. Threatened by Teabing, they go to Westminster Abbey where Langdon finds the key to open the device and eventually causes Teabing to be arrested by the police. The message in the device indicates that the Holy Grail lies “beneath the Rose”, leading the heroes to Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland, where they find the Priory of Sion's archives and proof that Sophie is the last descendant of Jesus. But the sarcophagus of Maria Magdalene is not there anymore, preventing any kind of genetic test against Sophie's DNA. In the end, Langdon understands that the rose is a reference to the “rose line” and that the sarcophagus is buried below the Louvre's inverted pyramid.

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Saturday, October 5th, 2019

Monty Python Live at the Hollywood Bowl

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Lots of loosely related sketches, in front of a live audience.

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Friday, July 26th, 2019

For a Few Dollars More

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The psychopath bandit El Indio is sprung out of jail by his gang; his cellmate has revealed that in the El Paso bank, the money is actually hidden in a small safe disguised as a liquor cabinet instead of the large, prominent safe. When a large bounty is put on El Indio's head, Manco and Mortimer, two competing bounty hunters guess that El Paso's bank is El Indio's target. Despite Manco having infiltrated the gang, they are taken by surprise when the bank is robbed in an unconventional way, and enventually agree to cooperate to catch the bandit. They enventually converge to a small Mexican town where Mortimer offers his service for opening the safe using acid. But Mortimer is recognized by one of the bandits and when the boundy hunters attempt to take the money at night, they are caught and beaten up. El Indio releases the two bounty hunters, stages a murder and sends his accomplices to chase them, in the hope they would all be killed (which indeed happens) while he flees with his loot. But the money has been hidden by Manco, giving Mortimer and him time to confront him in a duel. Mortimer kills El Indio (which was his goal since the beginning), thus avenging his sister who killed herself while El Indio was raping her after he having killed her fiancee. Manco gathers all the bodies to collect the bounties, and Mortimer leaves alone.

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Tuesday, July 9th, 2019

Me Rosvolat

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Wednesday, July 3rd, 2019


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The stagecoach leaves Tonto, Arizona for Lordburg, New Mexico. It is accompanied by a Cavalry escort, as Geronimo the Apache chief has recently attacked several stagecoaches. The sheriff is also riding as shotgun guard, as Ringo has escaped prison when he learned that his father and brother have been murdererd by Luke Plummer in Lordburg. The sheriff catches Ringo as he is stranded along the road and takes him into the coach. On the first relay, the cavalrymen ride back to Tonto, but the next escort is not available, as it has been chasing Geronimo. After a vote, the passengers decide to continue towards Lordburg. At the second relay, there is still no escort, and one of the passengers, who was pregnant, is having her baby. A couple of days later, they continue and have to improvise a raft with the coach as the Apaches have destroyed the ferry. Soon later, the are chased by Geronimo's Apaches and, as all hope is lost as they have fired all their bullets, they are saved by the cavalry. In Lordburg, Luke Plummer hears about Ringo's arrival and gathers his two brothers to try and kill Ringo, but the latter survives the shootout. The sheriff releases Ringo, who leaves to his ranch in Mexico with his girlfriend, one of the passengers of the coach.

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Saturday, June 22nd, 2019

Alice Through the Looking Glass

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Alice has become a sea captain, but upon her return she discovers that her family has no money anymore and that she is forced to sell her ship. In the house of the buyer, she follows a butterfly and enters Wonderland through a mirror. There she learns that the Hatter is dying of sadness as he is missing his family, who had been killed by the Jabberwocky years ago, but is convinced that they are still alive. Alice is told that by using Time's Chronosphere, she could change history, at the risk of destroying history if past and present characters meet each other. By hopping repeatedly further back in time, she learns that the Hatter's family was killed by the Red Queen out of revenge because the Hatter laughed at her overly large head during the White Queen's crowning ceremony. She then discovers that the Red Queen's hatred for her sister dates from their childhood, when the former had been unduly punished because the latter lied about eating biscuits, but is unable to prevent the accident that ensues and cause the swelling of the head. Alice briefly returns to the real world, waking up in a mental hospital, before returning to Wonderland with the help of her mother. She then travels to the time of the Jabberwocky's attack and discovers that the Hatter's family has actually been made prisoner by the Red Queen and reduced to the size of ants and put in ant ant farm. The Red Queen the steals the Chronosphere to try herself to prevent her accident but sees her young self causing History to bit by bit rust and freeze people. Alice manages to return Time's Chronosphere in the nick of time, reverting History to normal. The two Queens make amends and Alice returns to the real world. Alice's mother refuses to sell the ship, and they both embark to travel the world.

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Sunday, June 16th, 2019


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Soon after twelve extraterrestial ships have landed all over the World, linguist Louise Banks is hired by the US Army to translate the aliens's speech. She instead decides to communicate with them in writing and after several months, starts to understand the Heptapods' ring-shaped glyphs that represent whole sentences and seem to have no concept of time. While doing so, Louise also gets vision of her daughter who is not yet born. In the meanwhile, other countries also learn the language with methods of their own, and because of the confusion between “tool” and “weapon”, the Chinese stop cooperating with the rest of the World, soon imitated by several other countries. In addition, some American soldiers independently attempt to destroy the ship, triggering the Heptapods to move their ship in a menacing way. As war seems inevitable, Louise learns from the Heptapods that learning their language changes her brain and gives her the ability to remember the future. In that future, she sees the Chinese general thanking her for changing his mind and giving her the detail of how it had happened. As the military is packing up the temporary base, Louise steals a satellite phone and calls the general. The war is averted and the aliens leave in peace, announcing that they will need the humans' help in three thousand years.

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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

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Quill and his friends are chased by the Sovereign after having stolen valuable goods that they were hired to protect. They are saved by a mysterious vessel but crash-land on a nearby planet. Their saviour is Ego, a Celestial who is also Quill's father. Ego takes Quill and some of his friends to his planet, where he explains that he is a planet-sized being who can create human-like extensions of itself travel the galaxy. Quill's friends learn that Ego has been fathering children throughout the galaxy in the hope that one of them has the same powers as he has, and with whom Ego would have enough power to turn all the planets in the galaxy into extensions of himself. Quill is the first one with those powers, all the others have been killed. When Quill learns that Ego caused his mother's death, he finally agrees to flee Ego's planet. In the meanwhile, Rocket and Groot are made prisoner by mercenaries hired by the Sovereign. They manage to escape thanks to the confusion caused by a putsch among the mercenaries and eventually rejoin Quill and the other. While Quill uses his powers to distract Ego, Groot manages to plant a bomb in Ego's core and get rid of the Celestial.

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Thursday, June 13th, 2019

Doctor Strange

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Stephen Strange, a neurosurgeon, has lost the fine control of his hands in a car accident and no-one is able to help him recover from his injury. He hears about a paraplegic man who is able to walk and run again after having received some mystic teaching from Kamar-Taj, in Nepal. Strange goes to Nepal, meets the Ancient One and starts training. He eventually becomes a sorcerer, a group of people who protect Earth from attacks from other dimensions, and especially from Dormammu who lurks in the Dark Dimension. Kaecillius, a former student of the Ancient One has stolen a spell that allows to contact Dormammu. After an attack from Kaecillius on Kamar-Taj, Strange flees to the London and New York sanctum of the sorcerers, barely escaping their destruction. He arrives in Hong Kong where the last sanctum is being destroyed. Using a spell that can alter the flow of time (that he had learned without permission in Kamar-Taj to be able to read the pages stolen by Kaecillius) he starts to reverse the destruction of the sanctum, before using the forbidden spell to go to the Dark Dimension and trap himself and Dormammu in a closed loop of time, where the latter repeatedly kills Strange, but to no avail. Dormammu eventually gives up to Strange's demands to leave Earth alone, and Strange return on Earth and completely restores the sanctum.

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Saturday, June 8th, 2019

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2

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After the disaster that had struck Flint's home island, all inhabitants are relocated to a big city by apparently benevolent technology tycoon Chester V. Flint's dream to become one of Chester V.'s inventor is almost, but not quite, becoming a reality, as he is hired by Live Corp., but the competition is tough, and he fails to to fullfill his dream. But Chester shows Flint how the island has become inhabited by sentient food produced by Flint's invention (that Chester's men have unsuccessfully tried to locate) and tells the naive young man that unless the device is reprogrammed, the sentient food will spread to the rest of the World. Flint is told to keep it a secret, but he soon leaves with his friends for the island. They discover there that sentient food is actually nice, and that even the most frightening species is not evil. They also soon find out that Chester V. is indeed evil and that he needs the device to produce food for the next version of his ever-successful food bar. Flint and his friends are taken prisoner and brought to the secret food bar factory along with the device, causing the sentient food to deperish. The heroes manage to deprogram the device and thwart Chester's plan, and return the device as the heart of the island's ecosystem.

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Sunday, June 2nd, 2019

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

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Flint Lockwood lives on a small island that depends on fishing sardines. When the only cannery closes, Flint invents a machine that can transforms water into food. As he needs large amounts of power to get the device to work, he connects it directly to the island's power plant, causing his device to be shot into the sky, and destroying the new tourist attraction that is presented to the public the same day. Everybody of course hates him, until it starts raining cheeseburgers. As Flint can control the device remotely, he takes orders and the island's population can finally eat something else than sardines. Flint then meets Sam, the journalist who had come to cover the inauguration and discovers she's a nerd hiding her nerdiness. They are happy together for a while. But the system has a limitation, that order after order, the food risks mutating; since nobody wants to stop using the device, giant versions of the food start to fall from the sky, forcing the inhabitants to evacuate on rafts made of giant toast. The food storm also threatens large cites on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Flint, Sam a few friends then travel towards the device, which has created a fortress of mutant food around it, with many traps and living food attacking them. Flint eventually manages to stop the device and Sam and he finally kiss.

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Sunday, May 5th, 2019

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

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Harry Osborn inherits his father's company Oscorp, and learns at the same time he has a genetic disease that could be cured with the spider venom that made Spider-Man a superhero. As Oscorp's shady biotechnology research has been destroyed to get better PR and the mutant spiders have been destroyed, he asks his childhood friend Peter Parker if he could put him in contact with Spider-Man whose blood would have the same enhanced self-healing properties. Upon their meeting, Spider-Man however refuses, afraid of the monster Harry could become. At the same time, Max Dillion, an electrical engineer at Oscorp dies in an accident with a vat of mutant electric eels and becomes Electro, a super-villain set to destroy Spider-Man. Spider-Man arrests Electro, but Harry frees him to get access to Oscorp and to its secret department where vials of the venom are kept, among other secret weapons. Having injected himself with the venom, Harry mutates and becomes the Green Goblin. Electro then shuts down New York's new electricity grid (controlled by Oscorp, based on designs by Dillion that were stolen by his supervisor). Spider-Man and Gwen manage to restore the electricity and defeat Electro, but the Green Goblin appears immediately after and Gwen dies in the battle. Depressed, Peter gives up on Spider-Man for a while, but eventually resume being the protector of the city.

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Thursday, May 2nd, 2019

Jour de fête

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Les forains arrivent au village et s'installent sur la place. François le facteur, un peu simplet, regarde un film vantant les prouesses des facteurs en Amérique. Les villageois et les forains se moquent de lui en lui faisant remarquer qu'il n'est pas aussi bon que les américains. Les forains, pour s'amuser, lui donnent des conseils pour être plus efficace durant sa tournée en sautant sur et de son vélo par l'arrière. En suivant ces conseils, François continue sa tournée à toute vitesse avec quelques acrobaties.

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Sunday, April 28th, 2019

Man of Steel

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On Krypton, people are born and live according to a predetermined plan. As the planet about to collapse because its core has been too extensively mined, Jor-El steals the codex containing information about all the kryptonians yet to be born and infuses its data into the cells of his son Kal-El, first kryptonian conceived and born independently from the plan. The baby is sent to Earth on an automated ship just before Jor-El is killed by rebel General Zod who considers him a traitor. Zod and his few followers are sentenced to be put into suspended animation. On Earth, Kal-El is adopted by the Kents and named Clark. He faces the challenge of hiding his powers, especially when people are in danger. Some years later, journalist Lois Lane investigates the discovery of an alien ship in the Arctic. On the ship she meets Clark who learns about his past using the ship's computer and data that was put in his ship by his father. Later, Lane investigates this mysterious character and discovers his identity. Soon after Zod arrives on Earth (his prison opened as Krypton was destroyed) and demands to be given Kal-El. Zod's plan is to terraform Earth to make it a new Krypton, and he needs the codex to repopulate it. One terraforming lands in the Indian Ocean while the other one comes to Metropolis. While Kal-El, nicknamed “Superman”, disables the one in the Indian Ocean, the Air Force uses Kal-El's ship's drive as a bomb against the one in Metropolis. Zod survives and threatens to kill all humans just to spite Superman; the latter has to resort to killing the kryptonian. Clark persuades the government that he will work independently from them, and becomes a journalist at the Daily Planet as a cover.

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